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Call for Action: COVID-19 Data Collaboratives - 🟧Sourceful

Data Collaboratives in Response to COVID-19 - 🟧Sourceful

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* This Living Repository is part of a call for action to build a responsible infrastructure for data-driven pandemic response (JOIN US AND SIGN HERE) .

* It serves as a repository for data collaboratives seeking to address the spread of COVID-19 and its secondary effects.

* You can find ongoing data collaborative projects here

* Data competitions, challenges, and calls for proposals can be found here.

* Requests for data and expertise can be found here.

* The repository invites individuals to share projects that show a commitment to privacy protection, data responsibility, and overall user well-being. A project’s inclusion in this living repository does not indicate endorsement by The GovLab or confirmation of its success in meeting these goals. (See also GDPR Hub’s repository for Data Protection under SARS-CoV-2).

* It will be updated regularly as we receive projects and proposals or otherwise become aware of them.

HELP US MAKE THIS REPOSITORY BETTER: Individuals are encouraged to edit the below and/or suggest additions to this document if a project is not currently listed.

CHECK OUT ALSO: OUR CALL FOR EVIDENCE (with the OECD) on Use of Open Government Data in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

CONTACT: Stefaan Verhulst via stefaan [at] thegovlab [dot] org




East Asia and Pacific 9

“Self-Quarantine Safety Protection” app 9

Beat Covid-19 Now Symptom Tracker 9

TraceTogether 9

Using data-driven, citizen science, spatial-based approaches to develop an open-source COVID19 Pandemic Response Tool 10

Seer and Financial Vulnerability Map 10

COVID-19 Korea Dataset with patient routes and visualizer Korea 10

Open Development Cambodia Health Facility Map 11

COVID-19 Cases in New Zealand 11

Sick Sense 11

South Korea Health Insurance Review and Assessment Open Datasets 11

FluTracking: Tracking COVID-19 12

Sebaran Covid19 12

Indonesia Bergerak: Laporan Warga (Indonesia Moves: Citizen Report) Dashboard 12

Europe and Central Asia 13

Data Against Corona Taskforce 13

Influenzanet 14

COVID-19 outbreak response: first assessment of mobility changes in Italy following lockdown 14

AI for Corona 14

European Data Portal Coronavirus and COVID-19 Datasets 15

CoronaMadrid 15

Telco mobility insights for Government 15

Koronamonitor 16

Corona prediction 16

Vodafone Heat Map for the Lombardy region of Italy 16

A1 Telekom Austria Group–Government of Austria Data Sharing 17

Positive Deviance goes Viral 17

‍COVID Symptom Tracker 17

‍COVID-19 Multidimensional Monitoring 18

‍‍Ghost Data–LogoGrab Social Media Scraping 18

Imaging COVID-19 AI Initiative 18

Liverpool Malawi COVID-19 and CIPHA (Combined Intelligence for Public Health Action) 19

Scot_covid19 19

NHS Pandemic Data Platform 19

Statistics Denmark’s Location Data Work 20

FAQ App "Stopp Corona" 20

L'algorithme D'orientation COVID19 20

Exscalate4CoV 21

ASSOCC – Agent-based Social Simulation of the Coronavirus Crisis 21

Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing 21

European Open Science Cloud: Fast Track Process for Covid-19 Co-Creation Request 22

Call for R&D Projects: AI 4 COVID-19 22

ANPAS Dashboard 22

COVID-19 epidemic in the Netherlands, an open observatory for quantitative analysis 23

Vienna COVID-19 Diagnostics Initiative 23

Resilience Observatory 23

New York Times COVID-19 Reporting (Italy) 23

Semantic Visions 24

Map of Pharmacies in Île-de-France 24

Issy-les-Moulineaux Open Data Platform 24

Dunkerque Agricultural Producers Map 24

Santé publique France COVID-19 Dashboard 25

Santé publique France Open Datasets 25

Corona Datenspende (Data Data Donation) App 25

Koroonakaart 25

Statistics Estonia COVID-19 Mobility Analysis 26

Covid-19 UK Mobility Project 26

��htiyaç Haritası / NeedsMap.coop 26

COVID-19 Cases communicated by Swiss Cantons and Principality of Liechtenstein 27

The Demographics of COVID-19 Deaths 27

Moscow, Russia Districts Preparedness for COVID-19 Self-Distancing (index and interactive map) 27

Monitoring social and business environment in Moscow (Russia) by location during the course of COVID-19 quarantine (interactive map) 28

Fighting Covid-19 Challenge 28

NHS–Palantir–Microsoft–Amazon–Faculty AI Collaboration 28

COVID-19 Data Portal 29

Stopp Corona 29

App COVID-19.EUS 29

COVID-19 Vulnerability Index for neighbourhoods in the UK 30

Maladie Coronavirus 30

Zostaň Zdravý App 30

France Covid-19 orientation algorithm 31

CZ Data Against Covid 31

Americans Didn’t Wait For Their Governors To Tell Them To Stay Home Because Of COVID-19 31

Latin America and the Caribbean 32

Online Citizen Perceptions: COVID-19 Pandemic 32

Testeate 32

Confirmed cases and deaths in Brazil per city per day 33

Observatory of Global Responses to tackle Covid-19 33

Measuring Levels of Activity in a Changing City 33

#MOVID19 Hackathon 34

InLoco COVID-19 Tracking 34

Alerta Guate 34

Covid-19 transparency index 35

+Lugar Covid-19: gamified, geo-collaborative platform for coping of the new Coronavirus 35

Middle East and North Africa 35

Track Virus 35

North America 36

US Department of Energy–IBM COVID-19 Collaboration 36

Tracking Citizen's Concerns during COVID-19 Pandemic 36

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset 36

The COVID Tracking Pr

Call for Action: COVID-19 Data Collaboratives
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Published 29/08/2020, 18:59:06


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