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CompiledSanity Personal Savings Template v2.3.2 ??

This Sheet is designed to make life easy for you, give you a wholistic glimpse of your financial position and if you're a stats nerd tell you where you're heading. - Sourceful

finance, saving, budgeting

Made by u/CompiledSanity

Link to Original Template

Steps to initialise Sheet CHANGELOG

Welcome! This Sheet is designed to make life easy for you, give you a wholistic glimpse of your financial position and if you're a stats nerd tell you where you're heading. Date Notes

Everything is as automated as possible, data entry takes place once a month and is minimal. Please note to use this Sheet you must have a Google Account. Thanks for visiting :) 10/1/2020 v2 - Original Release

Feel free to share the link to this sheet with anyone you think might use it! Disclaimer: Any advice received in this sheet is not from a financial advisor who has assessed your situation. Please do your own research. 24/1/2020 v2.1 - A whole bunch of fixes that don't fit in here. Fixes for initial setup process, dividend support for shares, fixes for ETF calculations, fixes for Cash calcs, Budget tab improvements, performance fixes

29/1/2020 v2.2 - Fix to ETF return Calcs

Setup 1. Click File > Make a Copy and save to your Google Drive. Make sure you're using your Google Drive file henceforth. 12/2/2020 v2.3 - Bug fix suggestions from Reddit

v2.4+ - Due to ongoing development future updates will move to a paid sheet (Checkout the Welcome Tab!). It includes: - Monthly/Weekly/2-week pay support - Automatic Investment constribution optimisation system - Google Calender & Email Investment Reminders - Full International Stock/ETF/Managed Fund/Crypto support - Managed Fund & LIC Tracking - Mortgage, Credit-Card & Loan Support - Property Tracking - Property/Mortgage, Rental & Side Income Tracking - International Currency & Exchange Support - Improved Automatic budgetting - Sheet Optimisations making the sheet more responsive/load faster - Leveraged Investment Support (In the works) - Better Tax Support - Tracking for partners (In the works) - Pocketbook CSV Support (In the works) - Further automations - Ongoing bug fixes (including lots of fixes to v2.3) - Some quality approach to this sheet, but with more time devoted Check out the instructions in the Welcome tab if you're interested! Feel free to message at [email protected] or /u/CompiledSanity if you have any questions.

Setup 2. Press Authorize Scripts below to enable Google Sheets to access external services

You will receive a notification about an unknown developer, click advanced in the bottom left and approve source. See the breakdown of permissions below for more info.

Description of permissions:

• See, Edit, Create spreadsheets - Required to record your monthly history and organise data in the Sheet

• Connect to an external Service - This is to receive live Stock/ETF prices from Yahoo Finance

You may receive a popup saying this app isn't verified. This is because the app hasn't been published and exists as scripts attached to this sheet for visibility. Click advanced and 'Go to PersonalSavingsScript'. Feel free to audit this code yourself via Tools -> Script Editor. • More info on Privacy in FAQ

Setup 3. Read the Disclaimer to your bottom right and click I accept below if you agree to these conditions.

Setup 4. Visit the SheetOptions Tab and update all the yellow values Shout me some coffee! ☕

- Using the Budget Sheet is recommended so that the sheet can autobalance your investments/cash savings. If you choose not to use it then keep your Salary/Savings updated in the SheetOptions tab This Sheet took a long while to make, so if you found this sheet useful please consider shouting me some coffees ($5) for coffee via Paypal! 👉 https://compiledsanity.github.io In return for some Coffees I'll invite you to the updated paid sheet with all future feature/bug updates and add in any feature requests! Thank you for your generosity & support :)

Setup 5. Working from left to right, go through all the different tabs and update only cells that are yellow. Everything else is automated (check for formulas if you ever enter anything!)

Only these colours

- Remove the sample Share/ETF/Dividend information. This is only there to show you how to fill things in.

Setup 6. Hide the History & SheetOptions Sheet (Right click -> Hide Sheet) and any other tabs that you won't use. DO NOT DELETE any Sheets! Or you will break the scripts/formulas that run this sheet.


Required Monthly Update Step - On the 1st of every month, click the 'Click to end Month' button in the Networth Sheet. This will store and record that month and process all values. Without this the sheet will not write any values and you will lose the months progress.

< Pictured Left: The Networth update button found in the Net Worth Sheet. Frequently Asked Questions

Access the Sheets FAQ Section here:

A few extra notes: compiledsanity.github.io/#faq

a) Never delete tabs, only hide them!

b) Target allocations in this Sheet for Assets are VERY important. Please make sure that you keep them updated.

c) Look for the dark arrows on cells, mouseover for more info if needed. Disclaimer

d) A lot of tracking relies on trends to be recorded in this sheet. Therefore to get the maximum benefit you must have at least 2 months of recorded data. The information & guidance on this sheet is for general information only. It should not be taken as constituting professional advice from the Sheet owner. I am NOT a financial advisor or qualified in finance. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how information & outputs from this sheet relates to your unique circumstances. The Sheet owner is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information and outputs provided directly or indirectly, by use of this sheet. The calculators and tools on this sheet are provided for your information and to illustrate scenarios. The results should not be taken as a substitute for professional advice. This sheet may contain mistakes and therefore you must perform your own due diligence to validate and confirm outputs. Any Tax estimations in this sheet are general estimations at best, are non-specific and have not taken into account your financial cirumstances. They are not to be used or taken as Tax advice. Please do your own research and see a Tax professional. Again, I am not a tax professional. All reasonable care has been taken in preparing and designing the calculators and tools; however, the Sheet owner provides no warranties and makes no representation that the information provided by the calculators and tools is appropriate for your particular circumstances or indicates you should follow a particular course of action. Errors may exist and you must do your own due diligence. This sheet makes no recommendations as to what course of action you must take. Further use of this sheet indicates acceptance of these terms.

CompiledSanity Personal Savings Template v2.3.2 ??
Tags Finance, Saving, Budgeting
Type Google Sheet
Published 14/05/2020, 22:46:34


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