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Trading guide including web app, price trends, trading methods, OTW. Learn how to trade/invest in Fifa 21 here!

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Shadow and Hunter Trading

In this method you are going to trade with Defenders with shadow and Wingers with hunter.

To do this method you want around 50k+

The reason you trade with cheap players is because the price is affected the most by a chem style and they have low tax for example if a shadow +5k more than what they are without a shadow it's better to trade with 2k cards who are now now 7k rather than 20k cards who are now 25k due to 5% Tax

Youtube tutorial :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcNWKC34d1I

This only works on console due to the compare price back out mechanic.

You need to set

Quality:Gold Rare

Chem Style: Shadow or Hunter

Then increase the minimum bid to as high as possible without there being more than 1 card over an hour.

You then want to proceed to compare the price back out until a deal appears.

The idea is that you are paying nothing more than 2k more than what the cards costs without them schemstyle on but with either a Hunter or a shadow and the idea is that the hunter or shadow chem style will add +3k or more value to the player and therefore you can sell them on for profit.

Trading with silvers used for the Basic League and nations SBC + New Players. Updated 5/10/2020

After the first day of the full game the main trading I have been using and would recommend for at the moment all budgets is Silver Trading. This is when you trade with silver players used for the following SBC.

So what this SBC needs you to do is use LM,RM,CAM and 2 CDM’s all from the same nation but different leagues and for at least 3 of them to be silvers. This therefore forces you to use 3 silvers from a popular nation but a minor league.

Due to this being early in the game and us having no League SBC’s which supply electrum packs , which makes silver used for this SBC are very rare. When cards are rare on fifa they fluctuate a lot due to a constantly changing demand as in 1 hour 20 people might buy the same silver to do the SBC whereas the second hour maybe only 5 buy them. Therefore when no one wants to buy them they will become cheaper but the next hour when there are more people demanding him he will go back up in price.

Below is going to be a list of silvers that I have bought and sold and the data on the sheet is what I have have sold them for:

Using this data you can do 1 of 3 methods to get these silvers on a deal

How to get the deals : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8p1N6s6zVM

Order of SBC’s to Complete

Hybrid Nations

* The FInal Four

* Six Of The Best

* Elite Eight

* Around the World

Hybrid Leagues

* Give me Five

* Seven-Leagues Boots

* The Whole 9 Yards

* First XI ( pack pulled player needed)

Hybrid League and Nation

* The Challenger

* Advanced

Then any Misc SBC’s that are good value for money that are out.

Once again at this point you are still investing all of your spare goins into SBC players and listing them up for lazy buyers.

OTW Trading

OTW post a good game

When a player who has a OTW ( One to watch card ) has a good performance as expected the card rises in price due to people thinking they will get an upgrade due to being in TOTW or getting a MOTM or any performance based special card.

This allows there to be interest around the card the more goals / assist the more hype and the closer we get to TOTW the more hype as people invest especially after they see predictions thinking they can make money selling the card on after it gets upgraded.

Due to people investing in the card due to thinking it will get upgraded the card can become heavily inflated before the player is leaked to get a TOTW or even gets a TOTW what so ever. These are the people we are going to sell to because there is 0% in hoping they get a TOTW and sometimes there are more people investing than actually want the card.

As a result you are going to be selling the card on a Thursday evening , this is due to leaks coming Wednesday morning and all there has to be is a little bit of panic selling and you could lose 10% - 20% on your investment and the more the card is up in pre-hype the harder it can crash due to more people flooding the card.

Below is an example of the first time I did this last year and I made 300k from a 1 Mill investment

Example: OTW Sarabia

In this game Sarabia had 1 goal and 2 assista and from a mid position with no other players having 2 goals this left him quite likely to get a TOTW or at least he was guaranteed to be hyped to get a TOTW.If let's say Neymar got 3 goals they hype would be nowhere near as much as people would presume Neymar would get a TOTW and very rarely do you get 2 players from 1 game.

On the 4th of October he was 13k the day before the game.

On the 5th of October pre-game we can presume hey may of been 14k - 15k in the anticipation of him having a good game

On the 5th of October it ses he averaged out 19k bare in mind for 3 quarter of the day he was probably around 14k we can presume he hit highs of around 30k - 32k

On the 5th of October around 3-4 hours after the game you could buy him for 25k - 27k due to the initial wave of people buying him and people who may have brought him for 15k pre game where selling him off and taking profits.


You are looking to invest when the player stops dropping after the game because this is arguably going to be the last time this many people are selling him at one given time and therefore the supply will dwindle off and his price will rise due to demand.

On the 6th of October the following day he averaged 28k you can already see him rising due to people hyping him getting into the TOTW and unlike the 5th you don’t have people flooding the card and instead more people are buying into him.

On Monday the 7th of October he rose to 31k once again people hyping him up getting into the TOTW and at this point you see a lot of TOTW predictions which are normally flooded with OTW players in them as the videos in my opinion get more views if they have OTW in the thumbnail therefore they always put them in the prediction hyping them up more.

On Tuesday the 8th we see the card peak in price. This card peaked mid-day pre 6PM post 6PM you saw a bit of panic this is due to the card already being inflated up to 37k - 39k which is 22k more than he was pre game and 13k more than he was post game therefore you can see a heavy investment in not so much of a demanded player therefore even if he made it into the TOTW he would inevitably flop. That evening the card dropped from around 36k to 32k and maybe even less.

These were Sold on Tuesday

On Wednesday the 9th The card averaged 26k as he didn’t make the TOTW which means as soon as he was revealed not to be in the TOTW more likely than not he crashed to 20k and maybe even more due to the over investment.

On Thursday the 10th He averaged 19k where he sat for the following few days.


* Buy players after the game when they stop dropping

* Sell the players before Tuesday evening ( 3PM ish)

OTW post a bad game

If a OTW has a game where he either isn’t being played or he has no contribution in the game his price will go down in price because you will have to wait 3-5 days until he plays again.

This results in there being a cycle in players that has a bad game because everyone sells after they have a bad game then the closer you get totw the next game they rise with people having anticipation of them having a good game therefore buying him before the game gambling on him having contribution and getting an IF and what they hopes to make them money.

Not a madly hard pattern to spot you buy after they stop dropping on their bad game and you sell them before their next game ideally a few hours before kick off to make sure you beat everyone else selling off their players.

Example: OTW Joelington

Joelington had 1 contribution between all of these matches because he is bad at football.

His only contribution was 1 Assist on the 2nd in a 3-2 win.

Futbin Graphs aren't going to show much because he is at his highest and lowest price on the same day canceling each other out. This is because he is the most the day of the game pre-game but is also at the lowest post game on the same day.

You can see that

* There is a rise on the 27th of Oct ( Gameday)

* 1st of Nov Rose in price even though no gameday just in anticipation.

* Was a rise on the 2nd of Nov ( Gameday did have 1 contribution but useless )

* Was a drop on 9th of Nov which may have been due to over investment

* Heavy drop on the 10th of Nov which hints he would have been flooded on the 9th

* Rises on the 25th of Nov

As I said Futbin doesn't show the cycle to much


* Buy after they stop dropping after a bad game

* Sell hours before there next game

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