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The Mayor's Manual (Ver 8.0.0)

Gameplay mechanics:

- Attributes

- Moves

- Neutral

- Advantage

- Disadvantage

- Combos

- Kill Options

- Stages

- Techniques

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The Mayor’s Manual

(A Villager Guide)



- Attributes

- Moves

- Neutral

- Advantage

- Disadvantage

- Combos

- Kill Options

- Stages

- Techniques


- Villager in Doubles

- Things to practice

- Top Players

- Isabelle v.s Villager



* General Information: Pokelam (@iPokelam)

* Techniques (Can Dashing): Turple (@DurpTurdle)


* Isabelle v.s Villager: AllToonedUp (@AllToonedUp2)

And special thanks to the Villager Discord for proofreading Gameplay!

If you have any questions please DM me on Discord [Pokelam#8156] or join the Villager Discord

Patch Notes

Ver 3.0.0 -

* Slingshot deals less shield damage

* Lloid Rocket deals less shield damage

Ver 3.1.0 -

* Up Smash base knockback was increased to launch into the multi-hit more easily

* This change made Up Smash even more unreliable, due to the base knockback being too high making the multihit miss altogether

Ver 4.0.0 -

* Up Smash base knockback was decreased to launch into the multi-hit more easily

* Due to this, Up Smash could not pull opponents out of a buried state

Ver 5.0.0 -

* Up Smash base knockback was adjusted to pull opponents out of a buried state

Ver 8.0.0 -

* Jab - Made it easier to hit multiple times

* Z-Axis issues are fixed, and the jab now traps the opponent for much longer than before.

* Up Tilt - Made it easier to hit multiple times, and made the arm and head intangible (Frames 7-25)

* Up Tilt is now a useful anti-air! The intangibility added will allow Villager to challenge the opponents aerials much better. Z-Axis/Multihit issues were also fixed.

* Up Smash - Increased power for fireworks (Multihit portion does more damage) and extended launch distance

* Up Smash kills around 20%~ more earlier now. Low % Up Smash combos still exist, but as percent rises it will be much harder to combo from.

* Up Air - Extended launch distance

* Up Air kills much earlier now.

* Down Air - Increased attack speed (Frame 14 -> Frame 11)

* Down Air comes out much faster, this is almost comparable to his Smash 4 Down Air (Which comes out Frame 10). Due to this speed buff, it is more effective at edgeguarding and makes for a useful OOS option now.

* Down Special - Reduced endlag when planting the sapling and watering it, and extended the launch distance and shield damage for axe.

* Setting up Tree takes less time now (5 Frames cut from the endlag of planting, and watering), as well as Axe killing much earlier now while doing more shield damage. Tree Growth > Axe is now guaranteed to break shields, while before it wouldn’t have against characters with very large shields.



Weight: 92 (Ranked 45-48 | Midweight)

Walk Speed: 1.092 (Ranked 49)

Run Speed: 1.397 (Ranked 73)

Fall Speed: 1.32 (Ranked 65-66 | Fast Fall Speed: 2.112)

Air Speed: 0.987 (Ranked 57-58)

Archetype: Turtle / Zoner

Doubles Archetype: Support/Stock Tank


Frame Data can be found here!


___ - Hurtbox

____ - Hitbox

____ - Hitbox + Hurtbox Overlap

____ - Late / Sour Hitbox

____ - Grab Box

____ - Intangibility

____ - Invincibility


Jab (Jab 1 / Jab 2 / Jab Finisher)

Up Tilt

Intangibility: Frame 7-25

Forward Tilt

Down Tilt

Dash Attack


Neutral Air

Forward Air

Back Air

Up Air (1 Turnip / 2 Turnips / 3 Turnips)

Down Air (1 Turnip / 2 Turnips / 3 Turnips)



Up Smash

Forward Smash

(Yes, the hitbox at the beginning is a sour spot. The move is strongest once it starts falling.)

Down Smash


Neutral Special (Pocket)

Note: Intangibility on Frames 5-23

Side B (Lloid)

Note: HP is 12%, spawns Frame 1, does not have hitbox until Frame 52.

Top 2 Hitboxes show Lloid’s detection hitbox - (Flying / Slowing Down)

Bottom 2 Hitboxes show Lloid’s explosion hitboxes - (When Lloid hits a wall or player / When Lloid explodes from being broken or after a while)

Up B (Balloon Trip)

Note: Each balloon has 4 HP. Takes 10 seconds to fully recharge, 5 seconds per balloon. Cancelling the move will use up all fuel regardless of air time.

