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Experimental artists available for online work

Artists within the fields of experimental music(s) available for online based paid teaching/tutorial/advise work.

Please support them during the covid-19 outbreak and spread the word!

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Artists within the fields of experimental music(s) available for online based paid teaching/tutorial/advise work.

Please support them during the covid-19 outbreak and spread the word!

(if you would like to be added to this list drop a line to [email protected])

Paul Abbott (drums/percussion/writing/performance/programming/research) [email protected]

Ryoko Akama (sound installation, sound engineering, performance&composition, text score) [email protected]

Chloe Alexandra (sounds design, audio programming, electro-acoustic, spatialization: WFS, HDLA and Surround Sound multichannel work, mixing, composition,audio / video installation: Max, Pd, Ableton, Resolume). [email protected]

Khyam Allami (oud/non-western digital music making/maqam theory/microtonality)

[email protected]

Thomas Ankersmit (modular synthesis, composition) [email protected]

Steve Ashby (field recording, spatialized sound, sound installation) [email protected]

Gretchen Aury (Guttersnipe) (guitar/experimentation) [email protected]

Veronica Avola - (experimental/electronic music/sound art/) [email protected]

Ain Bailey (electronic music) - [email protected]

Michael Bailey (Sound Design/Field Recording/Foley/Max/MSP & PureData consultant) [email protected]

Al Ballentine (consciousness & improvisation) [email protected]

Marija Balubdžić (voice, piano, composition, production, radio, scoring, music theory) [email protected]

Erich Barganier (electronic music/improvisation/teaching electronics and composition) [email protected]

Vlas Barev (Blear Moon) - (Tape loops \ experimental audio processing \ ambient design ([email protected])

Lou Barnell (physical & visual scoring) [email protected]

Julien Bayle (field recording, music, audioreactive visuals, max msp & max for live, modular) [email protected]

Ed Bennett (composition/electronic music/multi-media) [email protected]

Lea Bertucci (electroacoustic music, field recording techniques, graphic scoremaking, history of musical notation and architectural sonics) [email protected]

Dan Blacksberg (trombone/extended technique/improvisation/klezmer) [email protected]

David Birchall (guitar/ improvisation/research in public space & outdoor performance/beginners electronics design) [email protected]

Jorge Boehringer/Core of the Coalman (Composition,Sound Art,Electronic and Spatial Sound Production, Improvisation, Interactivity, Noise, String Instruments) [email protected]

Francisco Botello (visual scores, field recording, audio programming (Max/MSP, Pure Data, Ableton), spatialization (binaural, multi-channel, HDLA), immersive media audio/visual installation)

[email protected]

Simon Brown – (composer, sound artist, inventor of musical realism) simonmbrown.com

Mike Bullock (field recording, spatial audio, contrabass, and improvisation) [email protected]

Bex Burch (gyil, composition) [email protected]

Lina Chang ( field recording, binaural sound, audio production, oral history) www.lina-chang.com [email protected]

Tania Caroline Chen (piano/improvisation) [email protected]

Andrew Cheetham (drums & improvisation) / arwcheetham.co.uk

Oliver Coates (cello/music lessons) [email protected]

John Colpitts (Kid Millions/Man Forever) (drums, composition, project management) [email protected]

Edu Comelles (field recordings, soundscapism, diy microphones, installation, sound composition, curatorial work) www.educomelles.com

Chris Corsano (drums/percussion/improvisation) [email protected]

Adam de la Cour (guitar/composition/video art/experimental film) [email protected]

Richard Craig (composition/improvisation/flute) [email protected]

Eleanor Cully (singing lessons, music theory lessons, composition and performance mentoring for all ages) - [email protected]

Chris Cundy (bass clarinet / saxophones / improvisation / arrangement / writing / research)

[email protected]

Angharad Davies (violin/improvisation) [email protected]

Rhodri Davies (harp/improvisation) [email protected]

Geeta Dayal (writing: music, editing, cultural criticism) [email protected]

Francesco De Gallo (graphic designer / musician / photographer) [email protected]

Rubén D'Hers (Sound installation, composition, performance.) [email protected]

Arrington de Dionyso (Multiphonics for bass clarinet, saxophone/Throat/Overtone singing) [email protected]

Gleb Divov (Creative AI / Musical Blockchain / Composition / Experimental / Sound Art) [email protected]

Pablo Dodero (harwdware synthesis in English and Spanish) [email protected]

Sam Dolbear (MayDay Radio/radio production/editing/writing) [email protected]

Delphine Dora (piano/voice, composition/improvisation, sound art, field recordings, recording)

[email protected]

Jeremy Doulton (drums/percussion) www.jemdoulton.com [email protected]

