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In response to Coronavirus and its impacts on various communities, Art Open Calls & Perennial Press have compiled this living document containing resources for artists. Please share widely! - Sourceful

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In response to Coronavirus and its impacts on various communities, Art Open Calls & Perennial Press have compiled this living document containing resources for artists. Please share widely!

If you know of a resource, please fill out this form or add a comment to this doc. We will also continue to post resources and opportunities on our Instagram and our monthly mailing list.

If you have a stable income right now, please check out the section: “how you can help.” Also consider donating $3 to Art Open Calls to support the folks compiling these resources & keep artists connected to opportunities.


* Preparation Worksheet / Workshop

* Preparedness Webinar for Performing Arts Venues

* Sample Emergency Plans for Performing Arts Organizations

* Arts Ready Alert for Preparedness

* Daily report on Coronavirus impact on the Art World

* Coronavirus Resources for Booksellers

* The Reasonable Person’s Guide to Prepping (podcast)

* What Trans People Need to Know about Coronavirus

* Panel: Artists in a time of Global Pandemic

* Just Stay: A Simple Self-Isolation Plan



* Artist Relief Fund

* Fund for Seattle artists struggling in the current situation

* Personal Emergency Relief Fund

* Relief fund for Minnesota artists

* Artist Relief Tree

* Any artists can apply for funding through ART; only caveat is that you have to share their fund on your social media account.

* Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

* New emergency grant program available for U.S. artists who have immediate need, up to $5,000

* Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants

* Range in amounts from $500 to $5,000

* Patreon grant fund

* International opportunity

* You specify how much money you need and what you will use it for

* Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Relief Fund

* for US-based BIPOC artists and administrators.

* Soze Foundation Artists + Activists Relief Fund

* $250 for artists and activists impacted by COVID-19

* INTERNATIONAL opportunity

* Currently CLOSED due to # of applications but you can join waitlist

* Portland Artist relief fund

* For independent artists in the Portland tri-county area

* The Creator Fund

* Spokane Artists and Creatives relief fund

* Denver Artist Assistance Fund

* $1000 grants available for Denver artists

* Microgrants for small businesses and artists in the RiNo Denver area

* The Photographer Fund

* $500 grants for photographers impacted by COVID-19


* Grants for craft artists infected with coronavirus

* Artists Charitable Fund

* Grants for painters and sculptors for assistance with COVID-19 related medical bills

* Artists Fellowship

* Grants for fine artists with immediate medical need

* Anonymous Was a Woman Emergency Relief Grant

* Professional women artists over the age of 40 in the U.S. may apply for up to $2,500

* Deadline April 30th, 2020

* 20 summers emergency arts funding

* $500 grants for artists, $1000 for organizations

* Nominate an artist who needs help in this time (you can also self-nominate)

* Arts Council England grants

* Up to $2500 for artists and freelancers in England

* Hong Kong Arts & Culture funding

* Singapore Unbound Relief Fund

* Grants of $200 USD / $280 SGD for creative writers who live in Singapore

* Artly World Artist Relief Fund

* For artists whose income has been impacted by COVID-19

* One-time $200 relief stipend


* Actors Fund

* Fund for performance artists & entertainment workers in need

* Not just actors, as the name implies

* I Lost My Gig

* Austin, TX artists who have lost gigs due to cancellations can apply to this

* Sweet Relief covid-19 fund

* Relief fund for musicians

* Relief fund

* Financial & addiction recovery help for professional musicians, must have proof of income from music

* Healthcare for Seattle musicians

* Support for musicians with tour dates canceled

* Performance Artists Fund

* Philadelphia artists in the performing arts can fill out this form to request financial help

* Indie theater emergency funding

* NYC-based performing artists who work at independent theaters can apply for emergency funding

* Equal Sound Musician Relief Fund

* For musicians who have lost gigs

* Allan Slaight Relief Fund

* For Canadian magicians who have lost gigs

* Art Apart

* Grants up to $750 for Canadian theater artists to present a work online during quarantine

* A State-by-State guide for Music Professionals Who Need Help during Coronavirus

* Midway Music Speaks

* Relief for Indiana-based musicians

* Red Dirt Relief Fund

* Grants for Oklahoma musicians


* Emergency Grants: Writers

* Emergency Funding: Queer Writers of Color

* 215 festival

* Grants for Philly writers and booksellers


* Interest-free loans

* for NY residents affected by Coronavirus

* Interest-free loans from Kiva

* For small businesses


Mutual aid is the voluntary exchange of resources, usually financial, for mutual benefit.

