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Digital tools during the Coronavirus - 🟧Sourceful

A crowdsourced index of useful digital communication tools for church leaders, communications teams and church staff to refer to during the coronavirus outbreak. - 🟧Sourceful


Digital Tools for churches during the Coronavirus

A crowdsourced index of useful digital communication tools for church leaders, communications teams and church staff to refer to during the coronavirus outbreak.

This is a working document that is being updated regularly.

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Digital Tools for churches during the Coronavirus

Starters Guide



Live Streaming

Copyright/Music Licensing

Crisis Management

Facebook Groups and Resource for Church Comms

Mental Health & Community

Church Responses

Denomination, Movement and Network Responses

Churches and groups

Youth and Children’s Work

Free Resources

Giving and Tithing

Apps, Software & Other Useful Tools

Church Administration

Remote work

Further Questions?





Starters Guide

Where to start and what to consider.

* Digital Platforms for Churches During Coronavirus [Mark Crosby | article] - link

* Top tips for doing church digitally [Mark Crosby | article] - link

* The Impact of the coronavirus on Church Comms [Digital Church Toolkit | video] - link

* Free Consultation with Digital Church Toolkit to help implementation in your church [calendly form| - link

* Latest Advice from UK Government [gov.uk website] - link

* UK government advice on religious gatherings not meeting [16th March | YouTube] - link

* Taking Church Online in a Coronavirus Age [Gospel Coalition | Article] - link

* COVID-19 and your church [article from Sunday Mag] - link

* The New Church [article from Sunday Mag] - link

* Alpha Online | Running Alpha During Coronavirus Outbreak [Article & Webinar] - link

* The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide For Churches - [Church Marketing University | article] - link

* Running Digital Small Groups [Article | Vineyard Churches] - link

* Getting started with filming [Article and video | Vineyard Churches] - link

* 10 ways churches can help during the coronavirus pandemic [Premier|Article] - link

* Digital communion [John Dyer | Long Read] - link



Prayer is not our only response, but it should be our FIRST response

* National Day of Prayer, Sunday 22nd March [Evangelical Alliance | article] - link

* A guide to praying for Coronavirus #PrayToEndCov19 [SIM] - link

* A coronavirus prayer and other resources [Pete Greig | Article/slides] - link

* 24/7 Prayer virtual prayer room for the coronavirus pandemic - link

* Tools like Prayermate and Time to Pray may be helpful




A number of groups are hosting webinars in the coming days to help and support churches and ministries:

Coming up

* Tuesday 31st March

* Sing. Stream. Speak. Setup

Host: Speak Life

Watch back

* Tuesday 17th March

* 11.30am GMT: Children & Youth in London (Watch back via Facebook)

Host: Diocese of London Children & Youthwork

* Wednesday 18th March

* 6pm GMT: Virtual Church 101 (via Zoom)

Host: Chris Lim (TheoTech)

* Wednesday 18th March - Monday 23rd March - Church of England webinars

* Five ways to keep your church connected

* Five ways to use A Church Near You during social distancing (for C of E churches)

* Livestream question and answer session

* Wednesday 25 - Friday 27th March

* Ministry From a Distance

Host: Indigitous

* Thursday 26th - Friday 27th March

* COVID-19 Church Online Summit

Host: Wheaton College, US National Association of Evangelicals


Live Streaming

Guides to setting-up live streaming

* A beginner’s guide to going live with your service or event for free [Church of England | article] - link

* Streaming Guide for Churches [Digital Church Toolkit | PDF] - link

* Livestream to Youtube with just a phone [7 step Tutorial] - link

* The most affordable live streaming cameras for churches [ProChurchTools | Podcast] - link

* How to Livestream Your Church Service: A Practical Guide [Gospel Coalition | Article] - link

* How to stream your Church service on Facebook Live - [CBN | article] - link

* Best practices for going Live from a Facebook Page [Facebook Article] - link

* Live Streaming: Facebook or YouTube [Mark Crosby | Article] - link

* How to speak to camera [SpeakLife | Video] - link

More details about live streaming including information about song licensing here:



Copyright/Music Licensing

* Live streaming worship music & staying legal (Bespoke Records | UK) - link

* Songs in the public domain - [CCLI | list] - link

* Recording, streaming and podcasting your services [CCLI | Article] - link

* A note about live streaming and song licensing in churches - [James Doc | Article] - link

* Licences to live stream worship [Vineyard Worship | article] - link


Crisis Management

What to think through for your church

* All Things Coronavirus [Northshore Church | Google doc] - link

* Guidance for churches [Church of England | Article] - link

* Communicating your response [CPO | Google doc] - link

* Templates for Public Statements; emails, social posts, etc [Google Doc] - link


Facebook Groups and Resource for Church Comms

Places to go for support and advice from experienced Church Comms teams.

* Church Tech UK - [Facebook] link

* The Church Comms Collective UK [Facebook] - link

* CMG / Visual Church Media [Facebook] - l

Digital tools during the Coronavirus
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