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LIVE - COVID19 Websites and Resources to Visit - 🟧Sourceful

This is a list of websites with LIVE updates about the ongoing Coronavirus - 🟧Sourceful

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Hello there! Nice to meet you. I’m Ci En, an aspiring strategist from Singapore who put together this LIVE website directory of updates, resources as well as examples of Brands Doing Good in this fight against the pandemic. My dream is that it empowers you with resources from our community to make the best decisions for our humanity. There's a Google Drive Folder of 199 reports (and counting) in a Google Drive Folder across agency land, research companies as well as consultancies, with the last upload made on 25 April 2020 (1230 GMT+8). With that, I hope that you’re well and your family and friends are staying safe. In service, Ci En L. P.s. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people from the Global Strategy Community for supporting me in this endeavour - Andreas Krasser, Andy Hughes, Arnold Ma, Farris Baharom, Giovanna Vivoli, Gonzalo Gregori, Harshal, Henry Mason, Imogen Bourke, Irina Didier, Ivy Trang NGÔ, Julian Cole, Kartikha Rajoo, Lyndsey Westfall, Mark Bowling, Mark Pollard, Mimi Lu, Omar Romero, Rhys Taylor, Ronnie Thomas, Sarah Murray, Vladimir Prostran

Link to the Master Google Drive Folder http://bit.ly/covid19reports

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LIVE - COVID19 Websites and Resources to Visit
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Published 19/09/2020, 03:26:36


UK Coronavirus/COVID-19 Figures - tracking, statistics and breakdowns
Unified research on privacy-preserving contact tracing and exposure notification for COVID-19
Crowdsourced official overall mortality data for @jburnmurdoch
COVID19 Outbreak tracking and forecast
Breakdowns of COVID-19 (inc comparisons to ONS data on hisotircal respiratory disease) deaths
COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Tracker