* List of mutual aid groups by state (U.S.)

* Mutual Aid in Seattle

* Mutual Aid in Philly

* Mutual aid groups in Britain

* Discounts on Utilities in Seattle

* Grants up to $10,000 for Brooklyn Residents

* Financial Assistance for NYC small businesses

* Help for queer & trans folks in the South Side of Chicago

* Request Assistance in San Francisco

* Homegirl Emergency Fund

* For women, non-binary, and gender expansive folks who need help with rent and other immediate expenses

* Currently CLOSED due to overwhelming applications

* Trans and Queer Relief Request Form

* Grants for non-profit organizations in San Francisco

* $3000+ grants available for orgs addressing racial bias, worker protection, homelessness and renter protection/housing security, and food security




* What to do about student loans?

* What to do if your gig is canceled

* Information on unemployment for California artists

* Resources for NY freelancers

* U.S. passes relief bill


* Remote event planning & fundraising

* Ways of Gathering in the Age of COVID-19

* How to transition to an online business ASAP

* Resources for Remote work

* Freelancers & Community Resources

* Extensive document with resources for freelancers

* Tips for Working Remotely

* Online teaching in the context of COVID-19

* How to Be a Better Online Teacher

* Tips & Tools for Event Organizers during Coronavirus

* Remote Work Survival Kit

* Extensive document for best practices for remote working


* Survival Jobs for Actors

* 1500+ jobs from companies hiring remotely (excel spreadsheet)

* All jobs posted in March 2020



Donate to any or all of the following to help artists and organizations in need!

* Immunocompromised people in need (spreadsheet)

* Individuals who need help - Financial Solidarity list (spreadsheet)

* Seattle Artist relief fund (Gofundme)

* Queer Writers of Color relief fund (Gofundme)

* Art Relief Tree fund (Facebook fundraiser)

* Sweet Relief COVID-19 fund for musicians

* Simply the Basics: delivering hygiene kits to the homeless

* Relief for Discwoman DJs

* Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund (Gofundme)

* East Bay Disability Allies - provides short term support for folks with disabilities in the East Bay

* Meals on Wheels San Francisco

* Support Art Open Calls in finding opportunities for artists

* Portland Coronavirus mutual aid fund

* Artist Relief Fund in Sacramento (Gofundme)

* Philadelphia Performance Artists Fund (Gofundme)

* NYC low-income Artist and Freelancer Relief Fund (Gofundme)

* The Indie Theater Fund Rapid Relief Emergency Fund (Facebook fundraiser)

* Emergency Funds for Toronto’s Precarious workers (spreadsheet)

* Arts Leaders of Color Relief Fund (Gofundme)

* 20 summers Emergency Arts Fund

* Donate to Artist Now

* Relief for Bay Area artists

* $500 emergency grants


Small businesses are especially suffering in this hard time, with decreased foot traffic and spending. If you have $ to spare, consider shopping here first. These are all either artists who have expressed financial need, or stores that have closed in response to the pandemic. Are you an artist or small business and want to be added? Fill out this form with your info.

* List of small Bay Area businesses to support online

* E.M. Wolfman Books, Oakland

* Milkweed Books, Minneapolis

* Bloody Girl Gang

* Chiomma Hall, artist

* Martian Press, L.A.

* Authentic Creations Publishing Apothecary


* COVID-19 Mutual Aid Directory of Artists


* Bitch Magazine

* Feminist response to pop culture

* Granta

* Magazine featuring emerging writers


* Take the Coronavirus Impact survey from Americans for the Arts

* How to Support Prisoners During COVID-19 (resource doc)

* Start an Emergency Relief Fund


* Collective Care is our

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