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.....Distance Learning Best Practices for Math

A list of resources for teaching math remotely - Sourceful

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Tool Does it involve any additional software? Is there a video for us to watch this at work? Is there a write-up for us to read? Comments/Notes If you'd like to share your Twitter handle

notepad One Note A real game changer for me. I use One Note with a Surface Book and can easily organize and share my notes. @aanthonya

notepad FluidMath fluidmath.net Some YouTube Videos: https://youtu.be/YgpGyuFSCiI https://youtu.be/I_WPNJE0Bic

video making Camtasia Techsmith.com Have been using Cantasia since Twitter Math Camp #1 in 2012. This Techsmith product is relatively cheap and super powerful for recording and editing videos. Love it. @aanthonya

parent student communication Regularly texting kids and families remind.com remind.com I have 2 'classes' in remind. One for students and one for families. Allows me to send both group texts and individual ones. @allison_krasnow

Teaching math online using active learning Free webinar No https://courses.almyeducation.com/how-to-move-your-math-class-online From a math teacher with 15 years teaching online math in an engaging way. This webinar is engaging and tactical. It’s designed to give math and science teachers hands-on information to use immediately in a virtual environment. Regardless of your eLearning experience, Maria Andersen’s expertise will allow you to move to a virtual environment with greater ease. @almy_education

assessment Classkick classkick.com Made this for my department https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGJ5-GMZj88&t=2s I've been relying on it as a low stakes formative tool. The interactivity encourages honest responses. I also find it useful for graphing. Instead of getting a photo of the graph, I can watch the student graph and make corrections quickly. For students who miss the live session, I leave a note at the end to text me for a check and score. Students have taken me up on this, which has made me feel a bit more in touch with the "lost sheep" types. @arjuna1969

assessment Peardeck/Google Slides Peardeck has a free/llimited account, otherwise paid subscription peardeck.com/dash lets you see kids work Warning, long video that can be supplemented with experimenting with the app instead. Read comments, then try the app out! Teachers can teach in a synchronous setting by using a pre-developed presentation in Google Slides to present to a student's screen. Throughout a lesson, a teacher can use pear deck to collect immediate responses that can be written, drawn, or selected. Teachers can select student responses to share with the whole class and freeze screens to focus on the subject of conversation. This is great for noticings/wonderings, 3-Reads/real world problems, or for students to share different ways of thinking! FYI, has been used for Noticings/Wonderings, 3 Read/Close reading structure for real world story problems, number talks, and more.. @bkentlbc great tool for asynchronous as well and now allows option for teacher feedback on each slide

room breakout rooms Google Meet a work around (Meet does not have this built in) With closed captioning and tab muting it's possible for the teacher to be present in all rooms (but I'd suggest students be in only 1 room at a time) @canalytic

assessment Feedback Edulastic.com link https://edulastic.com/blog This website is great for formative assessment and providing students with feedback after they've completed an activity. It allows you to redirect he students to try again. @challemeier You can upload any of your own documents and create an online assessment.

video making Videos (instructional and personal) Loom google extension https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11pfvBNsXkA I've used this extension to make all of my videos, both instructional and farewell, wish you well videos for my students. @challemeier

assessment Using the Ontario Math games site allows Ss to check-in on their own understandings. https://on.mathgames.com/skills/ Used in conjunction with a Meet or Zoom to unpack misunderstandings is most powerful. @dejagerEDU

group learning prompting questions for sychronous learning small groups Zoom working on it It helped when I modeled with kids in zoom whole group how to ask questions in a digital space. Kids just aren't used to talking about math in the space, so when they saw what and how, it helped. Then when I floated rooms, they did a pretty good job with dialouge. Still working on making it more fluid, but lots of progress and it will be even better next year. Also, see above regarding jamboard - its a gamechanger when kids can see each others work and (chat/talk/post sticky) @drnickmathguy

camera turn your cell phone into a doc cam EpocCam tutorial Free software has ad but it's not intrusive. There's no-ad version for a small fee. @fawnpnguyen

collaborative whiteboard Jamboard Free with G-Suite Jamboard.google.com text, sticky notes, drawings, writing. Can post a link and all students can access one Jamboard to collaborate. has a web version and a mobile app @gautiersue

activities Geogebra https://www.geogebra.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uioFUckPsWc Hmmm.... there's a lot of searchable info online. A cousin to desmos; lots and lots of visualizations. THe "classroom" shows using it with Zoom and being able to see what students are doing. @geonz

parent/teacher communication Talking Points https://talkingpts.org/ https://youtu.be/CRJ4rZkrsJ4 App is able to translate into whatever language the parent feels most comfortable communicating in automatically @gotmathhelp

