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Canadian Resources- Covid 19

Canadian Resources- Covid 19

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Dan Lavoie Friday June 19, 2020 Google Doc Shareable Link:

[email protected] PREFACE https://bit.ly/2K0KtO2

Public information Compiled

PUBLISHER NOTES: Support (Provided) or Donate (Accepts). Food+ (Groceries & more) 'Artist' (check link for further definition of artists it could imply different disciplines, too many to fit into a single cell) 'Resources' (lots of useful information, external lists etc) 'Location' (who that specific resource, funding etc is open to and for). WHERE TO START? First, do you qualify for any financial aid from the Federal Government? (See Government of Canada section) then the following: 1) Benefits Overview- Detailed Doc 2) What benefits do I qualify for? Interactive 3) What benefits do I qualify for? Search. After looking at any one of those three things you should have a foundation to work from depending on your needs, whether financial or otherwise. Second, do you qualify for any specific financial aid being offered ? (See Financial Aid + Resources section) Third, do you qualify for any provincial or city specific financial aid? Scroll down past ( Financial Aid + Resources section) and locate your (‘Province’ section) WHAT NOW? After all is said and done be sure to check out the following sections: -Remote Work opportunities -Educational Resources -Boredom Resources Scroll all the way down! Way, way down. Line: 507 onwards. REMEMBER THIS TODAY'S TAKEAWAY Regret tethered me. Joy liberated me. Dissapointment numbed me. Gratitude Awakened Me. Perfection broke me. Authenticity restored me. Fear blinded me. Self love showed me the way. MG (I like this one, it will be here for awhile)



Prime Minister's Office Canada Daily Announcements https://bit.ly/2VhMags UPDATED JUNE 16

Government of Canada Canada Economic Response Plan https://bit.ly/2Up3O1c

Government of Canada (Dr. Robson) Canada Benefits Overview- Detailed Doc https://bit.ly/3avlRbQ UPDATED May 26

Government of Canada (CTV) Canada What benefits do I qualify for? Interactive https://bit.ly/3blV2Y2 UPDATED May 19

Government of Canada Canada What benefits do I qualify for? Search https://bit.ly/34H3U80


Canada Revenue Agency Canada T4 slips-remuneration paid https://bit.ly/2WWPZsx

Canada Revenue Agency Canada Extra Income- Unclaimed cheques https://bit.ly/2UydIhd.

Government of Canada Canada Payment Schedule https://bit.ly/3c10FdN

Government of Canada Canada E.I Postal Code Lookup https://bit.ly/2JkX7H9

Government of Canada Canada Six Steps to Get Out of Debt https://bit.ly/34zedL6

Service Canada Canada Record of Employment https://bit.ly/2UNyAzO


Government Alberta Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2XO12Vl

Government British Columbia Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2ygeaIi

Government Manitoba Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2XA72B5

Government New Brunswick Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/34FIiZx

Government Newfoundland/Labrador Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2V9yQdL

Government Nova Scotia Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2Vdcus1

Government Nunavut Territory Support and Information https://bit.ly/2VQtALx

Government NWT Territory Support and Information https://bit.ly/2LgukVk

Government Ontario Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/34EBMm1

Government Prince Edward Island Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2RIQ67x

Government Quebec Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2VxlhE6

Government Saskatchewan Provincial Support and Information https://bit.ly/2XDSX5t

Government Yukon Territory Support and Information https://bit.ly/2KglndU


CBC News Canada CERB- Trudeau promises to extend https://bit.ly/3hrlNO2 ADDED JUNE 15

Global News Canada CERB-190,000 repayments so far https://bit.ly/3cOWrWV ADDED JUNE 10

Global News Canada CERB- Fraudulent Applications https://bit.ly/2AWbNvz ADDED JUNE 10

CTV News Canada CERB Those who don't qualify - consequences https://bit.ly/35ppyhc

Toronto Star Canada CERB for people on social assistance https://bit.ly/2Vhlr3x

CBC Canada CERB you must re-apply to continue https://bit.ly/2yqjetK

CTV News Canada CERB-More are now eligible https://bit.ly/2VuQJD1

Global News Canada CERB double payment? What to do https://bit.ly/2z6hmGV

National Post Canada E.I and CERB- Applied for Both? https://bit.ly/3ebjL2P

Globe & Mail Canada Business- Calls for Grants not Loans https://tgam.ca/3a4S8p3

Financial Post Canada Business- Wage Subsidy Program https://bit.ly/2RHkpLQ

Global News Canada Business-Work from Home? Claim expenses https://bit.ly/34UMrcd

The Atlantic Canada Pandemic- How it will end https://bit.ly/3a2QKTW

New York Times Worldwide Pandemic- Is the virus on my clothes? https://nyti.ms/2VlE4DA

CTV News Canada Pandemic- Province and territory reopening? https://bit.ly/2KIXJHm


