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Covid-19 Financial Solidarity

If your livelihood is being directly impacted by the Coronavirus crisis and you need support, post requests on this spreadsheet. If you are a white-collar employee working from home and still being paid your full salary, fulfill the requests below. GIVE GENEROUSLY: the only way to earn what you have, is to give it away. - Sourceful


We are now accepting new requests through this google form: bit.ly/COVIDmutualaidrequestform Access this sheet at any time: bit.ly/COVIDmutualaid בס״ד

This sheet is limited to 400 current open requests. As it drops below that, we will add from the backlog, in the order we receive.

PLEASE READ GUIDELINES AS WELL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aZYIIN9JR9qyl_TV14yt7Ucxh9eU_ZzrVGyNp_Qcr8E/edit?usp=sharing Admin Email: [email protected]

Sheet for newly posted/unfulfilled requests. Total redistributed to date: $201,207

Last sorted on 5/9.~ 200 people have been moved from the waitlist. All requests that have been partially fulfilled have been moved to the <$300 and >$300 tabs below. Please look there for your posting! If you think your posting is missing, please email the admins.

Name [Initials are fine] Best Contact Method [Optional] Zip Code Payment Info (Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc) Minimum Amount Needed Maximum Amount Requested Usual Income Source Date Funds are Needed By Complete? Amount Received So Far Percent Complete Relevant identities you hold [Optional] Further description (280 chars) Social Media Links [Optional]

Amanda 11237 Venmo: @Amanda-Goscinski $750 $750 Freelance Producer 4/1/20 No $0 0% I had my gigs cancel and now I can’t find any new work. I appreciate any help!

KDR 6173667404 02445 Venmo: kadaro08 $800.00 3,000.00 1000/mo 04.01 to meet my lease agreement fees No $0 0% First-gen, low-income, biracial, recently displaced college student Thank you, folks! N/A

Hussainy Avila Cell #415 261-1492 94124 Check $2,000 $4,000 Bay Area Iron Works April 1st No $0 0%

Bre Lembitz [email protected] 78702 @brebitz $200.00 $2,000.00 Event Producer/Artist 4/1/20 No $200 10% Queer, Community Organizer, Artist Trying to set up info stations in our neighborhood as well as secure funding for a "People's herbal medicine clinic" @brebitz

Farhad Sarvari [email protected] 11229 Venmo @Farkhad-Sarvary 200$ 1,000$ 700$ week No $0 0% No I’ve moved to NYC last summer. I’m a photographer. Also I make personal NYC tours Inst: @nycitybelike

Erika Venmo: @Erika-SanFilippo $500.00 $500.00 Work No $0 0% Workplace shutdown, 3 dogs and a horse to take care of

Astra Kelly [email protected] 92115 Venmo: @astra-kelly $900 $1,500 musical performances at restuarants/wineries/bars, etc., vocal lessons, songwriting workshops in state prison 4/1/2020 No $0 0% I have been a full-time musician, songwriter and vocal coach since 2013. On 3/11, gigs started cancelling and by 3/15 I had nearly $4,000 of contract work cancelled between 3/13-4/15. i am asking for an amount to pay my rent and bills. www.astrakelly.com

Abraham G [email protected] 94110 Reach out to email to set up payment $1,000.00 $1,000.00 Restaurant dishwasher 04/01/2020 No $0 0% On March 16, the restaurant where I work closed its doors, I am an immigrant who taxes with my ITIN, which does not make me eligible for unemployment benefits, nor to receive a higher tax refund. The help that I request is to cover specifically the rent, telephone and electricity service for the month of April. Although we are a small family, I am the only one with a source of income. It is very difficult for me to be the only source of income, not to have a job in this time of crisis, but I try to stay optimistic. linkedin.com/in/abragp

M Faylor 11205 Venmo @Melinda-Faylor $1,000 $10,000 I am a music/art venue owner as well as a pianist and church musician 4/15/20 No $0 0% Arete Venue and Gallery I am a music/art venue owner as well as a pianist and church musician. All of my income has disappeared, overnight, and I have a family to take care of. I need to pay the rent on my space and pay my own rent otherwise my institution will close. All of my viable skills involve in person work. Even if this situation resolves within a month, which is unlikely, as a public event space dependent on people's disposable income I will be suffering the fallout from this for many months. @arete_brooklyn https://www.facebook.com/AreteVenueGallery/

Rebecca Rico [email protected] 63130 Paypal.me/ricoreb , cashapp $lunameztli , venmo @mictlancihuatl_ $1000 if possible if $3,000 On campus job, or the zoo when I'm at home but it closed down end of the month No $575 19% Latina, daughter of single mother who has cancer, bisexual, bilingual My mom has cancer and she works at a hospital where she is exposed to a lot of disease and the hospital is limiting days employees can work which affects us since our rent is over 1000 dollars a month. I currently don't have a job and I recently got sick, so I can't help out financially. I also still have tuition to pay and I relied on my job to make said payments

Estefany 10035 cash app $estefanyp $50 $200 EMT 4/1/2020 No $0 0% Hispanic The money would help for groceries

Jon D. [email protected] 91335 Paypal $500.00 $1,500.00 Uber / Construction ASAP No $250 17% Out of funds for food and suppliesmy girlfriend, 3 dogs and myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

n.p.b. [email protected] managua, nicaragua paypal: [email protected] $500 $1,000 art education + research (unemployed since 07/2019) during april No $500 50% queer, ACEs survivor (with c-ptsd), neurodiverse was (and am) running out of money and working on an (to be funded) art+education project when the covid-19 global situation began and is now starting to spread in conflict-ridden nicaragua, halting almost everything, while the government maintains a genocidal attitude towards the situation

Ericka Regine [email protected] 07102 Venmo $500.00 1,500.00 Event Producer April 1, 2020 No $0 0% Mom, African American, Woman, Professional

Covid-19 Financial Solidarity
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Published 16/03/2020, 12:36:37


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