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Companies Hiring During Corona Crisis (http://bit.ly/stillhiringcorona)

jobs, developers, technology, recruitment, freelance, freelance work, I hate my job

Helping job seekers & companies during challenging times

ACNH Art: Real vs. Fake (Unofficial)

animal crossing, ACNH, games

A guide to purchasing authentic art from Redd

Services for freelancers

freelance, WorkerTech, platforms, banking, insurance

List of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech Feel free to add the ones you know and discover new ones. 🏠🤗💻

Personality Subtypes

animal crossing, ACNH, games

Personality subtypes in ACNH

Internet Freedom Scores by country

internet, world privacy report, internet freedom scores, proprivacy

Internet Freedom scores by country


teaching, higher education, university, education

A speculative crowdsourced document for how to reshape the higher education sector for the post-covid world

Podcast* Recs Super Sheet

podcasts, audio, recommendations, media

Podcasts Recs Sheet: Crowd-sourced podcast recommendations, multi-genre and form.

NH Villagers + Exteriors + Interiors

animal crossing, ACNH, games, animal crossing villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons villager list

Seeds for a better future

coronavirus, system change, projects

System change Ideas - Seeds of a better future

Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit

journalism, data, tools, fact-checking, research

Bellingcat’s freely available online open source investigation toolkit - data sources, social media, visualization and many more

We're All Stuck At Home But We Can Still Be Brilliant

coronavirus, memes, freebies, charity, films, tips

We all need to #StayTheFuckHome to protect our communities and each other. Here's a point of connection to share treats, distractions, your favourite quarantine crafts & hobbies, and get a cheerleader for those tougher projects you're trying to finish in isolation

Journalists/Communications Professionals Doing Pro Bono Work

journalism, pro bono, jobs, contacts

This sheet is for anyone in the Communications/Media industries willing to do pro bono work to help out other industry folk. If you're not a journalist, please specify what you do so there's no confusion.This is strictly career-adjacent work, not a way to advertise services for nonprofits.

PlanDemic is Nonsense

coronavirus, plandemic

You may have recently come across a video on YouTube called Plandemic featuring a virologist claiming to have been persecuted by “Big Pharma” and the “Deep State” for exposing their plan to spread disease. If you believed this 26 minute video, I am sad to say you have been duped. Here is a critical breakdown of all the false information contained within the documentary and the sources showing it is incorrect.

The New Abnormal - Read me and add your details

coronavirus, remotework, skills

This is a place for sharing ideas across organisations and sectors, initially with a view to creating research survey materials that can be used by different organisations, with a view to sharing knowledge and insight across many.

Resources to Spark Mathematical Discussions

maths, teaching, parenting, teaching strategies, have fun teaching

Fun examples of different topics in maths

Friendship Mechanics

animal crossing, games, ACNH, animal crossing villagers

The friendship points that you have with your villagers can range from 0 to 255. When villagers first move in, they’ll start with 25 friendship points after they are out of boxes. There are 6 favor levels that you can have with your villager, depending on how many friendship points that you have

Artist Resource Links

art, resources, freelance, education, inspiration, tutorials

A list of resources for artists. Tips, tutorials, job sites, inspiration & reference, self-care and many others

Ways Cats Are Described As Assholes Without Actually Being Called an Asshole

cats, pets

When you know that the cat is kind of an asshole, but can't just CALL the cat an asshole

ACNH Fish & Insect Chart

animal crossing, ACNH, games, animal crossing item ids

Fish and Insect guide for Animal Crossing New Horizon

Available Digital Freelancers

freelance, jobs, recruitment

A list of available freelancers

Casual Archivist: Sources

research, archive, data, libraries, museums, art, design

Casual Archivist: Archive Sources

Tesla - Affordability Worksheet

Tesla, finance, net worth, cars, investment

Which Tesla can you afford?

CompiledSanity Personal Savings Template v2.3.2 🇺🇸

finance, saving, budgeting

This Sheet is designed to make life easy for you, give you a wholistic glimpse of your financial position and if you're a stats nerd tell you where you're heading.

NmlNpcParam - ACNH

animal crossing, ACNH, games, animal crossing villagers

A spreadsheet that shows villager interest and style

AP Psychology Definition List

AP Psychology, psychology, teaching, studying

The Advanced Placement Psychology course definitions for revision before the exam