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Measure Core Web Vitals - 🟧Sourceful

A spreasheet with loading times for popular websites like Reddit, BBC, Twitch and other. Updated daily - you can see how the loading speed changes over time. Includes first contentful paint speed, time to interactive, etc. - 🟧Sourceful

programming, web dev, front-end, latency

Website Url Sheet Name

https://www.labnol.org labnol Measure Core Web Vitals with Google sheets - Developed by Digital Inspiration

https://www.techcrunch.com techcrunch

https://ndtv.com ndtv

https://reddit.com reddit

https://twitch.tv twitch

https://www.bbc.com/news bbc

Measure Core Web Vitals
Tags Programming, Web dev, Front-end, Latency
Type Google Sheet
Published 08/09/2020, 08:45:20


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