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Local actions to support walking and cycling during social distancing

Hi! Do you have information about local efforts to expand access to walking & bicycling as part of a COVID-19 response?

If so, submit it via this spreadsheet.

coronavirus, cycling, healthcare, public health

Welcome! This database shares information about local and state COVID-19 responses that affect access to walking & bicycling. Please note that we've migrated all of the information on the 'expanding,' 'limiting,' and 'restricting' tabs over to its forever home at pedbikeinfo.org/walkbikesocialdistance (linked below). I'm no longer updating this google sheet, although I'm checking it often to see if new information has been added by others. If you have information you wish to share about a local or state COVID-19-related action that affects walking and cycling, please either email it to Tabitha Combs ([email protected]) or enter it into our anonymous form (linked below). If you have photographs you are willing to share that show these efforts in action, please consider submitting them to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Image Library. Thank you for contributing to this global knowledge base on local COVID-19 responses. This crowdsourced dataset was initiated and is managed by Tabitha Combs and is intended for public use. Contact [email protected] with questions or concerns. Please use proper attribution when using or linking to the dataset or data provided within. Suggested dataset citation: Combs, T. (2020). Local Actions to Support Walking and Cycling During Social Distancing Dataset. http://pedbikeinfo.org/resources/resources_details.cfm?id=5209

To submit information securely & anonymously online: https://unc.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_071bU96JVDGryQt

To submit information via email: [email protected]

To submit images to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Image Library: pedbikeimages.org

To view this data at its forever home: pedbikeinfo.org/WalkBikeSocialDistance

If you link to this database, please share the link on the "linking/citing works" tab.

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Local actions to support walking and cycling during social distancing
Tags Coronavirus, Cycling, Healthcare, Public health
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Published 27/10/2020, 13:50:06


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