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Tracking Library Layoffs

Template to track libraries that are laying off staff, so we can organize to put pressure on elected officials to stop #librarylayoffs

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Tracking Library Layoffs

Link to this document: https://tinyurl.com/librarylayoffs

Background Information:

Recently, a concerning trend has developed in the library field during this pandemic. Libraries, for a number of reasons, have been forced to lay off workers. Some have offered library workers the ability to work in homeless shelters and similar emergency positions during the pandemic, but those jobs are limited in number, are jobs librarians haven’t been trained for which endangers library professionals, and often are lower paid than their current jobs. Other libraries are laying off staff altogether, most often because of perceived budget cuts. Let’s use the #closethelibraries spreadsheet as a template to track libraries that are laying off staff, so we can organize to put pressure on elected officials to stop #librarylayoffs.

It’s important to note that this will not be a complete list of those who have lost work, as many organizations or municipalities are not breaking down the departments where their layoffs are coming from. Please verify the information from other sources.

Steps For Action:

* Track and list libraries that have laid off staff by state, type of library, and list any contact info for elected officials (emails, phone numbers, social media profiles)

* Use the hashtag #protectlibraryworkers

* Cite org statements on protecting jobs.

* SLA statement

* “Cutting library and information professionals during economic downturns has proven to have negative consequences and is increasingly short-sighted in a global marketplace that is becoming more interconnected with each passing day,” says Tara Murray, SLA 2020 President.

* “SLA is doing its part to support library and information professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing educational resources and tools that facilitate networking and information sharing. SLA calls on all employers to support librarians and information professionals by recognizing their value, retaining them as employees and including them in post-pandemic plans.”

* ALA statement

* “in alignment with our companion organization, the ALA Allied Professional Association (APA), we encourage libraries to ensure that all library workers receive fully paid leave, including health coverage, while libraries are closed.”

* ALA recently updated their statement, but it is nowhere near as urgent in tone as it could be.

* Contact local officials (especially if you’re their constituent) Let’s fill out this list with contact info for elected officials too!

Suggested Tweets:

Official Hashtag: #ProtectLibraryWorkers

Complementing hashtags: #librarylayoffs #stoplibrarylayoffs #paidandprotected

* #protectlibraryworkers and #stoplibrarylayoffs

* #Protectlibraryworkers and say NO to #librarylayoffs

* Library workers are doing remote programming around the country. We are necessary for the community in this time of uncertainty. (insert official name here) reverse your decision and #protect library workers

* (insert official name here) Library workers are necessary for our interconnected world. #protect library workers because #librarylayoffs are detrimental to communities and society as a whole (link to SLA statement)

* Library organizations @ALAlibrary and @SLAHQ are unanimous. #ProtectLibraryWorkers

Libraries Laying Off Workers:






Note: We are counting furloughs, especially if it is a significant amount of staff of a library. Even if it is only temporary it is still a loss of pay and detrimental to library workers' livelihood.

United States


* Andalusia Public Library (P)

* “The City of Andalusia has announced it will furlough more than a third of its employees, effective Monday, April 13. ... The city’s library, adult activity center and parks have been closed for several weeks, which reduces the work loads of many employees, the mayor said.”

* https://www.andalusiastarnews.com/2020/04/06/city-announces-furlough-of-a-third-of-employees/

* Montevallo (P)

* PT staff laid off (50% reduction in staff)

* Springville (P)

* PT staff furloughed until recalled or July 1, exempting the library storyteller, at the request of the librarian

* https://www.annistonstar.com/the_st_clair_times/springville-oks-raise-for-police-five-due-to-covid-19-pandemic/article_b6d47160-78e8-11ea-b62a-6b83051798b4.html



* Casa Grande Library (P)

* PT staff furloughed; FT assigned to different departments

* Cottonwood Public Library (P)

* 1 librarian laid off

* https://www.journalaz.com/news/cottonwood/58201-cottonwood-budget-shortfalls-lead-to-layoffs.html

* Flagstaff (P)

* Undisclosed number of library furloughs

* https://azdailysun.com/news/local/flagstaff-city-council-passes-recession-plan-amid-coronavirus-crisis/article_589fc2a1-486b-5e72-b3a4-51903f79a06f.html

* Mesa Public Library (P) @MesaLibrary

* 17 PT employees laid off

* https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2020/04/14/many-mesa-facilities-may-stay-closed-until-oct-1-due-covid-19/2986032001/

* Page Public Library (P)

