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Manga Awards Winners - 🟧Sourceful

List of award winning mangas (Taisho Awards, Japan Media Arts Awards) - 🟧Sourceful

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Award Winning

Taisho Awards Up to date Japan Media Arts Awards In Progress

Started in 2008 Started in 1997

Limited to series with eight or less volume Limited to series who were published around that year

Nominating Comitee is composed of staff members from book stores Nominating Comitee is composed of people influential to the medium (editors, etc)

A more "down to earth" awards A more prestigious awards

Generally focuses on the enjoyability aspect of a series Generally focuses on the significance of the series (genre defining, etc)

Has voting points in their spreadsheet Has a rationale for every work chosen in the spreadsheet

Manga Awards Winners
Tags Manga, Recommendations, Japan, Comics
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Published 10/09/2020, 20:29:33


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