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Coronavirus Resource Kit - 🟧Sourceful

This kit is a collectivized document that will be update as more mutual aid projects and resources appear online. - 🟧Sourceful



Restrictions on copying have been lifted.


This kit is a collectivized document that will be updated as more mutual aid projects and resources appear online. Recognizing that not everyone will have access to great internet to access some of these, I encourage you to apply these offline as well as online. Please be aware: there is a lot of disinformation online, as always: be sure to triple check resources and the source. Ironically, most of the resources here come from survivors and those marginalized by state violence, so in a sense, prepared to respond to a crisis when there’s no social safety net.

This compilation features resources from disabled, queer, elderly, Asian, and indigenous people. Mutual aid projects from Seattle, Philadelphia, DC, Twin Cities, Boston, and Chicago have been added below. We also recommend this other toolkit that has specific geographic sections and this incredible database of localized resources.


Emergency Contacts




For Workers

For Parents, Educators, and Guardians

Community, Healing, and Care



DC, Baltimore, and DMV Resources

Illinois Resources

Washington Resources

California Resources


NYC Resources


Twin Cities

Boston Resources

New Orleans

Pennsylvania Resources

Portland, OR


Ohio Resources

For Artists

Virtual Gatherings


Crowdfunding and Community Care

Advocacy and Impact

Teaching Tool

Additional Resources

Media / Political Education


Mutual Aid Projects

Funding Requests

Financial Assistance

Government (Sample Advocacy Demands and Policy Platforms)



Emergency Contacts

Text COVID to 692-692 for NOTIFY NYC Emergency Updates

Co-quarantined with an abuser? Worried about having to self-isolate from #coronavirus in a dangerous home situation? Please reach out — contact @ndvh | National Domestic Violence Hotline: CALL 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224 or CHAT at http://thehotline.org

For medical emergencies, read One Medical’s ‘What You Should Know About Coronavirus’ for symptoms, plans of action and recommendations. Call 911 and alert them you may be showing Coronavirus symptoms, so they can come prepared.

We recommend everyone create local threads of communication with everyone in your network: neighbors, parents, close friends, cousins, homeless community members, students, and those you would like to be in communication with and provide emergency information during these times. Share resources, talk to your neighbors, and check in on the elderly and those with chronic disabilities.



COVID-19 DATA PACK from Information is Beautiful: bit.ly/COVID19-DATA

Most useful COVID-19 resources

Know the Symptoms by Mona Chalabi

(Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Farsi, Turkish)


Key Resource: COVID-19 Mutual Aid & Advocacy Resource

Key Resource: Database of Localized Resources

Key Resource: Collective Care is our Best Weapon against COVID-19 (lots of local mutual aid groups)


People's Coronavirus Support Group on Facebook

What to do now before COVID-19/coronavirus cases explode in the US

Autonomy and Collective Care Tools by The Comrade Closet

Half Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine

March 9, 2020, edited March 10, 2020 by Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha

Rebel Sidney Black’s “Pod Mapping for Mutual Aid”

March 9, 2020 by Rebel Sidney Black

How to Build a Neighborhood Pod

Flyers to Offer Services to Neighbors from Reed Hexamer

Communal Living and COVID-19: How to Prepare

How to do a coronavirus prep door knock to care for your neighbors. Via sarah_at_play

Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project Resources

Just Stay: A Simple Self Isolation Plan

Resources for People Facing Domestic Violence

COVID Mutual Aid Community Care Resource List

Includes models of mutual aid, food lists, fact sheets and hygiene items

Twitter thread of local/national food and housing resources

Webinar - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparation for People Living with

Chronic Illnesses in the U.S [The Cranky Queer]

Webinar - For Students Dealing with COVID-19

Taeyoon Choi - How to Deal w Racism

Big Door Brigade - Mutual Aid Toolbox compiled by prison abolitionists

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource

Messaging for the Pandemic by Anthony Torres & Nicole Carty

COVID-19 Guide For People Who Use Drugs

Planning to Rent Strike? Read this Manual by NYC DSA Housing

For Roommates &

For Workers

Workplace Organizing Support Form

For Hospitality Workers

Fera Lorde - A Sex Worker on Dealing w Coronavirus

Fund for Retail Workers (National)

Resources for Restaurant Workers

Bartender Emergency Fund

Service Workers Mutual Aid Fund

For Parents, Educators, and Guardians

Childcare coordination for a group/co-op

Facebook group for Parents Together (for answering questions)

Coronavirus Resources for Parents

Coronavirus Comic for Kids from CultureStrike

A list of 150+ enrichment activities for children while caregivers are working remotely, coded/categorized by age, screen or not, how much supervision, etc. (I love this and others have told me it's helpful to them as well)

Kids story about germbusting from the Little School

Slide decks and materials created by health education team at SFUSD to help students understand #COVID19. (There are materials in English, Spanish and Chinese for these levels: Preschool , Pre-K-1st grade , 2nd-5th Grade , Middle School , High School).

This resource from NAEYC’s Asian Interest forum discusses the role of early educators in dispelling harmful scare tactics

Remote teaching resources

Coronavirus Resource Kit
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