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Services for freelancers - 🟧Sourceful

List of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech Feel free to add the ones you know and discover new ones. ??? - 🟧Sourceful

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Hi, I'm Sam, founder of Going Freelance. I'm creating the biggest list of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech Feel free to add the ones you know and discover new ones. 🏠🤗💻 📩 : [email protected]

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Platform 🤝 Link to website Headquarters Skillset

8Teal https://www.8teal.com/ Spain General

AccTeam Network www.accteam.fr France Finance, Bank, Insurance

Adequancy www.adequancy.com France General

Axiom Law https://www.axiomlaw.com Switzerland Legal

Beelance https://beelance.io/ France &Belgium Tech

Behance https://www.behance.net/ US Creative

Belay https://belaysolutions.com/ US Virtual Assistant

Business Talent Group https://businesstalentgroup.com/ US General

Cherry-Pick https://app.cherry-pick.io/ France Business, Tech & Innovation

Cloudpeeps https://www.cloudpeeps.com/ US General

Club Freelance https://www.club-freelance.com France Tech

Codeable https://codeable.io/ Denmark Tech (WordPress)

CodeMentor https://www.codementor.io/ US Tech

Codeur.com www.codeur.com France IT

Comatch https://www.comatch.com/ Germany Consulting

Comet https://www.comet.co/ France Tech

Computer Futures https://www.computerfutures.com UK IT

Contena https://www.contena.co/ US Writing

Coroflot https://www.coroflot.com/ US Design

Coworkees https://www.coworkees.com/ France General

Creatives At Work https://creativesatwork.asia/ Singapour Creative

Crème de la Crème https://cremedelacreme.io/ France Tech& Data - Marketing&Com & Product&Design

CrowdSkills https://crowdskills.com UK General

Deloitte Open Talent https://open-talent-community.deloitte.com/ US General

Doctor On Demand https://www.doctorondemand.com US Medical

Doz https://www.doz.com/ France Marketing

Envato https://studio.envato.com/ Australia Dev & Creatives

Experfy https://www.experfy.com/ US Consulting

Expert360 https://expert360.com/ Australia General

Expertaly https://www.expertaly.com/ France Consulting

Field Engineer https://www.fieldengineer.com/ US Engineer

Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/ US General

Flexjobs https://www.flexjobs.com/ US General

Focus Tribe https://www.focustribes.com/ France Management Consulting

Freeandise www.freeandise.fr France Talent sourcing:Communication Event Marketing Digital

Freeeup https://freeeup.com/ US Marketing

Freelance Info https://www.freelance-info.fr/ France Tech

Freelance Writing Gigs https://freelancewritinggigs.com/ n/a Writing

Freelancer https://www.freelancer.com/ Australia General

Gengo https://gengo.com/ Japan Translation

Get Credo https://www.getcredo.com/ US Marketing

Gig Grabbers https://www.giggrabbers.com/ US General

Gigster https://gigster.com/ US Tech

GoLance https://golance.com/ US General

Gun https://www.gun.io/ US Dev

Guru https://www.guru.com/ US General

Handiss https://www.handiss.com/page/home/ Lebanon Engineer

Huxley https://www.huxley.com/ UK Finance & IT

Kang www.kang.fr France General

Korum Legal https://www.korumlegal.com/ Hong Kong Legal

Insitoo https://insitoo.com/ France Tech

Lancetalent https://lancetalent.com/ Spain General

Le Hibou https://www.lehibou.com/ France Tech

Lex Go App https://lexgoapp.com/ Spain Legal

LinCo www.lincotalent.com Italy Tech

LiNUPP https://linupp.com/ France Independent Creators Network : Arts, Design, Film, Tech, Fashion, Music