Annotation Kami https://www.kamiapp.com/ https://youtu.be/e8ladhWHqD0 Multi functional annotation tools such as embedding math text, audio/video comments, insert screen casting, and more. Great potential to help support EL & SPED students along with all students. @gotmathhelp

video making Screencastomatic app https://screencast-o-matic.com/ User friendly, I've tutored many teachers how to use it, both older and younger. @Grw0291

assessment Classkick - adding on ideas about this edtechtool free ed tech tool for formative and summative assessments and general student work. Paid version offers student portfolios. Free version students get code for the assignment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvSxM9KpTDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOw8qomPEqM https://blog.classkick.com/using-classkick-in-elementary-school-e44684f73b0f Teacher can see work as students are working ( students can record work and also leave recording explaining). Teacher can give in the moment feeback that is written or leave a recording. Easy to add links to videos, or other sources for students to open from classkick. Very easy to upload assignments or create new ones on classkick like word problems, etc. Can also upload math tools,pictures, or place links directly on assingments for digital tools for students to use. @JanyFinkMinds

open source curriculum MyOpenMath MyOpenMath.com Open source math curriculum. You can create your own courses or choose from user defined course templates and customize to your liking. Can be used as a complete course or you can use it for individual lessons. Video example are available for most problems, or you can attach your own videos. @jimx

instructional program Meaningful Mathematics + Distance Learning Meaningful Mathematics + Distance Learning A framework for crafting learning experiences for students that are contextual, meaningful, impactful and grounded in teaching through problems worth solving, the Big Ideas and the development of mathematical reasoning. @JRappaport27

instructional program - fractions Fraction Talks https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16yASIvbT7qjqCy5TBbZsKGUKrsI28IUj http://fractiontalks.com/ Nat Banting has curated a website built around talk and student action. These two principles guide the teacher’s questions, disposition, and facilitation of the activity. They can become a daily routine, or used for entire lessons. One common structure is much like a number talk. Students are provided with an image, a section or sections are shaded, and students are asked, “What fraction is shaded?”. Students then develop an answer supported with reasoning. This can be done either through, to just name a few, a Google Form or students can send you a video of their reasoning and solution. @JRappaport27

slides Google slides in a Google classroom for answering questions Chrome I could make one if interested I could make one if interested After students watch my approximately five minute video, they answer questions on a Google slide where I use colored 1x1 tables for answer boxes. If incorrect, I can leave a private comment on the doc and return back to them to be fixed. @jzitzka

Visual Model Geogebra Dot Plot Maker https://www.geogebra.org/m/BxqJ4Vag No video - pretty intuitive Along with the dot plot maker, there are bar chart/bar graph, boxplots, histograms, pie chart/circle charts, and scatter plot apps available. @kcota15

instructional program A K-5 personalized learning environment for students and actionable data that educators use to make instructional decisions. https://symphonylearning.com/ https://symphonylearning.com/overview/ https://www.evidenceforessa.org/programs/math/symphony-math a web-enabled program with a visual and highly intuitive interface, students move at their own pace to develop a strong understanding of math concepts, those essential Big Ideas of Mathematics. Grades K-5 @LisaGL559

mastery flashcards, matching activities, collaborative review quizlet.com lots of searchable content ready to use; can embed in your LMS or site; with paid account can get valuable formative assessment data; @m_lula

scheduling checkin every day with Ss Hangouts office hours Video non-negotiable, if Ss is off mic, have him/her write in chat or collect in Google Form. Open office hours for an hour a day that was not mandatory, but a way to check in with kids that struggle

.....Distance Learning Best Practices for Math
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