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List of VC/Angel Blogs - 🟧Sourceful

• anyone can contribute to the list • add your blog if you are a blogging VC or Angel• only personal blogs should be added, no company/corporate blogs• this Google Sheet is open to everyone, you do not need special rights to edit• try to provide as much data as you can (let's keep the data clean)• you are free to use the data from this Google Sheet in anyway you like• please share this Google Sheet in your social media (let's try to make it go viral) - 🟧Sourceful

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• anyone can contribute to the list • add your blog if you are a blogging VC or Angel • only personal blogs should be added, no company/corporate blogs • this Google Sheet is open to everyone, you do not need special rights to edit • try to provide as much data as you can (let's keep the data clean) • you are free to use the data from this Google Sheet in anyway you like • please share this Google Sheet in your social media (let's try to make it go viral)


Before you add anyone please check if the person is not already on the list

First name Surname Fund blog twitter

Mark Suster Mark Suster Upfront Ventures http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/ https://twitter.com/msuster @msuster

Chris Dixon Chris Dixon Andreessen Horowitz http://cdixon.org/ https://twitter.com/cdixon @cdixon

Ben Horowitz Ben Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz http://www.bhorowitz.com/ https://twitter.com/bhorowitz @bhorowitz

Benedict Evans Benedict Evans Andreessen Horowitz http://ben-evans.com/ https://twitter.com/BenedictEvans @BenedictEvans

Brad Feld Brad Feld Foundry Group http://www.feld.com/ https://twitter.com/bfeld @bfeld

Fred Wilson Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures http://avc.com/ https://twitter.com/fredwilson @fredwilson

Hunter Walk Hunter Walk Homebrew http://hunterwalk.com/ https://twitter.com/hunterwalk @hunterwalk

Chris Fralic Chris Fralic First Round Capital http://nothingtosay.com/ https://twitter.com/chrisfralic @chrisfralic

Tomasz Tunguz Tomasz Tunguz Redpoint http://tomtunguz.com/ https://twitter.com/ttunguz @ttunguz

Sam Altman Sam Altman Y Combinator http://blog.samaltman.com/ https://twitter.com/sama @sama

Paul Graham Paul Graham Y Combinator http://paulgraham.com/articles.html https://twitter.com/paulg @paulg

Josh Hannah Josh Hannah Matrix Partners http://www.joshhannah.com https://twitter.com/jdh @jdh

Semil Shah Semil Shah Haystack Fund http://blog.semilshah.com/ https://twitter.com/semil @semil

Josh Elman Josh Elman Grelock Partners https://medium.com/@joshelman/ https://twitter.com/joshelman @joshelman

Justin Kan Justin Kan Y Combinator http://justinkan.com https://twitter.com/justinkan @justinkan

Paul Buchheit Paul Buchheit Y Combinator http://paulbuchheit.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/paultoo @paultoo

Kanyi Maqubela Kanyi Maqubela Collaborative FUnd http://blog.kanyi.me/ https://twitter.com/km @km

Guy Turner Guy Turner HydePark Venture http://vcwithme.co/ https://twitter.com/guyhturner @guyhturner

Leo Polovets Leo Polovets Susa Ventures http://codingvc.com/ https://twitter.com/lpolovets @lpolovets

Steven Sinofsky Steven Sinofsky Andreessen Horowitz https://medium.com/@sheynkman https://twitter.com/stevesi @stevesi

Kirill Sheynkman Kirill Sheynkman RTP Ventures https://twitter.com/sheynkman @sheynkman

Steve Schlafman Steve Schlafman RRE http://schlaf.me https://twitter.com/schlaf @schlaf

Roy Bahat Roy Bahat Bloomberg BETA http://also.roybahat.com https://twitter.com/roybahat @roybahat

Howard Lee Howard Lee Morgan First Round http://waytooearly.firstround.com https://twitter.com/HLMorgan @HLMorgan

Andrew Parker Andrew Parker Spark Capital http://thegongshow.tumblr.com https://twitter.com/andrewparker/ @andrewparker/

Bijan Sabet Bijan Sabet Spark Capital http://bijansabet.com https://twitter.com/bijan @bijan

Albert Wenger Albert Wenger Union Square Ventures http://continuations.com https://twitter.com/albertwenger @albertwenger

Christine Herron Christine Herron Intel Capital http://www.christine.net https://twitter.com/christine @christine

Seth Levine Seth Levine Foundry Group http://www.sethlevine.com/wp/ https://twitter.com/sether @sether

David Cowan David Cowan Bessemer Venture Partners http://whohastimeforthis.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/davidcowan @davidcowan

Toni Schneider Toni Schneider TRUE Ventures http://toni.org/ https://twitter.com/tonidotorg @tonidotorg

Aaref Hilaly Aaref Hilaly Sequoia Capital https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/131990 https://twitter.com/aaref @aaref

Heidi Roizen Heidi Roizen DFJ http://heidiroizen.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/heidiroizen @heidiroizen

Lisa Lambert Lisa Lambert Intel Capital http://www.upwardwomen.org/Blog.html https://twitter.com/upwardwoman @upwardwoman

Aileen Lee Aileen Lee Cowboy Ventures http://blog.cowboy.vc/ https://twitter.com/aileenlee @aileenlee

Anglela Tran Anglela Tran Kingyens Version One http://versionone.vc/blog/ https://twitter.com/atkingyens @atkingyens

Sharon Wienbar Sharon Wienbar Scale Venture Partners http://www.scalevp.com/blog?pid=192 https://twitter.com/wienbar @wienbar

Ana Diaz-Hernandez Ana Diaz-Hernandez Kapor Capital http://anadiazhernandez.com/ https://twitter.com/anadiazhernandz @anadiazhernandz

Jalak Jobanputra Jalak Jobanputra FuturePerfect Ventures http://thebarefootvc.com/ https://twitter.com/jalak @jalak

Jenny Fielding Jenny Fielding Techstars http://www.techstars.com/author/jennyfielding/ https://twitter.com/jefielding @jefielding

Edith Yeung Edith Yeung RightVentures http://www.edith.co/ https://twitter.com/edithyeung @edithyeung

Matt Witheiler Matt Witheiler Flybridge http://www.bitsofcents.com/ https://twitter.com/witheiler @witheiler

Christen O'Brien Christen O'Brien 500 Startups http://cliffnotes.co/ https://twitter.com/christenobrien @christenobrien

Charles Hudson Charles Hudson SoftTech VC http://www.charleshudson.net/ https://twitter.com/chudson @chudson

Jessica Livingston Jessica Livingston YC http://foundersatwork.posthaven.com/ https://twitter.com/foundersatwork @foundersatwork

Christine Tsai Christine Tsai 500 Startups http://christinetsai.co/ https://twitter.com/christine_tsai @christine_tsai

Steve Jurvetson Steve Jurvetson DFJ https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/ https://twitter.com/dfjsteve @dfjsteve

Adam Draper Adam Draper Boost.vc adamdraper.com https://twitter.com/adamdraper @adamdraper

Bill Gurley Bill Gurley Benchmark http://abovethecrowd.com/ https://twitter.com/bgurley @bgurley

Ciaran O'Leary Ciaran O'Leary EarlyBird VC http://www.berlinvc.com/ https://twitter.com/ciaranoleary @ciaranoleary

Joanna Laznicka Joanna Laznicka http://vc-list.com https://twitter.com/vc_list @vc_list

Bill Richardson Bill Richardson BlackTee Ventures VC blacktee.vc

List of VC/Angel Blogs
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Published 06/09/2020, 02:59:48


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