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Coronavirus Solutions (Responses) - 🟧Sourceful

This list was created via the Global Digital Health Network and this ICTworks post 10 Global Digital Health Solutions for International Coronavirus ResponsePlease add new submissions using this Google Form - 🟧Sourceful


Timestamp Company Name Contact Person's Name Contact Person's Email Solution Name Solution Description Link to Solution Which is the best usage area for your solution? How Solution Can Be (or is) Used in Coronavirus Response Link to Coronavirus Response Usage (if applicable)

3/4/2020 10:59:24 IOM MHD Elena Val [email protected] IOM e-PHR The aim of the IOM e-PH is to ensure that migrant health assessment records are available and to strengthen national and cross-border disease surveillance and response capacities. https://www.re-health.eea.iom.int/e-phr 1. Surveillance To strengthen national and cross-border disease surveillance and response capacities at Point of Entry and across countries.

3/4/2020 22:17:22 Ministry of Health - Sri Lanka Dr Neranga Liyanaarchchi or Dr Anil Samaranayake [email protected] nCoV Surveillance System The Sri Lanka nCov Surveillance system is a web based intervention developed using DHIS2 (tracker app) platform. It has a fast deployment cycle and full implementation package with training manuals. http://ncov.health.gov.lk/ 1. Surveillance The solution helps to track high risk passengers entering the country by supporting the active surveillance and follow-up. It provides the details of the people under surveillance to the local public health officers based on the geographic area, for which they are responsible for. It is coupled with the GIS layer of DHIS2 to provide map view. Has a verified dashboard to monitor the processes.

3/4/2020 22:36:57 Zenysis Walter Kerr [email protected] Harmony A rapidly deployable data integration and advanced analytics platform for epidemic surveillance, case management and outbreak response. https://www.zenysis.com/#solution 1. Surveillance Countries use Harmony to rapidly improve their epidemic surveillance, information management and response capabilities during infectious disease outbreaks. Mozambique recently used these capabilities to mount an effective, data-driven response to a cholera outbreak which reduced the daily number of new cases in the most affected province from 400 to zero in one month.

3/5/2020 7:17:55 University of Oslo Scott Russptrick [email protected] nCoV Surveillance System MoH wants to capture information on tourists who enter the country from at-risk countries. The Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka developed a DHIS2 based solution for active surveillance for COVID-19. https://community.dhis2.org/t/dhis2-for-covid-19-surveillance-sri-lankan-use-case/38516 1. Surveillance This COVID-19 System of Sri Lanka uses the tracker app in DHIS2.33. It captures at all ports of entry demographics, immigration, symptoms of COVID-19 disease, and possible contacts. Before 14 days it captures symptoms of COVID-19 disease and any action taken. After 14 days, captures symptoms of COVID-19 disease and any action taken at the end of the surveillance period.

3/5/2020 11:05:56 InSTEDD Nicol├ís di Tada [email protected] HealthCheck Health Check allows travelers to report on their symptoms through automated calls with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. https://healthcheck.instedd.org 1. Surveillance Agencies monitoring the symptoms and wellbeing of travelers or individuals at risk could use it as a tool for checking with them periodically and automatically, enabling a scale difficult to implement otherwise.

3/5/2020 13:35:31 Safricom Violet W Njuguna [email protected] Safiri Smart by Safaricom and MOH Kenya USSD based messaging service available as part of mobile phone roaming services. https://www.safaricom.co.ke/images/Downloads/Terms_and_Conditions/Terms_and_Conditions_Of_Safiri_Smart.pdf 1. Surveillance Responsibly and authoritative messaging to masses of people (for now 33 million Safaricom subscribers)

3/9/2020 11:27:25 MSH Randy Wilson [email protected] eCEBS eCEBS enables community level lookouts to report unusual health events in human/animal populations. Built on DHIS2 Tracker module it relies on coded SMS to report and confirm events. https://www.msh.org/our-expertise/strengthening-health-systems/global-health-security/community-level-surveillance-and 1. Surveillance It can be adapted to country-specific use cases where the DHIS2 is already in use - especially if they are already using it for eIDSR. Will need to add additional event triggers that are more specific to covid 19 type symptoms and to identify the appropriate local persona to serve as lookouts.

3/11/2020 10:41:49 BAO Systems Katherine Lew [email protected] DHIS2 DHIS2 is an open source, web-based HIS platform that is used as HMIS in close to 70 countries. DHIS2 is a flexible solution that enables aggregate, event-based, and individual/entity data collection. https://www.dhis2.org/covid-19 1. Surveillance Leveraging UiO's recently released COVID-19 configuration package, the system can be further customized as needed to track exposures, confirmed cases, treatment, test kit stocks using the web based interface or mobile devices. Maps can display data down to the community level to identify hotspots of cases and exposure.

3/12/2020 0:48:46 trellyz Shelley Taylor [email protected] LifeSpots - Public Health module Designed to enhance situational awareness and response health crisis events, to improve coordination, collaboration, and communication among responding organizations. https://vimeo.com/trellyz/trellyzoverview 1. Surveillance Built with complex, multijurisdictional operating environments in mind, LifeSpots allows member entities to invite partners, build collaboration networks, create services, upload, map and manage data sets (i.e. the location of vulnerable populations, hospitals, infection) and aggregate locally and nationally sourced data layers to improve decision making and response coordination.

3/12/2020 6:09:54 OpenFn Aleksa Krolls [email protected] OpenFn integration platform The OpenFn integration platform offers enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure infrastructure for organizati

Coronavirus Solutions (Responses)
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