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#COVID19PH Citizens' Budget Tracker

Citizens' guide to the Philippine government's COVID19 budget

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#COVID19PH Citizens' Budget Tracker v2

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29 June 2020

Main: Citizens' Technical Guide to the Philippine Government's COVID19 Budget

Report: The Budget Process as Watering a Garden (6 April 2020 CBT Report)

Report 2: Spend Faster To Stop Hunger (17 April 2020 CCBT Report)

Tab Title Description Version Last updated Updates

*** README README: Important to read the limits of the analysis 2 29 June 2020 Presenting version 1

* Summary Summary of topline figures 1 18 May 2020 Made the expenditure report clearer

(!) Bayanihan 2 Bayanihan 2 budget going into the Bicameral Conference Committee 2 28 July 2020 With the passed Senate version of the bill

* Outputs Summary of outputs according to the National Action Plan 2 29 June 2020 Cross-checks Luis and Smile's COVID19PH Dashboard on Outputs

0 Powers list of emergency powers of the President 2 29 June 2020 Listed the emergency powers; now doing a legal audit with lawyer-volunteers

1 Expenditures national programs and projects related to COVID-19 2 29 June 2020 Listed sources of cash: including what we know and do not know

1b Pillars accounting for the four-pillar of the COVID-19 response 0 22 June 2020 Accounting for differences across reports

1c DBM status of 2019 and 2020 GAA for COVID-19 response 2 22 June 2020

2 Sources of Financing existing and announced sources of financing related to COVID-19 3 1 July 2020 Included reported status of remittance from the Treasury

3 Data data wishlist 2 25 May 2020 Including links to data sets

4 Local Government Finance status of local government funds for COVID19 2 25 May 2020 Shows local government data, population, income group, locally sourced revenues, annual regular income, estimated Q1 locally sourced revenues, estimated Bayanihan Grant

5a Social Amelioration subsidies released per city/municipality, reported by DSWD / PCOO 2 UPDATING. DO NOT USE Partial list of fund releases to NCR

5b LTFRB Social Amelioration Recipients (Partial) names and social amelioration amounts received by PUV workers 16 June 2020

5b Social Amelioration - Planned Subsidies planned subsidies, reported by region 2 29 April 2020, 4:00 pm Planned subsidies to regions

5c Social Amelioration - Planned Subsidies per Barangay planned subsidies, reported by barangay / district 2 29 April 2020, 4:00 pm Planned subsidies to barangays (both national and city/muni-subsidies)

5d MOVED: Social Amelioration - Relief Aid cost of assistance by source reported by DSWD DROMIC 2 MOVED TO TABLEAU We have moved our reporting to this site: bit.ly/ccbt_dromic

6a Health - Philhealth Philhealth reimbursements to hospitals 2 25 May 2020 Philhealth hospital reimbursement data

6b Health - Medicine Prices DOH Drug Price Reference Index 2012, 2013, 2016, 2019 2 29 May 2020 Just released

99 Basics fundamental concepts in budgeting 2 25 May 2020 More terms as feedback arises

99 FAQs frequently asked questions 0 Updating now Things we should ask to make things more transparent

#COVID19PH Citizens' Budget Tracker
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Published 13/10/2020, 03:04:28


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