Breakfast Club Canada Food Low Income Families Support or Donate https://bit.ly/348ChEp

Inabuggy Canada Food + Grocery Delivery Local Support https://bit.ly/3bkRLIf

Share the Goods Canada Food + Grocery Delivery Covid-19 Hardship Support or Donate https://bit.ly/2K1xADm

Canada Helps Canada Resources Causes/Organizations Comprehensive Database Support or Donate https://bit.ly/39UPLFh

Food Banks Canada Resources Food Banks Comprehensive Database Support or Donate https://bit.ly/3b2w5k0

Nextdoor Canada Resource Stay connected Stay informed what’s going on in your neighbourhood https://bit.ly/2KBZVjE

Various Canada Resources Offer your space/venue Donate https://bit.ly/34GHtzW

Community Collective Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec Resource Food Farm to Table Comprehensive List Support https://bit.ly/3anJVMK


CRTC Canada Cellphone, Internet, TV, Radio https://bit.ly/3dYlbh6

CARFAC Canada Artists-Legal Clinics https://bit.ly/2ym3qba

Government of Canada Canada Canadian Employees- Rights https://bit.ly/2KeWtvm

Government of Canada Canada Travel Abroad-Assistance https://bit.ly/2RZcgml

Passenger Rights Canada Canada Air Passenger- Rights https://bit.ly/3aBOUuc.


Public Health Agency Canada Health- Authoritative Information https://bit.ly/3eODV2W

World Health Organization Worldwide Health- Authoritative Information https://www.who.int

TIA Canada Health Services Online Doctors Support https://tiahealth.com

London Drugs Canada Health Services Online Prescription Refill Support https://bit.ly/2YeKtC4

Rexall Canada Health Services Online Prescription Refill Support https://www.rexall.ca/refill

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Health Services Online Prescription Refill Support https://bit.ly/2XIFs4K

Various Canada Resources Mental Health Comprehensive Database Support https://bit.ly/2znZ18a


Canadian Chamber of Commerce Canada Support for Canadian Businesses https://bit.ly/3eRy4Kq

Business Development Bank Canada Resource Canadian Businesses Information https://bit.ly/2VYOjfV

Canadian Payroll Association Canada Resource Payroll- Covid 19 Information https://www.payroll.ca

Department of Finance Canada Resources Economic Measures Information https://bit.ly/2VG4oqT

Government of Canada Canada Resources Business Wage Subsidy Calculator Information https://bit.ly/2xMhgUA

Restaurants Canada Canada Resources Food Service Information https://bit.ly/2RNx1Bk

Retail Council of Canada Canada Resources Retail Information https://bit.ly/3eYVs8W

Shopify Canada Resources Business Cash Flow Guide for Agencies and Freelancers Information https://bit.ly/2yP24pX

Supporting Leaders in Business Canada Resources Business- Covid 19 Information https://bit.ly/2RM8sEF

Women Entrepreneurship Hub Canada Resources Women Entrepreneurs Information https://bit.ly/3avhA7b


Aboriginal Curatorial Collective Canada Financial Aid Indigenous Curators and Arts Creatives Support https://bit.ly/3cjfyso

Aboriginal Canada Financial Aid Aboriginal Community Support Fund Support https://bit.ly/34IUGbs

Actors Fund Canada Canada Financial Aid Entertainment Industry Support https://bit.ly/2RDIXWe

Behind-The-Scenes Canada Financial Aid Behind The Scenes Workers Support https://bit.ly/3ciVeHm

CBC Canada Financial Aid (Funding) Various Streams Support https://bit.ly/2Vk6c8V

Community Collective Canada Financial Aid Artist + Music Industry Support or Donate https://bit.ly/3cpsDA8

Glad Day Lit Canada Financial Aid LGBTQ2S artists Support https://bit.ly/3adeogu

National Arts Centre Canada Financial Aid Artists Support https://bit.ly/3ajUoZu

National Theatre School Canada Financial Aid Emerging Artist Support https://bit.ly/34MyWv1

Socan Music Canada Financial Aid Socan Members Support https://bit.ly/2XkeCzw

Theatre Direct Canada Financial Aid Artist Parents & Caregivers Support or Donate https://bit.ly/3c0rAql

Unison Canada Financial Aid Music Industry Support https://bit.ly/34vPBmJ

Writers Trust of Canada Canada Financial Aid Professional Writers Mid- Project Support https://bit.ly/34GCVtm

Writers Trust of Canada Canada Financial Aid Writers and Visual Artists Support https://bit.ly/3ewrBo0

Arts Network Ottawa Canada Resources Artists Comprehensive List Support or Donate https://bit.ly/2K3njGD

CBC Canada Resources Freelancers + Artists Comprehensive List Support or Donate https://bit.ly/3dQZ5gy

Emergency Arts Network for Organizations Canada

Canadian Resources- Covid 19
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