Littlebig Connection https://www.littlebigconnection.com France Tech

LiveTonight www.livetonight.fr France Music

Lorem https://www.asklorem.com/ US Dev

Malt https://www.malt.fr/ France General

Malt www.malt.de Germany General

Malt www.malt.es Spain General

Mandy https://www.mandy.com/ UK Cast, Crew & Creatives

Match Mode https://matchmode.es/ Spain Fashion

MBO Partners Connect https://www.mbopartners.com/mbo-connect US General

Mediabistro https://www.mediabistro.com/jobs/ US General (media industry)

Montreal Associates https://www.montrealassociates.com/fr/ UK Tech

MsDynamicsConsulting https://msdynamicsconsulting.com/ US Consulting

Myindep https://www.myindep.fr/ France Consulting

MySherpa https://www.mysherpa.io/ France 360°

NC Partners On Demand https://ncpondemand.com/ France Consulting general

Neadz http://neadz.it/ France Tech

Nomad Health https://nomadhealth.com/ US Medical

One Man Support https://www.onemansupport.com/ France Consulting in Strategy & Management

OneSpace https://www.onespace.com/freelancers/ US General

OOviiz https://www.ooviiz.com/ France Show-Event

Open Studio https://open.studio France Product Management, UX/UI Design, Mobile/Web/Desktop Applications development

Outsourcely https://www.outsourcely.com/ n/a General

Pangara https://pangara.com/ Sweden Tech

Paro https://www.paro.io US Finance

Planet Interim https://planetinterim.com Netherlands General

Progressive https://www.progressiverecruitment.com UK IT & Engineer

PubLoft https://publoft.com/writers US Writing

Raiseyour.biz https://raiseyour.biz/ France Business Developer

Real Life Sciences https://www.realstaffing.com UK Life Sciences

Redacteur.com www.redacteur.com France Rédaction

Rise https://www.riseworks.io/ US General

Skuadron https://www.skuadron.fr/ France IT

Sneakers & Jackets http://www.sneakers-jackets.com France Digital, Project Management, Transition Management

SolidGigs https://members.solidgigs.com/ n/a General

Soy Freelancer https://www.soyfreelancer.com El Salvador General

Staff Care https://www.staffcare.com/ UK Medical

Station Spatiale https://stationspatiale.com France General

Talent Exchange (PWC) https://talentexchange.pwc.com/ US Consulting

Talent Hub Staff https://talent.hubstaff.com/ US General

Talent.io https://www.talent.io/ Paris Tech

Talenteum https://www.talenteum.com/ Mauritius General

Talento http://talento.works/ UK Creative and Tech

Text Broker https://www.textbroker.com/ US Writing

Time Etc https://web.timeetc.com UK Virtual Assistant

TodUp https://www.todup.fr France Marketplace

Top Coder https://www.topcoder.com/ US Tech

Toptal https://www.toptal.com/ US General

True Lancer https://www.truelancer.com/ India General

Tu AppBogado https://www.tuappbogado.es/ Spain Legal

Tunga https://tunga.io/ Netherlands Tech

Twago https://www.twago.com Germany General

UpCounsel https://www.upcounsel.com/ US Legal

Upwork https://www.upwork.com/ US General

Vettery https://www.vettery.com/ US Tech Sales Finance

WEEM https://weem.group/ France Consulting in Strategy & Management

Weereel https://weereel.com Spain Audiovisual

Wisar http://wisar.co/ Spain Tech

Witmart http://www.witmart.com Canada General

Work Genius https://www.workgenius.com US General

Work Hoppers https://www.workhoppers.com Canada General

Work Some https://www.worksome.dk/ Denmark General

Workana https://www.workana.com/ Argentina General

Working not Working https://workingnotworking.com/ US Creative

Workstable https://www.workstable.dk/ Denmark Marketing

Xxe https://www.xxe.fr/ France Tech

YouLoveWords https://www.youlovewords.com/freelance/ Paris, France Marketing&Com ・Creative · Rédaction

Yuno Juno https://www.yunojuno.com/ UK Creative

Zhubajie https://www.zbj.com/ China General

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Services for freelancers
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Published 11/09/2020, 01:32:50


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