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Coronavirus Resources - 🟧Sourceful

This is a crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support Coronavirus response plans. Here you’ll find a curated collection of public Coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources. - 🟧Sourceful


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This is a crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support Coronavirus response plans. Here you’ll find a curated collection of public Coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources.

Coronavirus HR Comms &

Resources Guide

This guide is updated regularly by the community.


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6. ⚠️ Disclaimer The content below is crowdsourced so not independently verified. If you see an update for your company that is not accurate, please update directly or contact me.


? Coronavirus Response Plans

* 15Five - Accommodations for Caregivers in Response to COVID-19 School/Daycare Closures

* COVID-19 playbook for companies with action items, email templates, checklists, tips

* ADP - ADP COVID-19 Preparedness and Business Resiliency Fact Sheet

* Coinbase - Coronavirus Plans

* F/U article: 9 Tips from Coinbase: COVID-19 Communications (HR forHR)

* Coronavirus Response: A Company Communications Template (Gray Scalable)

* Data Republic: COVID-19 Playbook for employees on responding to COVID-19 (including phased approach) and Flexible Working Guide

* DMZ – COVID-19 Crisis Plan

* Duolingo -- Response plan + Comms to Date (thank you Coinbase!)

* Fictiv - “Infectious Disease Prevention” slide deck

* Front - “COVID-19 Health & Escalation Framework”

* GetYourGuide - WFH @GetYourGuide Playbook, WFH Best Practices

* Handshake - FAQ/Response Plan + Internal Comms To-Date (many elements borrowed from Coinbase - thank you!).

* Lattice Response Protocol - version updated 3/11/20 with this e-mail announcement as we’ve transitioned to “Mandatory WFH with Exceptions” for both our SF & NYC offices. (Old versions 3/4/20 & 3/8/20)

* LifeLabs Learning “COVID-19 HR & People Ops Prep Doc” - a collection of policies, communications, comms, etc co-c reated by 100+ HR leaders

* Nonprofit Organization Coronavirus Communications & Plans (google doc compilation via Julia Prieto)

* Smartsheet - Coronavirus Dashboard Template

* Snyk - Pandemic & Epidemic Response Guide. Employee Remote Work Guide and Manager Remote Work Guide

* Tech:NYC Covid Resource Guide - A detailed listing of how NYC tech Cos are responding

* Thesis - Response and plans for global employees and extending paid sick leave policy

* Thoughtexchange - crowdsourcing on how leaders can bring people together virtually and keep them connected during COVID-19.

* Thrive Digital - Coronavirus Response Plans (Recent: 03/12/20 (Office Move to WFH) , 03/09/20 (Leveled Precautions), 02/28/20 (Planning & Response)

* Travel Bank - Response Plans for Employees + limiting all non-essential travel

* Western Washington University Including how to prepare to do partial remote or fully remote classes


? Return to Work Plans & Frameworks

* Dashlane Return to Work Framework

* Duolingo COVID-19 Return to Work Framework

* Casebook PBC Office Reopening Planning Sheet

* Black Sheep Restaurants SOP: COVID-19 Playbook

* Pandemic Framework for the Pth to Return to Work (RTW) (Snyk)

* Safe at Work: Guidance for Good Health Habits (Golden State Foods)

* Return to Work (RTW) Scenarios & Options (This document was crowdsourced by the WGCN (Women's General Counsel Network) and put together by the CLO of Acacia. It is being shared with permission. It is not intended to be legal advice).

* Trello Board full of resources for different stages of RTW

* Work.com: Reopening Will be a Journey. Here’s Your Guide (Salesforce)

* Return to Workplace Discussion Guide (LifeLabs Learning)

* Coronavirus 2020 Strategy Planning Toolkit (Trium) - A downloadable toolkit to support RTW modeling and plans.

* Checklist of RTW Considerations

* How to Create a Solid “Return to Work” Plan (Lucia Smith, Gray Scalable)

* Reopening the Workplace: A Preliminary Guide for Employers (Morgan Lewis)

* Safe Work Playbook: An Interactive Guide for COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response (Lear)

* Opening Up America Again Guidelines (United States)

* Return to the Workplace (i4CP)

* The Back-to-Work Playbook: It’s Being Written by Manufacturers (Josh Bersin)

* Back to Work Toolkit (a downloadable customizable toolkit to help you develop RTW plans)

? Articles & Resources

? HR & Business Support Resources

* 8 Questions Employers Should Ask About Coronavirus (HBR)

* How HR Leaders are Preparing for Coronavirus (Fast Company)

* Managing HR and People Operations During the Coronavirus Outbreak (Jumpstart:HR)

* Coronavirus Guide for Startups (Elad Gil)

* Employer’s Coronavirus Resource Guide (HR Examiner)

* Quarantined But Still Logged On (Wall Street Journal)

* COVID-19 Company Playbook (Almanac) - featuring tactical templates, checklists, guides from 100+ companies

* Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus (HBR)

* Coronavirus and the Workplace: What if the Boss Says to Stay Home (NY Times)

* Future of Work: Coronavirus News - regular updates on Coronavirus news related to work

* Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis (HBR)

* How to Communicate COVID-19 Information in Your Organization (Rachel Mi

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