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Borderlands 3 Legendaries & Uniques

Borderlands 3 Legendary/Rare Loot drop spreadsheet.

Loot table includes things like Girth Blaster Elite, Meridian Metroplex, Horner, Loop of 4N631 and others.

borderlands 3, loot tables, loop of 4n631, games

Excel version red = m6+ dark orange = m4+ light orange ≠ anointable O = Cryo WD = World Drop 6/18 Hotfixes Loot Checklist Submit a new item or info Short submission Note: Make a copy for yourself here. Includes the Checklist

Brand Type Name Element WD Can drop from Quest / Challenge Location Summary Main Alternate a/s Red Text Reference

A T L A S AR Carrier N TRUE Judge Hightower Crew Challenge Lectra City Splits in 2 and homing on impact I have arrived. Carrier from StarCraft

O.P.Q. System N Josie / Franco / Joey Revenge of the Cartels Villa Ultraviolet Drone copy shoots where you aim Default Drone B.Y.O.B.B. The Simpsons S7E5

Portals and Shite N This is beyond science.

Rebel Yell N/S TRUE Sky Bullies Crew Challenge The Anvil Trackers are shock dmg Default Tracker When you charge, yell like Furies. American Civil War battlecry

Pistol Linc N Anointed Alpha Malevolent Practice The Anvil Fast fire rate & bullet speed Power is pizza. Parks & Recreation S6E10

Multi-tap N Katagawa Ball Space-Laser Tag Skywell-27 Reload fires cryo rocket that homes in on tracked Tracker Double the fun

RPG Freeman N Warden Hammerlocked The Anvil Laser guided missiles The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. Half-Life 2

Ruby's Wrath N TRUE Chonk Stomp Crew Challenge Floodmoor Basin Rockets home in on vortex 7 rockets Vortex No one can escape.

C O V AR Embrace the Pain F TRUE Hot Karl Crew Challenge Devil's Razor Chance to light player on fire It hurts, HAHAHAHAHA! IT HURTS!! Borderlands 2 - Krieg Quote

NoPewPew F Roaster / Tenderizer / Joey Revenge of the Cartels Villa Ultraviolet 3 projectiles/shot. Gradual increase in fire rate. Extra, extra spicy

Pain is Power F TRUE Hot Karl Crew Challenge Devil's Razor Damages player when fired. Light yourself on fire when overheated Nobody kills me but ME! Borderlands 2 - Krieg Quote

Sawbar F TRUE Borman Nates Rare Enemy Meridian Outskirts Bullets split into 3 projectiles. Extra projectiles explode Supressing Fires!!! Fire Water Burn by Bloodhound Gang

Seeryul Killur F TRUE World Drop Only Xylourgos Kill grants increased dmg, fire rate & reduces heat. Stacks 3 times Look at that unsubtle blood-red coloring... American Psycho (2000)

Stauros' Burn F Wendigo Horror in the Woods The Cankerwood Chance on break to combust. Combust guarantees crit & +fire dmg A long sigh was heard...

Zheitsev's Eruption N F C O Valkyrie / Wotan / Scourge Takedowns Launches homing projectiles when overheating that debuff enemies Pain and Misery erupt in the Void.

Raging Titan The Slaughter Shaft The Slaughter Shaft

Pistol Hydrafrost O Shiverous the Unscathed Rare Enemy Negul Neshai After a kill, every 2nd shot deals 200% shock/fire dmg for 6 sec Tell your heads to chill.

Linoge F C TRUE Lavender Crawly Crew Challenge The Droughts Hail of slow ricocheting bullets 4 My name is legion, for we are many Bible - Mark 5:9

Pestilence R Heckle/Hyde Crew Challenge Jakobs Estate Releases self-damaging radiation explosion when broken. High fire rate Go forth conquering, and to conquer. Bible - Revelation 6:2

Sylestro Crew Challenge Tazendeer Ruins

Psycho Stabber N Borman Nates Rare Enemy Meridian Outskirts +125% melee damage Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa fa... Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

SkekSil F C S Skrakk Crew Challenge Ascension Bluff Burst-fire. Sends out 1-3 rockets after burst Get back, splithead! The Dark Crystal (1982)

RPG Globetrottr Any N Scourge the Invincible Guardian Takedown Minos Prime Launches 3 bouncing rockets [x6 variant possible] Um allen heim, styttur hrynja fyrir mig. Icelandic - Translation: Around the world, statues collapse for me.

Yellowcake R Fish slap / Tyrone / Joey Revenge of the Cartels Villa Ultraviolet Splits into 4 balls that drop and explode. High splash radius I'm really more of a pie person. Yellowcake

D A H L AR Barrage N C R TRUE Skrakk Crew Challenge Ascension Bluff Very high accuracy. Very low recoil. High fire rate 3-r burst Zoom Quick maths. Man's Not Hot by Big Shaq

Breath of the Dying C TRUE Blinding Banshee Crew Challenge Desolation's Edge Radial burst of orbs on kill that explode Full-Auto 5-r burst VexHeIEIEIdZodEth Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Good Juju Any The Rampager Beneath the Meridian Forgotten Basilica Refills mag on kill. Non-crit hits grant +20% crit. Stacks up to 25x but removed upon manual reload 3-r burst 3-r burst Kinda, sorta wants to end all existence. Bad Juju from Destiny

Valkyrie / Wotan / Scourge Takedowns

Kaos F C S O TRUE Psychobillies Crew Challenge Ambermire Enemies explode & can chain to nearby enemies Grants the mystical art of exploding smallhands. Grant from Gearbox

Star Helix N S R O TRUE Power Troopers Rare Enemy Atlas HQ Shoots 2 weaving bullets Full-Auto 4-r burst The stars are better off without us. The Expanse author, James S.A. Corey Quote

Soulrender Any Tom & Xam The Call of Gythian Heart's Desire Homing purple ghosts that explode on impact Picture a soul. Now REND that thing!

