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Media ReDesign: The New Realities

Do videos lead to violence

journalism, social media, media

Do videos lead to violence

Before we start … 7

Know who the key players are 8

Create alliances and partnerships 8

'Truth in Media' Ecosystem 8

Keep a tally of solutions - and mess ups 9

Delve into the Underworld 9

Be prepared to unlearn everything you know 11

Stay connected 11

A final word 12

Stay Informed 13

Background 13

Initiatives 13

Robert Reich: Inequality Media 13

Dan Rather: On journalism & finding the truth in the news 15

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers 16

tfWSyllabus: Social Media Literacies 16


www.PietraNetwork.com 16

Bulletin Board 18

oUpcoming Events 18

Ongoing Initiatives 20

High-Level Group on Fake News and online disinformation NEW 20

The News Literacy Project 20

Stony Brook’s Center for News Literacy 20

Past Events [Sample] 23

The Future of News in an Interconnected World 25

MisinfoCon: A Summit on Misinformation 25

Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action 26

Media Learning Seminar 27

The Future of News: Journalism in a Post-Truth Era 27

Dear President: What you need to know about race 28

Knight Foundation & Civic Hall Symposium on Tech, Politics, and the Media 29

Berkeley Institute for Data Science

UnFakingNews Working Group 29

In the News 30

Essential reads 30

Featured 31

General 32

Trump Presidency 34

International 36

Press Room: Research and articles related with this project 38

About Eli Pariser 43

Conferences 44

Related articles 45

Start of Document 48

Basic concepts 48

Definition of Fake News 52

Compilation of basic terms 53

Classifying fake news, fake media & fake sources 57

Considerations → Principles → The Institution of Socio - Economic Values 69

General Ideas 72

Behavioral economics and other disciplines 72

Human Editors 74

Under the Hood 80

Facebook 84

Analysis of Headlines and Content 95

Reputation systems 97

Verified sites 106

Distribution - Social Graph 113

Fact-Checking 117

Special databases 123

Interface - Design 125

Flags 127

Downrank, Suspension, Ban of accounts 130

Contrasting Narratives 132

Points, counterpoints and midpoints 134

Model the belief-in-true / belief-in-fake lifecycle 141

Verified Pages - Bundled news 143

Viral and Trending Stories 145

Patterns and other thoughts 148

Ad ecosystem 151

More ideas… 157

Factmata Ad ecosystem172

FiB extension 172

Taboola and Outbrain involvement 173

WikiTribune 176

Verified Trail + Trust Rating 181

Bias Dynamics & Mental Models 187

Neuroscience of philosophical contentions 190

Thread by @thomasoduffy 190

Pattern & Patch Vulnerabilities to Fake News 193

Anecdotal Decoding Taskforce - Fake News Anti Virus System 195

The problem with “Fake News” 196

Surprising Validators 200

[Update] “A Cognitive Immune System for Social Media” based on “Augmenting the Wisdom of Crowds” 206

