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Animal Crossing New Horizon Flowers

Community fed page with the current confirmed or suspected hybrid flower colors. Feel free to contribute your own knowledge if you see somehing is missing!

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Animal Crossing New Horizon: Hybrid Chart Welcome! Here we have current confirmed or suspected hybrid flower colors! This page will be community fed ♥ Please feel free to contribute your own knowledge if you see something is missing! *NEW: Flowers are pretty much confirmed to now be on a 5x5 grid vs. the traditional 3x3 in previous games!

Brought to you by: Whispwill (@whispwill ), Brandon ( @darkliger269 ), Arc ( @altercrowns ), and Alice ( @disasterhamlet )! Tell them thank you!

Click here for Flower Breedng Basic Tips and Tricks!

Have or know of a color you don't see here? Please submit images and information BY CLICKING HERE

Image Flower Type Color Parent 1 Parent 2 Confirmed Additional Comments

Rose Pink Red White Yes

Rose Orange Red Yellow Yes

Rose Purple White White Yes

Rose Black Red Red Yes

Rose Blue Orange* Orange* Yes Orange roses from rare island of Pink and Orange Roses

Rose Blue Red* Red* Yes Hybrid Red's from Purple x Orange Parents

Rose Gold Black Black Yes Water a black rose with the golden watering can obtained from recieving a perfect 5* rating in your town!

Cosmos Orange Yellow Red Yes

Cosmos Pink White Red Yes

Cosmos Black Red Red Yes

Wind Flower Pink Red Orange Yes

Wind Flower Blue White White Yes

Wind Flower Purple Blue Pink Yes Appears bred blue and pink flowers work just fine! Rare island flowers also work!

Pansy Blue White White Yes

Pansy Orange Red Yellow Yes

Pansy Purple Orange* Orange* Yes Orange Parents were from rare island! Not Bred!

Pansy Purple Red Red Yes Very very rare, other methods seem more productive

Pansy Purple Blue Blue Yes

Mums Pink Red White Yes

Mums Purple White White Yes

Mums Green Purple Purple No Seen spawning from purple x purple parents! Will be checking to see if all purple parents work or hidden hybrid. Rare island purple's confirmed to work!

Hyacinth Orange Red Yellow Yes

Hyacinth Pink White Red Yes

Hyacinth Blue White White Yes

Hyacinth Purple Blue* Blue* Yes Blue parents can be hybrids bred from white x white parents! Blue x Orange from rare island work as well

Hyacinth Purple Orange* Orange* Yes Orange parents were from rare island! Unkown if bred hybrids work at the moment

Tulip Orange Red Yellow Yes

Tulip Black Red Red Yes

Tulip Pink Red White Yes

Tulip Purple Black Black Yes Black Tulips from rare Tulip island - might be possible to breed from non-rare island Black Tulips as well!

Tulip Purple Orange Orange Yes

Lilly Pink Red White Yes

Lilly Orange Red Yellow Yes

Lilly Black Red Red Yes

Animal Crossing New Horizon Flowers
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Published 25/10/2020, 01:09:19


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