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2020 MAGA Candidate Lists

politics, 2020, USA, MAGA, Trump, contacts

A list of politicians involved in the 2020 Primary Election who have declared their support for Donald Trump

Anti-Communist myths debunked

politics, communism, history, reading

In today's world no one is innocent, no one a neutral. A man is either with the oppressed or he is with the oppressors. He who takes no interest in politics gives his blessing to the prevailing order, that of the ruling classes and exploiting forces.

What's on the ballot? Welcome to the 2020 elections.

politics, USA, 2020, primaries

The primaries cheat sheet, and brief context for why it matters.

How not to use tech in a pandemic - a timeline of the UK’s response

coronavirus, technology, UK, politics

A timeline of UK government's tech response to coronavirus pandemic

Socialism in the 21st Century (v1.0)

politics, socialism, resources

A selection of resources about socialism

Anarchist/LibSoc Projects

politics, socialism, anarchism

Anarchist/LibSoc Projects

Syrian Civil War factions

guide, politics, Syria, Middle East

Guide to the factions of the Syrian civil war by Bulbajer

GE2020 Manifestos by We, The Citizens

politics, Singapore, 2020, election

A comparison of each political party taking part in 2020 Singaporean general election - listed by issue

GE EVENTS 2020: What's happening today?

politics, Singapore, 2020, GE

Day by day guide to events related to Singapore 2020 General Election