Snopes 209

Ideas in Spanish - Case Study: Mexico 215

Not just for Facebook to Solve 218

A Citizen Science (Crowd Work) Approach 227

The Old School Approach

Pay to Support Real Journalism 235

Critical Thinking 237

Media Literacy 239

Programs 241

Suggestions from a Trump Supporter on the other side of the cultural divide 245

Ethics of Fake News 257

Your mind is your reality 260

Who decides what is fake? 260

Journalism in an era of private realities 262

Propaganda 262

Scientific Method 263

Alternate realities 263

Legal aspects 269

First Amendment/ Censorship Issues 269

Espionage Act 273

Copyright 273

Trademarks 273

Libel 273

Online Abuse 280

Harassment 280

Trolling and Targeted Attacks 280

Threats 280

Hate Speech 281

Specialized Agencies 283

Rating Agencies 283

Media Governing Body 287

Specialized Models 290

Create a SITA for news 290

Outlier analysis 292

Transparency at user engagement 292

“FourSquare” for News 293

Delay revenue realisation for unverified news sources 293

Other ideas 294

Linked-Data, Ontologies and Verifiable Claims 300

Reading Corner - Resources 307

Social Networks 307

Facebook 307

Twitter 308

Google 309

Filter Bubbles 309

Automated Systems 311

Algorithms 311

User Generated Content 312

Dynamics of Fake Stories 313

Joined-up Thinking - Groupthink 313

Manipulation and ‘Weaponization’ of Data 314

Click Farms - Targeted attacks 315

Propaganda 316

Viral content 317

Satire 317

Behavioral Economics 319

Political Tribalism - Partisanship 321

Ethical Design 322

Journalism in the age of Trump 323

Cultural Divide 324

Cybersecurity 325

Experiences from Abroad 325

Media Literacy 325

Resources list for startups in this space 327

Interested in founding 327

Interested in advising 331

Interested in partnering 331

Interested in investing/funding 336

A Special Thank You 339


Themes and keywords to look for 344

Hashtags 351

Fact Checking Guides 352

Selected reads 352

Russian interference 354

: Hi, am E, I started this document[a][b][c][d]. Add idea below after a bullet point, preferably with attribution. Add +[your name] (+Eli) if you like someone else’s note. Bold key phrases if you can. Feel free to crib with attribution.

A number of the ideas below have significant flaws. It’s not a simple problem to solve -- some of the things that would pull down false news would also pull down news in general. But we’re in brainstorm mode.

* November 17,

This document is maintained by @Media_ReDesign, with updates from an extraordinary community of collaborators spanning across many disciplines. Some topics are under the supervision of specific teams, as is the case of news updates, and the Event Calendar (partly updated, linked as a reference, for ideas). All the same, please feel free to contribute with your ideas, as we expand and continue on this journey.

banner 2.jpg Flickr

Before we start …

Know who the key players are

Technologists, journalists, politicians, academics, think tanks, librarians, advocacy organizations and associations, regulatory agencies, corporations, cybersecurity experts, military, celebrities, regular folk... all have vested interest in this topic. Each can give a different perspective.

Throughout the document, you will see some symbols, simply pointers alongside @names, to serve as guides:

√ verified account √ key contact √ collaborator

Create alliances and partnerships

See what has been done or published that could serve as a blueprint going forward. Mentioned in this work, for example, is a special manual set up by leading journalists from the BBC, Storyful, ABC, Digital First Media and other verification experts. Four contacts there, alone, that might be interested in this project.

Related research:

'Truth in Media' Ecosystem

Organizations and individuals important to the topic of fake news and its solutions

Work in progress - Contributions and suggestions welcome

Keep a tally of solutions - and mess ups

Aside from this, what else has been implemented by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other organizations? How have people reacted? What are they suggesting? How is the media cover†1ing this? Have there been any critical turning points? The bots -- so in the news nowadays -- how are they being analyzed, dealt with? What has been the experience with them… abroad?

Statement by Mark Zuckerberg

November 19, 2016

Delve into the Underworld FB Fake.jpg

One can’t assume that there is criminal intent behind every story but, when up against state actors, click farms and armies of workers being hired for specific ‘gigs’, it helps to know exactly how they operate. In any realm, be it ISIS, prostitution networks, illegal drugs, etc. they are experts on these platforms.


Future Crimes by Marc Goodman @FutureCrimes

The Kremlin Handbook - October 2016

Understanding Russian Influence in Central and Eastern Europe

Cybersecurity Summit Stanford

Munich Security Conference - Agenda

21 September 2016

Panel Discussion:

“Going Dark: Shedding light on terrorist and criminal use of the internet” [1:29:12]

Gregory Brower (Deputy General Counsel, FBI), Martin Hellman (Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University), Joëlle Jenny (Senior Advisor to the Secretary General, European External Action Service), Joseph P. McGee (Deputy Commander for Operations, United States Army Cyber Command), Peter Neumann (Director, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King's College London), Frédérick Douzet (Professor, French Institute of Geopolitics, University of Paris 8; Chairwoman, Castex Chair in Cyber Strategy; mod.)


170212 - Medium

The rise of the weaponized AI Propaganda machine There’s a new automated propaganda machine driving global politics. How it works and what it will mean for the future of democracy.


Install it. Just because.

160622 - The Intercept

Battle of the secure messaging apps: How Signal

Media ReDesign: The New Realities
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Published 10/10/2020, 23:38:56


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