* All staff laid off

* https://azdailysun.com/news/local/city-of-page-lays-off-employees-as-sales-tax-revenues-fall/article_30e3dd9e-aeb0-510d-9a03-e816c17eb405.html

* Pima County Library System (P) @pimalibrary

* 219 staff members “in furlough queue” (unsure if they were actually furloughed or not)

* https://www.gvnews.com/news/coronavirus/libraries-reopening-but-itll-look-quite-different/article_18aafa1e-9575-11ea-8501-ffbed7550943.html

* Tempe Public Library (P) @Tempegov

* Undisclosed number of temporary workers laid off

* https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/tempe/2020/04/14/tempe-furloughs-495-temporary-employees-covid-19-closes-city-facilities/2993960001/

* University of Arizona (A)

* “Most University of Arizona employees will participate in the FY 2020 & 2021 Furlough Program, and the amount of furlough days are based on an employee’s annualized salary. Other University employees will participate in the FY 2020 & 2021 Pay Reduction Program.”

* https://hr.arizona.edu/FY-2020-2021-Furlough-Program


* Central Arkansas Library System (P)

* 63 employees furloughed; reduced hours for 72 additional workers

* https://www.nwaonline.com/news/2020/may/01/library-system-pares-staffing-20200501/


* A.K. Smiley Public Library - Redlands, CA (P)

* Undisclosed number of library positions eliminated

* https://www.redlandsdailyfacts.com/80-workers-face-layoffs-in-redlands-as-city-contends-with-23-million-deficit

* Camarillo Library (P) @camarillolib

* 30 of 38 staff furloughed

* https://twitter.com/brookestanley_/status/1248049811447664641?s=19

* Chaffey College Library (A) @Chaffey_Library

* Temporary staff laid off; notified via email

* Anonymous tip

* Chula Vista Public Library (P) @ChulaVistalib @thinkchulavista

* Undisclosed number of library workers laid off

* https://www.kpbs.org/news/2020/apr/08/chula-vista-lays-350-temporary-workers-stop-bleedi/

* CSU Dominguez Hills (A)

* All student library workers (~35) laid off for the summer, notified via email, posted here via anonymous tip

* Fullerton Public Library (P) @fpl

* Undisclosed number of library workers laid off

* https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/04/16/coronavirus-covid-city-employees-layoff-fullerton-economy/

* Lincoln Public Library (P)

* Undisclosed number of library staff furloughed

* https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article242388446.html

* Long Beach Public Library (P) @LBCityLibrary

* All part time employees furloughed

* Anonymous tip

* Los Angeles Public Library (P) @LAPublicLibrary

* Part time employees furloughed

* Anonymous tip

* Mill Valley (P)

* Part time employees laid off

* https://www.marinij.com/2020/03/25/hospitality-workers-struggle-as-virus-order-results-in-reduced-hours-layoffs/

* Monterey Library (P) @montereylibrary

* 16 staff laid off

* http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/blogs/news_blog/updated-monterey-planning-on-layoffs-of-84-employees-by-june-1-in-wake-of-millions/article_178fe690-8011-11ea-8a09-bb5f3c61b77f.html

* https://voicesofmontereybay.org/2020/05/06/viral-facts-figures-closures-and-cancellations/

* National University (A) @NatUniv

* 10 library staff laid off

* Anonymous tip

* Palos Verdes Library District (P) @pvld

* Part time employees furloughed entirely; full time employees will be furloughed for one week in May

* Anonymous tip

* Plumas Unified School District (Sch)

* Unspecified number of library technicians laid off

* https://www.plumasnews.com/with-heavy-hearts-school-board-approves-layoffs-related-to-covid-19/

* Pomona Public Library (P) @CityofPomona

* All staff are furloughed; staff notified by text

* Anonymous tip

* Redondo Beach Public Library (P) no Twitter, only on Facebook: RedondoBeachPubLib

* All part time employees essentially furloughed

* Anonymous tip

* Roseville Public Library (P)

* Undisclosed number of temporary or part-time library staff laid off

* https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article242388446.html

* Sacramento Public Library (P) @saclib

* All shelvers and on call library assistants furloughed

* San Carlos Elementary School District (Sch)

* Undisclosed amount of library technicians laid off

* https://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/san-carlos-approves-school-cuts/article_5715680e-8376-11ea-95ab-03242302dd22.html

* San Diego Public Library (P)

* “San Diego is putting about 800 city workers on furlough to help close a large budget gap created by sharply shrinking tax revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furloughed employees haven't been laid off, but they will temporarily no longer receive pay unless they choose to use

Tracking Library Layoffs
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