Down B (Timber)


Tree Growth / Tree Fall


Grabs: + Throws:


Grab / Dash Grab / Pivot Grab

Forward Throw / Back Throw / Up Throw / Down Throw


Villager’s Neutral revolves around his amazing projectile game. He mainly wants to mix-up his use of Lloids and Slingshots to condition reactions from the opponent where he can find openings to press his advantage. Villager is by no means a combo character, while he does have combos they are mainly free flow or BnB. Villager’s poor mobility requires him to play tricky with his movement or often play campy when at Stock/Percent advantage. How you play Villager is up to your discretion however Villager excels best as a Zoner / Turtle type character. Villager’s main zoning tools are Slingshots and Lloids while his main camping tools consist of Slingshots, Lloids, and Timber. Overall, Villager’s game plan is to get the opponent into Disadvantage (Offstage/On Ledge) where he can take his stocks via Ledge Trapping or Edgeguarding.


Villager can press his advantage in a variety of ways…

* Edgeguarding…

* Villager’s Edgeguarding Tools:

* Nair

* Frame 3

* Hitbox stays out for 20 frames

* Useful for gimping recoveries that lack strong hitboxes (I.E. Pichu, Greninja, Tethers)

* Fair / Bair (Slingshot)

* Fair (Frame 10), Bair (Frame 13)

* Fair (7%), Bair (9%)

* Useful for gimping high and low recoveries from a distance, strong hits can kill at mid-high percents

* Dair

* Frame 11

* All variations meteor (Triple Turnips are strongest)

* Useful for gimping low recoveries, can trade or beat out most recoveries

* Can 2 Frame

* Bowling Ball (FSmash)

* Frame 25 (17% Falling off ledge)

* High Knockback

* Useful for gimping recoveries under the ledge, very effective against linear recoveries

* Can 2 Frame

* Dash Attack

* Frame 10

* Can set up for Fair offstage due to its angle

* Useful for gimping low or horizontal recoveries

* Can 2 Frame SOME recoveries

* Lloid

* Frame 52 (FAF 38)

* Useful for gimping horizontal recoveries coming towards the ledge, but takes a while to start up so it’s situational (I.E. Fox Illusion, Wolf Flash, Luigi Missile, etc.)

* Ledge Trapping…

* Villager’s Ledge Trapping Tools:

* Timber

* Villager’s MAIN Ledge Trapping Tool

* Covers Ledge Jump, Attack, Neutral Getup, and Ledge Hop if properly spaced (Villager covers ledge roll)

* Requires a bit of time to set up

* Lloid

* Can be useful if Tree isn’t readily available

* Almost the same uses, however less threatening. Can be used to force panic options as well.

* Axe

* Frame 6

* Can cover ledge roll combined with Tree to cover everything else

* Strong move

* Up Tilt and Slingshots (Fair / Bair)

* Can cover ledge roll

* Kills at high percents

* DTilt

* Covers ledge hang

* Can 2 Frame

* Bowling Ball

* Can cover ledge roll

* Villager’s strongest ledge roll punish (Committal)

* Juggling…

* Villager’s Juggling Tools

* Up Tilt

* A great anti-air

* Has intangibility on Frames 7-25

* Can set up for Up Airs, or just kill at around 130%~

* Up Air

* Villager’s best juggling move

* Frame 6 (6-31) (Long-lasting hitbox)

* Up Smash

* Frame 12 (12-34)

* Useful Anti-air

* Combos into Up Air at low-mid percents, which can set up for juggle situations


Villager is often in Disadvantage in these instances…

* Offstage…

* Villager’s recovery is subpar, while it does boast amazing distance it lacks a hitbox and leaves him vulnerable to many attacks since it is not hard to challenge.

* When you are forced to recover with Up B you should try to delay grabbing ledge immediately and juke out low edgeguard attempts.

* If you are low on helium, try and mix-up use of directional air dodges and Ride Lloid, however DON’T RELY ON THESE OPTIONS!

* NOTE: If you descend too fast while Up B is activated it is difficult to gain height again. If you plan on mixing-up your recovery towards the ledge try to keep your height by lightly tapping B.

* Cornered…

* Villager’s CQC (Close Quarter Combat) options consist of Nair (Frame 3), Jabs (Frame 3), and Forward Tilt (Frame 8).

* Nair and Jab lacks the range that Forward Tilt has in certain situations, however are much faster, especially Nair.

* Nair OOS (Out Of Shield) is an amazing option if someone is pressuring your shield, try to fade away from your opponent when doing so.

* On Ledge…

* Villager has many ledge options to make use of…

* Ledge Hop Aerials

* A Lede Hop is another term for (Ledge Release > Jump)

* Ledge Hop > Fair is one of Villager’s best ledge options

* Can be countered with reflectors or punished OOS, so be sure to mix-up what you do on ledge!

* Let go of ledge > wall jump > Bair to hit opponents sitting on ledge with a stronger aerial

* You can also let go of ledge > jump Up Air under it which is fast and has decent range and power, but this can be easily punished so be

The Mayor's Manual (Ver 8.0.0)
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