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Animation Writers Salary Grid (Responses) - 🟧Sourceful

Animation writing and development salary survery - 🟧Sourceful

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Hi everyone, inspired by Liz Alper's grid last year, I thought it would be beneficial to shine a light on animation salaries and payments, especially since many of our writers work outside the union or without representation. That said, this is a good faith project so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow these rules:

*NB: we all know experience, leverage, etc etc factor into pay, but anonymous peer-to-peer salary sharing is helpful to many of us to cross check studio/network we're at. Thanks!!

1) Click on links below that best describes you - this should take you to a form to fill out.

2) If you want to add another job, just fill out the form again! The more jobs you add, the more reference writers have for what is fair

3) Don't fill out the grid directly. It causes hiccups!

3) That's it. If you have issues or suggestions, please email [email protected]

ANIMATION WRITERS https://forms.gle/ypE3ohE1zRFgEN6eA


Contact: [email protected]


you can find Animation Guild Union minimums here: https://animationguild.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2018-2021-L839-Master-CBA-Book.pdf

(pg 48 for weekly rates, pgs 69-74 for unit rates)

for WGA minimums: https://www.wga.org/contracts/contracts/mba

Animation Writers Salary Grid (Responses)
Tags Animation, Salaries, Data
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Published 14/09/2020, 06:22:55


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