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fun, time to take you off of corona

Marshlands Boy: by Kanen and Noah!

INTRODUCTION: Once there was a boy named Jax. He loved the place he lived in, which was New York City. He had a great school and great parents. But one day, his parents decided to move to the marshlands. When they found out they got scammed, they were furious but they couldn't do anything about it. They, later on, find themselves in a deathtrap. Will they make it...

Part 1: Packing.

I started to brush my teeth from the bathroom and packed it up. “Mom, when will we leave?” “In 3 hours Jax.” said mom. “Ok, mom.” I replied, “Can I go and say goodbye to my friends ?” I questioned “Yes honey, but be back in an hour.” she answered, “Ok mom, Hey, over here Kaden!” I shouted. “Oh, hey Jax!” He replied. “So, bad news.” I sadly said, “Er, what is it?” Kaden said “I… sigh, I'm moving.” I whispered, “What, where to?” he asked “ The…the... marshlands.” I said, “Eww bro. Yeah, I know. But my parents said it would be fun. Well, we can keep in touch ya know. Yeah, well… bye! “Ok, Noah next…” Where's Noah? BOO! Argh! Sorry. Said Noah. It's fine. I replied. Well. Replied Noah. Bad news Noah, I...I… I’m moving. Whaaa! Can I come? And where are you going? I’m going to the marshlands. Ooooh. Yeah. Go ask your parents Noah. Ok. Noah replied. What did they say? They said yes! Whoooo! Part 2: The road trip. “You ready kids?” Asked mom. “Oh yeah,” we shouted. “Hmm, it will be three weeks until we get there kids.” Shouted mom excitedly. “So Noah what should we do on this three -week drive?” “Uhhh, Hmmm” I mumbled, I have ZERO ideas. He replied. “Well, this oughta be a long trip for us.” Well, five days in. “Argh! Why does Noah have to be asleep right now?” I’m awake Jax. “Finally, you’re awake!” Geez, you don’t have to yell! “Fine, I won't yell.” Sigh. “I don’t know what to do.” Maybe play “I spy?” Good idea. I spy… Ok, 8 days in. “Okay kids, We still have… thirteen days left.” Mom said. “I think we should pull out some snacks. “Yeah.” Said Noah. “I want the… goldfish. Then I want… cheez-it.” Eww, these taste bad. I agree. “Ok, fourteen days in.” Well, ONE week left. Sigh. “I think we are far from New York.” Oh yeah. Replied Noah. “Are there any stops for the bathroom?” Yes in one day. IN ONE DAY!!!! Sigh. I guess I can wait. Argh! Nineteen days in. TWO more days left. Well, “I can’t wait to finally stop sitting in the car for hours.” Wait, why are there no more snacks left? Noah!!! I exclaimed. What Jax? “Why did you eat all of the snacks?” Because I was hungry. “Well, now we don’t have anymore.” Sigh. We’re here boys!!! Oh, FINALLY!!!!! Part 3: A fresh start. “So, I and your dad will start unpacking and you boys can enjoy it.” Ok, mom, be back in a jiffy. I shouted as Noah and I ran off. So, what do you wanna… What the! “Where are all the other kids?” I asked. I have no idea. “All it is is just some tall grass and some water!” I exclaimed. “Well, let's just head back to the house aka, the log cabin.” MOM! “What hun, did you have fun?” HECK NO! “What happened, dear?” Mom asked. There are no kids! “Let me see… GASP!” They scammed me! “How dare they!” “What? How?” “They have no playgrounds and there is barely anything to play with except water and trees!” “true, but we still have each other!” “NO!”

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Published 27/04/2020, 13:50:00


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