Phil Durrant (modular synth/improvisation/composition/sound-art) - [email protected]

Freya Edmondes (Elvin Brandhi) (electronics/improvisation) [email protected]

John Edwards (double bass/improvisation) [email protected]

Conor C. Ellis (sound design, music for installation/media, mixing) https://conorcellis.bandcamp.com | [email protected]m

Korhan Erel (electronics, improvisation, sound design, composition) [email protected]

Eric Morris Eskenazi (Acidgoat) (experimental electronic music/sound design/film score composition/literary podcaster/digital photography) [email protected]

Ex Zee Ex (mathematics, video synthesis, and c++ with openFrameworks and GLSL) [email protected], andreijaycreativecoding.com

Sami Fitz (improvised signing/vocal technique) [email protected]

Ben Fletcher (production/composition/guitar) lucianfletcher.com

FOQL (Justyna Banaszczyk) (electronics/sound design) [email protected]

Greg Fox (Drum lessons, modular synth, session drumming,coaching) [email protected]

Jez Riley French (field recording/located-sound) [email protected]

Carrie Frey (violist/composer/improviser) [email protected]

Glasgow Improvisor’s Orchestra (various)

Russell Haswell (radical composition, conceptual curating, recording, production++) [email protected]

Ceylan Hay (Bell Lungs) (vocals / violin / sound design & composition / experimental music workshops & facilitation / improvisation / live streaming) [email protected]

Katt Hernandez (violin/improvisation/composition/electro-acoustic composition) [email protected]

Zosia Hołubowska (experimental electronic music, sound design, teaching) [email protected]

Derek Holzer (analog sound electronics, pure data programming, video art/oscilloscope graphics, field recording, media archaeology) [email protected]

Lizzie Homersham (Writing, editing, proofreading, radio, performance, artists' books, cultural criticism, languages: English, French, Spanish) [email protected]

Luka Ivanovic (sound art) lukatoyboy.net

Chuck Johnson (composition/electronic music/guitar) [email protected]

Lara Jones (improvisation/electronics) www.larajonesmusic.com

Anna Jordan (composition, electronic music, sound art/design, mixing, cover art, photo edit) [email protected]

Aquiles Hadjis (sound art) www.aquileshadjis.com

Joseph Kamaru (sound art, field recordist) [email protected]

Ute Kanngiesser (cello/improvisation) [email protected]

Victoria Keddie (Electro-acoustic music, electronic music, broadcast video, audio, visual processing/synthesis, field recording techniques, sounding geographies) [email protected]

Charlotte Keeffe (trumpet/flugelhorn/improvising musician/composer/collaborator/teacher

[email protected] www.charlottekeeffe.com

Scott Kiernan (analog video processing/synthesis) [email protected]

Ariel Koto (sinewaves, tapeloops, voice & improvisation) [email protected]

Wojtek Kurek (drums, max msp, improvisation) [email protected]

David Lackner (saxophone, piano, improvisation) www.davidlacknermusic.com

William Lang (trombone(s), low brass lessons, remote recording, orchestration lessons) www.williamlang.org

Shane Latimer (guitar/bass/electronics/experimentation/improvisation) www.shanelatimer.com/contact

C Lavender (guided meditation, sound healing, sound art/design) [email protected]

Jean-Baptiste Lévêque (tape manipulation, electronic & electro-acoustic instruments building, composition, improvisation) www.jeanbaptisteleveque.fr

Felisha Ledesma (software/hardware synthesis) [email protected]

Kris Limbach (Sound design, prepared drums, film/video manipulation, live cinema, postproduction, mastering, mixing) [email protected]

Anton Lukoszevieze (cello/composition) [email protected]

Neil Luck (composition/performance) - neilluck.com

Phil Maguire (improvisation/sound art/video editing): [email protected]

James L Malone (electronic music, improvisation, Max/MSP, production) [email protected]

Dave Mantel (production/mixing/mastering/ambient composition) BrokenLightRecords.com [email protected]il.com

Andrew Mckenzie/the hafler trio, (experimental music, theory, creativity, problem solving) [email protected]

Elizabeth McNutt (flute, new music, improvisation) [email protected]

David Menestres (double bass/composition/improvisation) https://davidmenestres.com/bio/

Adam Matlock (accordian/improvisation) [email protected]

Adam Matschulat (engineering/mastering/sound design) - [email protected]

David McFarlane (mandolin) https://d-mcf.com/

Joao Menezes (maxMSP programming, sound design) [email protected]

Adriana Minu (experimental composition/performance) [email protected]

Fred M-G (experimentation/writing) [email protected]

Una Monaghan (harp/live electronics/improvisation)

Experimental artists available for online work
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