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COVID-19 "Don't Go Crazy" list

covid19, resources, fun, useful, coronavirus, quarantine, movies, shows, games, arts and crafts, learning, books, podcasts, tips, music, art, mental health

List of Things To Do and Resources To Stay Sane While Quarantined During COVID-19

Free Theatre Screenings

art, theatre, watch movies in theatre online

I've put together a schedule of all the free on-line theatre screenings that I found. Enjoy and message me if you have any additions. I'll be updating the doc as we go

The Big Artist Opportunities List

art, music, freelance

A list of gigs, residency, grants, stipends available to artists world wide

Casual Archivist: Sources

research, archive, data, libraries, museums, art, design

Casual Archivist: Archive Sources


art, resources

Tutorials, reference sites, etc., for figure drawing, environments, costume design, etc.

List of study topics for artists.

art, topics, learning

A list of topics and areas of science for artists to study to become better at what they do

Art Guide: References + Tips

art, guide, how to draw, human drawing

A collection of resources to help you to learn how to draw ✏️

Artist Resource Links

art, resources, freelance, education, inspiration, tutorials

A list of resources for artists. Tips, tutorials, job sites, inspiration & reference, self-care and many others

Hot art tips ????

art, resources, tips

How to survive as an artist on the internet??

Comics Mentor & Resource Directory

comics, mentorship, art, contacts

A directory of people involved in any aspect of comics who offer regular mentorships. While every attempt will be made to keep this list up to date, inclusion in this list is not a guarantee that mentorship is currently being offered, will be offered again, or an endorsement of the mentorship; please visit the mentor's website for the most up-to-date info.

Learning Storyboarding on a Budget

storyboarding, art, guide

This is a guide for those wanting to learn about storyboarding without going into massive debt due to art school

COVID-19 & Freelance Artists and Writers, CANUCK EDITION

coronavirus, art

Resources for Canadian artists, writers and media workers during COVID-19 shutdowns

COVID-19 Resources for NZ Music/Film Production Industry Pals

coronavirus, art

This is a work-in-progress collection of resources available to those in the NZ production industries facing unprecedented pressure as a result of COVID-19 prevention measures. It is an open-source document; additions welcome! If you have anything tocontribute, please add to the relevant section and provide a brief description.

Art Education Aus top ten online/remote vis art edu resources

coronavirus, art, teaching, parenting

To kick off this digital learning and teaching space the Art Education Australia (AEA) Committee has created a Top 10 of go-to digital resources for remote and online teaching and learning in the visual arts. We invite you to add where you can and help us to create a big working document for art education in Australia.

Theatre SkillShare 2020

art, theatre

Producing & admin support Scripts & dramaturgyCreative supportDigital, press, marketing & pr supportMentorshipSelf care