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Coronavirus Open Data Sources, CAD models and more - 🟧Sourceful

Open Coronavirus Data - 🟧Sourceful

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Coronavirus Open Data Sources, CAD models and more

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First of all 2

Open Coronavirus Data 3

Hacking the Coronavirus Crisis 4

Vaccines Under Development 5

FDA approves new test that could detect coronavirus in about 45 minutes 6

Research 6

Research Funding 8

Government Updates 9

How do coronavirus containment measures vary across Europe? 9

NL 10

France 12

UK 12

Austria 13

Singapore 13

UAE 13

US Bay Area 13

Others Countries 13

How to Prepare 13

Social Distancing 14

Health-wise 15

Which painkillers to use 15

Food 16

Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide 16

Governments/Communities/Individual level 16

For anyone on lockdown who needs something to do 18

Learning online shared experience! 18

Audible just made hundreds of titles completely free, includes lots of kids audiobooks. 18

Vienna Opera is now closed but as of today it has opened up its archive for free streaming to those who have to stay at home 18

In photos 20

Maps 24

News Websites 24

Thought leaders / Informative Journalism 25

What can you do? 25


First of all

— Don't panic, don't underestimate

��� Minimize spread to protect others

— This 18 seconds is probably the best single piece of advice

— Implement strict physical distancing as a preventative measure, for the next 2-4 weeks, beginning now. Strict social distancing means no groups of any size, except those you live with.

— What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like, if Leaders Buy Us Time

—This may be the best case study ever of people, companies, and governments applying incremental thinking to an exponential problem. A constant progression of insufficient and incremental decisions is no way to deal with an exponential problem.What bold decisions can you or your company make today to affect the biggest positive long term impact on your family, company, and society?

— Stop calling it “the lockdown” this is your “Couchella”, “low carbon self-sleepover”, “domestic immersion”, “national spring break” !

— If you really need to go out wash hands, don't touch your face. 20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”???

— Raise awareness and get involved in community/neighborhood defense/support for those in need. Eldery neighbors who cannot go out for groceries or medicine for example.

— Start keeping a journal today, ideally a hand written one. Write about what you’re seeing in the news, how your friends are responding, what is closed in your neighborhood or city or state or country. Save it (Advice from a historian)

— This is your moment. Something you’re doing/building has a unique opportunity on what we face today. It is the verse you will contribute to this play. Every organization in every area.

— Stay informed. Mobile friendly Cases map

— Kurzgesagt: The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

This document is updated almost daily by Angeliki Kapoglou in the Netherlands

Please add comments on interesting sources missing. Twitter @capoglou


Open Coronavirus Data

* Map with Global Cases updated by Johns Hopkins CSSE

* Including all data as csv for download on github:


* The Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 is similar in many ways to the Fukushima nuclear meltdown that Safecast was formed to address 9 years ago. What can we learn? https://safecast.org/covid19/ will serve as a directory of useful resources on ongoing efforts including a new COVID-19 focused daily newsletter.

* Crowdsourcing against coronavirus: Seattle biologists work on DIY test kit

* Open access epidemiological data from the COVID-19 outbreak

* Open access epidemiological data from the COVID-19 outbreak in a google spreadsheet

* Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, Complete Genome

* Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies


* Github BDI-pathogens/ covid-19_instant_tracing

* https://045.medsci.ox.ac.uk/

* Open access Springer/Nature papers

* Federation of American Scientists Coronavirus Project

* Worldometer is run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world.

* Worldometers Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance

* Worldometers - Growth Factor

* Wolfram Resources For Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

* A Simple Self Isolation Plan

* Coronavirus Tech Handbook Wiki covers over 130 topics related to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic today and dealing with the fall out

* Coronavirus in brief (work in progress)

* Health and the economy are closely linked. The correlation between per-capita GDP and health (life expectancy) is essentially perfect: Data describing numbers of adult acute care, intermediate care and intensive care beds per European country (If you were wondering how Germany has only 8 deaths in 3700 cases… (March 14th) The difference in intensive care beds between Germany and every other country is ridiculous)

* Who to follow on Twitter


Hacking the Coronavirus Crisis

The Design Challenge: Doctors Say Shortage of Protective Gear Is Dire During Coronavirus Pandemic

* From Design to Mass 3D printing of Medical Shields in Three Days

* There are also these valves that the Italians are 3D printing as hospitals don't have enough.

* BBC: 3D printers save hospital with valves

* An Italian hospital ran out of ICU valves. A local biz

Coronavirus Open Data Sources, CAD models and more
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Published 16/09/2020, 20:33:22


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