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BLM, black lives matter, petition, society

Petitions, places you can donate to, info on how to contact law officials and etc

Justice in June

anti-racism, society, resources, USA

This resource was compiled by Autumn Gupta with Bryanna Wallace’s oversight for the purpose of providing a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies to the anti-racism efforts in the United States

Shareable Anti-racism Resource Guide

society, resources, anti-racism, USA

This anti-racist resource guide was crafted amidst the anger of the latest black body turned hashtag #AhmaudArbery. It is consistently being updated to address the current climate of our country and the personal growth needed to sustain this life-long journey. Please note that this document was and will continue to be a group effort.

This Work isn't For Us — by Jemma Desai

society, anti-racism

This Work isn’t For Us is an ongoing study, initiated by Jemma Desai. Partly a critical appraisal of historic "diversity" initiatives, partly an alternative policy document, the study is also an embodied ethnography, assembling testimonies from arts workers navigating institutionally initiated gestures at "inclusion".


Hong Kong, society

Hong Kong Anti-Terrorism Bill protest resources - info, petitions, donations

Journalist Incidents Covering Floyd Protests

anti-racism, society, protest, data, journalism

@USPressTracker data on press freedom violations during the #GeorgeFloyd protests


police, USA, data, society

Database of people killed during interactions with law enforcement

Journalists targeted by the cops for covering the George Floyd protests

journalism, society, protest, USA, data

Journalists targeted by the cops for covering the George Floyd protests

ZOOM shut down

Hong Kong, censorship, society

Humanitarian China’s ZOOM account shut down after Conference Commemorating 31st anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre

Writing about "Slavery"? This Might Help

anti-racism, society, books

Senior slavery scholars of color community-sourced this short guide to share with and be used by editors, presses, museums, journalists, and curricular projects as well as with teachers, writers, curators, and public historians.