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Moving your writing class online - 🟧Sourceful

Crowd-sourced resources for writing instructors and writing program administrators. Please add as you or your program develop materials! - 🟧Sourceful

coronavirus, teaching, writing, teaching strategies, moving class online

Moving your writing class online

Crowd-sourced resources for writing instructors and writing program administrators. Please add as you or your program develop materials!

As has been said many times, this is not a moment in which you can expect to teach a fully realized online course. Think about your course goals and what might be reasonably possible in this format and within your and your students’ resources. ETA: Also, please note that many of these materials are being created in a crisis and might not wholly represent the values of the program, author, organization, etc.

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Guides/Advice from Writing Programs and Writing Specialists

* University of North Carolina Teaching 105 Online

* University of Wisconsin-Madison Moving your English 201Section Online

* Virginia Tech Professional and Technical Writing Program Resources

* The Online Writing Instruction Community (not in a hurry but general principles)

* Online?...Just in Time! From the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (including forums and webinars)

* Teaching Composition Online at Pitt

* Baruch English Department’s Distance Learning: Baruch Spring 2020

Social media discussion

* Sara Webb-Sunderhaus Tweet thread on teaching composition online

* Amy Young’s Facebook post about teaching online

* Jordynn Jack tweet on multimedia projects for writing classes via phone

* Danica Savonick’s warm-up reflection questions on what the rest of the semester will look like (freewriting or discussion with class)

* Liz Blomstedt’s WPA concerns

* Aimi Hamraie on access

* Emily Pressman on technologies for discussion

* Luke Waltzer on Minimum Viable Transitioned Courses

Lesson plans and practices

* The Hyperdoc community offers a lot of templates, resources, and processes to guide your thinking

* Syllabus and videos from Tanya Golash-Boza’s Sociology course on race (could be a good resource for media to share if your writing class is on this topic)

* Assay Journal’s collection of lesson plans for writing classes (mostly creative writing)

* Accessible Teaching in the time of COVID-19, published March 10 by Aimi Hamraie, Critical Design Lab/Mapping Access project (via a retweet by Jessie Male)

Self-Care and Managing Anxiety

* Emily Legg on Self-Care Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning

* Caring for your Mental Health Despite the Coronavirus from McLean Hospital

* Mental Health Considerations during COVID-19 Outbreak from WHO

* Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

General Advice about Moving Classes Online

* Global Society of Online Literacy Educators Resource Hub

* Stanford’s Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption, for SIS and PWR - lots of great resources if you know what you’re looking for

* Indiana University’s “Keep Teaching” site

* CHR’s Going Online in a Hurry

* Hastac’s Thoughts & Resources for Those about to Start Teaching Online

* Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events

* Transforming Your Online Teaching from Crisis to Community by Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis

* How to Be a Better Online Teacher (advice guide--some is too much for this emergency situation, but lots of practical tips and definitions for those new to online teaching)

* Gina Foster’s Prep Plan plus reassuring email

* 3 Simple Rules to Follow

* Stockpiling for COVID-19 Teaching Resource

* Please do a bad job of putting your courses online

* UW-Madison’s “Discussion Project” Tips for Online Discussions

* University of Michigan’s Access to Remote Instruction for Students and Faculty with Disabilities

* University of Arkansas-Little Rock’s Ten Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses

* Teaching in the Context of COVID-19

* Poynter Institute’s How to Effectively Teach Online webinar

* Karl Stolley’s Moving Classes Online on Short Notice: Some Strategies

* Bard response to COVID-19

* Laurie Hurson Zotero on COVID distance learning

Technology and Tools

* General Overview of Screencasts and Screencasting Tools

* Beginner's Guide to Screen-Cast-O-Matic

* Webex Transition to Virtual Learning portal

Sample communication

* Lauren Cagle-COVID 19 Online Teaching-Student Survey

* Humor from Berkeley

Moving your writing class online
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