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Game Design Resources - 🟧Sourceful

A list of youTube videos, tutorials, guides and other resources to help you get better at designing and building games - 🟧Sourceful

games, software, programming, guide, resources

When? What?

2019-10-10 Added links to the Design Tools, Level Design, UI/UX Design, Accessibility, General Game Design, System Design, Unreal Engine 4, Podcasts, Teamwork & Narrative Design sections

2019-10-11 Added links: 8x Unreal Engine 4, 1x Unity, 5x General Game Design, 2x Level Design, 3x, Recommended Reading, 2x Podcasts, 1x Teamwork, 1x Design Tools.

2019-10-12 Added links: 2x Design Tools, 1x Unreal Engine 4, 4x UI & UX Design, 1x Narrative Design, 2x Level Design.

2019-10-16 Added links: 1x Level Design, 9x Recommended Reading, 5x Podcasts.

2019-10-28 Added links: 2x Level Design, 1x UX & UI Design, 6x Design Tools, 1x Unreal Engine 4, 1x General Design.

2019-10-29 Added links: 3x Design Tools.

2019-11-16 Added links: 38x Recommended Reading

2020-02-16 Added links: 24x Level Design, 3x General Game Design, 2x Accessibility, 1x Recommended Reading, 1x System Design, 2x Design Tools, 2x UI/UX

2020-04-29 Added links: 3x UI & UX Design

2020-06-28 Added links: 11x Podcasts

2020-07-20 Added links: 5x Accessibility, 4x Unreal Engine 4, [Teamwork changed to Teamwork & Career] 6x Teamwork & Career, 1x General Game Design

2020-08-22 Added links: 2x General Game Design. Added new section [Puzzle Design] with 7x links. Added new section [Strategy Game Design] with 11x links. Added new section [Platformer Design] with 10x links.

2020-08-27 Added links: 14x System Design

Game Design Resources
Tags Games, Software, Programming, Guide, Resources
Type Google Sheet
Published 01/09/2020, 13:59:00


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