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The Public MMF Freelance Rolodex

Open source freelance rolodex - NYC, USA, International

freelance, jobs

Welcome to the open source freelance rolodex

The only rules are (1) don't be an asshole and (2) feel free to add more people to this list ... share the love

Also please note I will move people to the appropriate sections if they add themselves to the "NYC" section by mistake :)

Name Title Website Rates Twitter Handle Other Notes

"Mr" Mike Florio Motion Designer/VFX Artist http://www.mrmikeflorio.com/ 700/day - Varies by Project @mrmikeflorio

Aline R De La Victoria Illustrator / motion designer Www.rdelavictoria.com

Ami Bogin 2D animator / illustrator http://auilix.com/

Angelique Georges AD/Designer/Animator http://www.angeliquegeorges.com

Anna C. Gilmore 2D Animator / Motion Designer http://annacgilmore.com

Bran Dougherty-Johnson Designer & Animator brandoughertyjohnson.com @bran_dj

Catherine Song illustrator http://csong.space

Christopher Rutledge CG/FX/Directing https://christopher-rutledges-new-portfolio-pro.webflow.io/

Claudio Salas Designer/Animator https://www.claudiosalas.com/

Danny Princz Mograph/VFX/AD https://vimeo.com/rendernyc

Dave Weinstock Motion Designer http://www.daveweinstock.com/

Dorca Musseb 2D Designer/Animator http://dmusseb.com

Elizabeth Galian 2d Animator/Designer https://www.elizabethgalian.com/#/reel-2018/

Elizabeth Starkey AD, Designer (digital, print), Videographer, Animator (stop motion, motion graphics), Illustrator http://www.elizabethstarkey.com Specializing in entertainment and media

Emily Suvanvej Designer/Illustrator/Art Director https://www.emy-su.com/

Eniola Odetunde Motion Designer/ Editorial Designer https://eniolaodetunde.com/

Erica Gorochow Animator/Designer http://peprally.co/

Ethan Simmons Editor http://www.esimmons.net/

Gabi Fang 2d Animator/designer https://fangsbites.tv/reel

Gavin Rosenburg Colorist/Finishing https://yeahpost.com/

Hunter Hardesty Motion Designer https://www.sawhorserodeo.com/

Jenny Lewis 2D animator/ motion designer https://jennylewis-art.com/

John Vitagliano Editor https://javitag.tumblr.com/

Joyce Ho AD/Designer/Animator http://www.joycenho.com/

Juan Salvo Colorist/Finishing http://thecolourspace.com/

Justin Lawes Director/Designer/Animator https://www.justinlawes.com/

Keegan Larwin 3d Generalist/Mograph/AD http://www.keeganlarwin.com/

Marcie LaCerte Motion designer/2d animator/video producer http://marslizard.net/

Marcus Conge Designer 3D/2D Generalist https://3dconge.com @RockingThePixel Rochester, NY

Mary Hawkins animator + designer https://maryhawkins.com NYC

Matthew Gasiorowski Motion Designer https://www.airplanesandwich.com/ NYC

Nol Honig 2d Animator/Designer http://www.drawingroom.nyc/

Pat Finn 2d Animator http://www.pat-finn.com/

Patrick Hosmer Motion Design Director/Illustrator https://patrickhosmer.com/

Paul Fiterson Designer/Animator https://paulfiterson.com/

Ramin Rahni Science Illustrator/Animator https://www.raminrahni.com

Robert Simmons Motion Designer/Colorist https://airship.nyc/

Ross Plaskow 2D animator. (After Effects) http://rossplaskow.com

Scott Boeing "Digital Castaway" 2D/3D Motion Designer https://vimeo.com/digitalcastaway

Sonya Robine Illustrator & motion designer https://sonyarobine.com/

Teddy Gage Mograph/VFX https://www.rad-science.com/

Tom Dzolan Designer/Animator http://tomdzolan.com/

Veronica Carli 2D/3D MotionDesigner & Illustrator https://vimeo.com/356050968

Maeva Pensivy 2D Motion & graphic designer, illustrator https://maevapensivy.com/

Pete Conlon Designer/Animator 3D/2D Generalist https://peteconlon.com/

Lucas Langworthy 2D Motion Designer www.greyduck.tv @lucaslangworthy

Camille Vincent 2D Animator, Illustrator http://www.camillevincent.com/

Timothy Palmer AD / Designer / Animator www.timothyjasonpalmer.com SF Bay Area

Jesus Bibian Jr 3D Generalist | 3D Assets https://chewypixels.com/ $700/day or Per Project Chicago

The Public MMF Freelance Rolodex
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Published 22/10/2020, 16:37:57


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