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What's on the ballot? Welcome to the 2020 elections.

The primaries cheat sheet, and brief context for why it matters. - Sourceful

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Things I am watching in March through June 2020 prepared by Daniel Nichanian | (Feel free to message me with suggestions of more to include.) you can follow me at @Taniel

Stakes Context Result

June 23rd: from Kentucky, New York, Virginia


Kentucky: Senate seat (Dem primary) Amy McGrath vs. Charles Booker: if you're here, you know about this one Booker leads; not final

U.S. House

NY-27 (special election!) GOP Rep. Collins's resignation has triggered a special election in a red-leaning CD. Preview GOP hold

NY-15 (Dem primary) Diaz Sr. would be one of the most conservative Democrats in a arch-blue district, if he wins this crowded primary. Preview Torres leads; not final

NY-16 (Dem primary) Engel-Bowman. If you're here, you know about this one. Bowman leads; not final.

NY-17 (Dem primary) Open race has a crowded primary, with an ex-IDCer (Carclucci) in the mix, as well as a free-spending former prosecutor (Schleifer). Progressives coalesced around Jones. Preview Jones leads, not final.

NY-9 (Dem primary) Crowded primary in Rep. Clarke's re-election bid, incl. a challenger from the left Preview Clarke leads, not final.

NY-10 (Dem primary) Rep. Jerrold Nadler challenged by Lindsey Boylan & Jonathan Herzog Preview Nadler leads, not final.

NY-12 (Dem primary) Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney faces a rematch against Suraj Patel Preview Maloney leads, not final

NY-14 (Dem primary) Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's first re-election race Ocasio-Cortez

VA-2 (GOP primary) Former Rep. Scott Taylor is in the running to be the GOP nominee for his old seat Scott Taylor

VA-5 (Dem primary) The GOP just ousted its incumbent. Dems will decide who will be Bob Good's general election opponent. Cameron Webb

VA-11 (Dem primary) Zainab Mohsini challenging Rep. Gerry Connolly from the left. Preview Gerry Connolly


Kentucky: SD26 (special election) This is a GOP-held seat won by Trump then Beshear. Dems hoping for a gain. (Karen Berg, the Dem nominee, lost by 5% in 2018.) GOP leads, not final

Kentucky: HD59 (GOP primary) GOP Speaker (David Osborne) faces against public education advocate Tiffany Dunn. Osborne would be the 3rd legislative leader ousted over the past month, if he loses. Preview David Osborne

New York: AD-34 (Dem primary) Assemblymember DenDekker faces several challengers, including WFP-backed Jessica González-Rojas. González-Rojas leads, not final

New York: AD-35 (Dem primary) Hiram Monserrate, the former Dem lawmaker who allied with the GOP and then was expelled for assault, trying to oust incumbent Jeffrion Aubry Context Aubry leads, not final

New York: AD-36 (Dem primary) Incumbent Aravella Simotas facing a challenge from DSA-backed Zohran Mamdani. Preview Mamdani leads, not final

New York: AD-40 (Dem primary) Incumbent Ron Kim faces a challenger who's criticizing him for his support for the 2019 criminal justice reforms. Preview Kim leads, not final

New York: AD-43 (Dem primary) Jesse Hamilton, a former IDCer (the group of Dems who allied with the GOP), trying to unseat incumbent Diana Richardson, who campaigned against the IDC in 2018. Context Richardson leads, not final

New York: AD-50 (Dem primary) 47-year incumbent Joe Lentol faces challenge from Brooklyn activist Emily Gallagher. Context Lentol leads, not final

New York: AD-51 (Dem primary) Incumbent Félix Ortiz faces challengers, incl. DSA & AOC-backed Marcela Mitaynes Context Ortiz leads, not final

New York: AD-57 (Dem primary) Incumbent Walter Mosley faces DSA-backed Phara Forrest, a Brooklyn nurse. Preview Mosley leads, not final

New York: AD-65 (Dem primary) Incumbent Yuh-Line Niou, who drew attention for her speech against austerity in March, faces primary challenger. Niou leads, not final

New York: AD-73 (Dem primary) The 22-year old heir of a real estate fortune is running against Assemblymember Dan Quart (who is running for DA next year). Context Quart leads, not final

New York: AD-93 (Dem primary) Kristen Borde would be New York's first openly trans lawmaker, if she wins open race. Context

New York: AD-108 (Dem primary) Incumbent John McDonald faces a primary challenge from WFP-backed Sam Fein. Preview McDonald leads, not final

New York: AD-149 (Dem primary) In open race, WFP-backed Jonathan Rivera vs. DSA-backed Adam Bojak vs. local politician & former police officer Robert Quintana Preview Rivera leads, not final

New York: SD-18 (Dem primary) Sen. Salazar won with DSA support in 2018; now faces first reelection race. Context Julia Salazar

New York: SD-25 (Dem primary) Another seat with a DSA-backed, candidate, Jabari Brisport. Running in this open seat against Assemblymember Tremaine Wright & Jason Salmon. (Incumbent retiring) Preview Birsport leads, not final

