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since 12 March 2020

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TIME Magazine | Professors Are Crowdsourcing a #CoronavirusSyllabus. Here’s the History They Think Should Be Used to Teach This Moment

--“Teach the virus,” Anne Fausto-Sterling

Table of Contents

Articles and Books 1

Symposia 15

Podcasts and Radio 15

Film 16

Visual Arts 17

Music 18

Literature 19

Archives and Databases 20

Syllabi and Teaching Resources 20

Other Resources 21

Lectures and Fora 22

Articles and Books

Global Health

Altshuler, Sari. 2017. The Gothic Origins of Global Health. American Literature.

*Ali, S. Harris and Roger Keil, eds. 2008. Networked Disease: Emerging Infections in the Global City. London: Blackwell.

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Political Economy

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Governance, Rights, and Securitization

*Allen, Danielle, Lucas Stanczyk, I. Glenn Cohen, Carmel Shachar, Rajiv Sethi, Glen Weyl and Rosa Brooks. 2020. Securing Justice, Health, and Democracy against the COVID-19 Threat. Harvard Safra Center for Ethics White Paper Series.

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*Davies, Sara E. and Belinda Bennett. 2016. A Gendered Human Rights Analysis of Ebola and Zika: Locating Gender in Global Health Emergencies. International Aff

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