Warlord N F C S TRUE Billy, The Anointed Lair of the Harpy Jakobs Estate 30% chance to not consume ammo Full-Auto Zoom My gun sings for your blood. Diablo Warlord of Blood Quote

Pistol AAA N S TRUE Wick and Warty Rare Enemy Lectra City A-shape of shock projectiles 3-r burst Zoom Hold on! They're lithium! The Office (US) S6E12 Quote

Hornet C TRUE Chupacabratch Crew Challenge Athenas High splash radius 6-r burst Zoom Fear the Swarm!

Nemesis F C TRUE Mouthpiece Cult Following Ascension Bluff Deals additional shock dmg Semi-Auto 3-r burst A righteous infliction of retribution. Snatch (2000) Quote

Night Flyer N Rakkman Rare Enemy Carnivora Full-Auto while airborne. Dmg's enemy to 1HP 2-r burst Zoom I have one rule Batman

SMG 9-Volt S Killavolt Kill Killavolt Lectra City V-shape of shock projectiles 3-r burst Zoom Contact.

Boomer N F TRUE Scraptrap Prime One Man's Treasure The Compactor Explosive shots Full-Auto 5-r burst 2 Some like it hot.

Crader's EM-P5 N Agonizer 9000 Blood Drive Guts of Carnivora +movement speed while in hands +80% crit & +accuracy while airborne Full-Auto Dust off the beta EMP5.

Valkyrie / Wotan / Scourge Takedowns

Hellfire F Jabbermogwai (Must kill with fire) Crew Challenge Voracious Canopy High status effect chance & dmg Full-Auto Zoom We don't need no... something... The Roof is on Fire by Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three

Kaoson Any Captain Traunt The Impending Storm Athenas Sticky explosive. Splash on impact & explode Small but packs a punch.

Night Hawkin F/O TRUE Demoskaggons Rare Enemy The Droughts Cryo during the day. Fire & extra projectiles at night No burst fire delay (Burst has higher dps than auto) Full-Auto Semi-Auto 4-r burst Stranger than things. Stranger Things

Rakkman Rare Enemy Carnivora

Ripper Any TRUE Brood Mother Crew Challenge The Pyre of Stars Enemies you melee take x2 bullet dmg from ripper Always Bladed Full-Auto Semi-Auto 5-r burst They say I'm a doctor now. Jack the Ripper

Alicritious Vanda Cistern of Slaughter Cistern of Slaughter

Sleeping Giant N F C S TRUE One Punch Rare Enemy Lectra City Reload has chance to grant weapon bonuses Full-Auto 4-r burst Infinite path carved with unrivaled skill. Sleeping Giant by Mastodon

Vanquisher Any TRUE Power Troopers Rare Enemy Atlas HQ x2 fire rate while sliding. +20% slide speed Full-Auto 4-r burst Slide forward into your cave. Fight Club

Sniper AutoAimè N F C S TRUE Freddie the Traitor All Bets Off VIP Tower Shoots homing lasers Full-Auto 2-r burst OGC HOOKED.

Sand Hawk Any N Katagawa Jr. Atlas, At Last Atlas HQ Line of 7 projectiles that move like the wings of a bird Semi-Auto 3-r burst 3 Wedge a pig.

Stalker O Loot Ghosts Bloody Harvest The Heck Hole +projectile per terror stack. 3-round burst Vertical Horizontal All that remains is an icy husk. World of Warcraft Lich King Quote

Malak's Bane F O TRUE Pheonix Crew Challenge The Splinterlands Ricochets. Shotgun mode fires balls of >element< Semi-Auto Shotgun Welcome to the end. Welcome to the End by Celldweller

H Y P E R I O N Shotgun Brainstormer S TRUE Katagawa Ball Space-Laser Tag Skywell-27 Shocks nearby enemies. Lightning Bolt spread pattern Let's put our heads together. Common phrase

Conference Call Any TRUE Judge Hightower Crew Challenge Lectra City Spawns horizontal side-swipping pellets Let's just ping everyone all at once

Face-puncher N TRUE Handsome Jackie Crew Challenge Skywell-27 Shoots your melee dmg Man your own jackhammer. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 by Coheed and Cambria

Fearmonger Any N Loot Ghosts Bloody Harvest The Heck Hole +pellets per terror level up to 7. Sticky exploding projectiles I can't control their fear, only my own. Avengers: Endgame Scarlet Witch Quote

Heart Breaker F C S O TRUE Georgous Armada Crew Challenge The Compactor Heals you when damaging enemy. Heart shaped projectile pattern I don't want to set the world on fire... I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots

Iceburger F Roaster / Tenderizer / Joey Revenge of the Cartels Villa Ultraviolet Shoots continuous fire laser and frozen burgers 90% of the flavor is under the bun.

Phebert Any Wick and Warty Rare Enemy Lectra City Shoots 2 slug rounds 2 Faster than all estimates. Rick and Morty TV Series

Reflux C GenIVIV The Family Jewel Voracious Canopy Corrodes nearby enemies. Biohazard projectile patttern (similar to the Brainstormer) That's gotta burn.

Slow Hand Any N TRUE DEGEN-3 Crew Challenge Impound Deluxe Heals you when damaging enemy. Slow explosive project

Borderlands 3 Legendaries & Uniques
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