DA elections

Albany (Dem primary) The former head of the DA association faces a WFP-endorsed challenger. Preview Soares leads, not final

Tompkins: Ithaca (Dem primary) Candidates are sparring over incumbent's handling of a case involving police; challenger Kopko also says he 'enthusiastically" backed the 2019 bail reform that was rolled back partially in 2020. Preview Kopko leads, not final

Westchester (Dem primary) Mimi Rocah is challenging Tony Scarpino in the wake of a scandal involving police. Preview Rocah leads, not final

Other local

Queens: borough president (Dem primary) A five-way race in this "make of it what you will" position Preview

June 9th


GA: Senate primary (Dem) For the state's regularly-scheduled election, no less than 7 Democratic candidates are running to face GOP Sen. Perdue. Primary could go to a runoff Preview

WV: Senate primary (Dem) Former state Sen. Ojeda got a ton of attention in 2018, now running to face Sen. Capito against two other Democrats, Paula Jean Swearengin and Richie Robb. Preview Paula Swearengin

WV: Governor's race (Dem) Who will take on the GOP governor? Stephen Smith is running further to the left against Ben Salango, a county commissioner. Preview Ben Salango


WV: Supreme Court Three seats are up for grabs, and the GOP has jumped in to help a slate of 3 candidates (Armstead, Dyer, and Raynes) & opposing Neely, a former Dem Justice. Context Armstead, ?, Hutchinson

U.S. House

GA-06 (GOP primary) Karen Handel,who won that high-stakes 2019 special, is looking for a rematch against Dem Rep. Lucy McBath but faces a GOP primary first. Karen Handel

GA-07 (Dem/GOP primaries) A Dem pick-up opportunity, but both parties must pick-up nominees first in open race McCormick (R) vs Bourdeaux or Romero [runoff] (D)

GA-9 and GA-14 (GOP primaries) Republican primaries will likely decide the next congresspeople in these red districts.

NV-04 (Dem primary) Rep. Steven Horsford faces 5 primary challengers, incl. claims he has not been progressive enough. Preview


Atlanta/Fulton: DA primary (Dem primary) Atlanta's DA faces two challengers. Reform advocates have faulted the incumbent; the police union has endorsed a challenger too. Final debate Apparent runoff (still unconfirmed)

Chattahoochee Circuit (Dem primary) Just remarkable events Context

Athens, GA: DA election The election was cancelled due to the timing of the DA's resignation and the governor's appointment; no election until 2022. Explanation Cancelled


West Virginia Senate President Carmichael, who's warred with the teacher's movement, faced a challenge from a teacher, Grady, who had endorsement of teacher's union. Result Grady

The Nevada Independent has a detailed rundown of all of the primaries happening today. Check it out.

June 2nd


Iowa's Senate race (Dem primary) Who will face Sen. Ernst? The DSCC has helped Teresa Greenfield Profile Greenfield

Montana's Gov race (GOP/Dem primares) Will Greg Gianforte get the GOP nomination, 3 years after his body slam? And who will he face if so? Gianforte (R) vs. Cooney (D)


Iowa's 4th (GOP primary) Steve King faces a competitive GOP primary -- will he lose? Feenstra (beats King)

New Mexico's 2nd District (GOP primary) GOP is choosing its nominee in a seat it's targeting, and Dems interfered to help Yvette Herrell, who they perceive as weaker. Context Yvette Herrell

New Mexico's 3rd District (Dem primary) Dems will effectively be choosing the next member of Congress in this open primary. Leger Fernandez

Indiana's 1st District (Dem primary) Dems will effectively be choosing the next member of Congress in this open primary. Frank Mryan

Maryland's 5th and 7th districts (Dem) Reps. Mfume & Hoyer facing challenges. (Hoyer from the left.) Hoyer & Mfume


New Mexico's 1st district Two candidates want to wind down war on drugs, but differ elsewhere. Preview Carmack-Altwies

New Mexico's 4th district A public defender (Brett Phelps) is hoping to win in this rural area. Preview Clayton


Massachusetts House: Third Bristol (special) Dems could pick-up yet another seat, after picking up two Senate seats last month. Context Dem pick-up

Pennsylvania: SD1 (Dem primary) Nikil Saval running from the left vs. State Sen. Larry Farnese. Preview Nikil Saval

Pennsylvania: HD20 (Dem primary) Emily Kinkead has a challenge from the left against State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl Emily Kinkead

Pennsylvania: HD34 (Dem primary) Summer Lee won a left challenge in 2018, and is now facing a primary from Chris Rolland. Profile Summer Lee

Pennsylvania: HD36 (Dem primary) Jessica Benham running as a progressive to shift seat left. Context Jessica Benham

Pennsylvania: HD188 (Dem primary) Another seat with incumbent facing challenge from left still undecided

New Mexico's state Senate (Dem) Sen. Mary Kay Papen facing a challenge from the left Context Hamblen (challenger)

New Mexico's state Senate (Dem) Sen. Jon Artur Smith facing a challenge from the left Context Martinez-Parra (challenger)

New Mexico's state Senate (Dem) Sen.

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