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VISPO mags, sites and presses - 🟧Sourceful

A list of resources for creators of visual poetry - magazines, books, blogs, exhibits which want to purchase visual poetry - 🟧Sourceful

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A) Glimpse) Of) https://aglimpseof.net/ Dimitra Ioannou Greece

A B C Perspektive https://abc.perspektive.at/ Silvia Stecher Austria/Germany

Arc Poetry Magazine http://arcpoetry.ca/ Chris Johnson Canada rarely publishes visual poetry but it's in guidelines

the Cambridge Literary Review https://cambridgeliteraryreview.wordpress.com/ Lydia Wilson, Rosie Šnajdr, Jocelyn Betts, and Paige Smeaton UK

Code::Art https://code-art.xyz/ Sy Brand Scotland

Eborakon https://www.eborakon.com/ Georgia Ingles, Brendan Whitmarsh and Emily Pritchard. UK

fillingStation http://www.fillingstation.ca/ Managing Editor – Amy LeBlanc Canada does not mention visual poetry specifically but has published it in the past

five2onemagazine http://five2onemagazine.com/ Nathan Alan Schwartz

fur lined ghettos https://fur-linedghettos.weebly.com/ Sophie Essex UK

Heavy Feather Review https://heavyfeatherreview.org/ Jason Teale USA

HOAX https://www.hoaxpublication.co.uk/ lulu nunn UK

Industrial Sabbotage https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157632974948523/ jwcurry Canada

Infinity's Kitchen https://infinityskitchen.com/ ?? USA no specific mention of visual poetry but recommended

Lemon Curd Magazine https://lemoncurd.org/ Beth and Summer UK

MAINTENANT http://threeroomspress.com/authors/maintenant-dada-journal/ Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges USA annual w/ themed issues

para-text https://www.paratext.co.uk/ Laura Elliott UK

Spudburn https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157635232371781 jwcurry Canada

ToCall https://pswgallery.tumblr.com/ psw Germany

Train: a poetry journal http://trainpoetryjournal.blogspot.com/ DW Adams Canada

ZenoPress https://www.zenopress.com/ Christian Patracchini UK annual anthology

This is a list in progress. It is aimed at those who want to submit visual poetry for publication and those who want to purchase visual poetry. I am grateful to those who offered suggestions.

Please feel free to send me more suggestions/corretions to amanda at angelhousepress.com.

this is one of many guides available through AngelHousePress, in an attempt to help in the creation and dissemination of visual poetry throughout the world

all mistakes are mine. Amanda Earl

thanks to S. Cearley

with great thanks to Michael and Sara Biggs Chaney for their excellent list. https://www.michaelandsarachaney.com/blog/2018/12/5/where-to-submit-visual-poetry-concrete-poetry-textual-and-erasure-poems

VISPO mags, sites and presses
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Published 09/09/2020, 13:43:50