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#AloneTogether - Global XR Calls & Trainings - 🟧Sourceful

Daily conversation and deliberation, meditation, yoga, global support. - 🟧Sourceful

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#AloneTogether - Global XR Calls & Trainings

Please request edit access to add any kind of online call that you would like to host or facilitate! :)

Name of Call Description Day / Date Time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Language XR Group Facilitator Link to join the Video Call Comments


Corona Support and Sharing Space Active listening / relating, checkins. Twice a day 11:00-12:00 17:00-18:00 EN Various Sign up here. https://zoom.us/j/131155108 (11:00) https://zoom.us/j/118872315 (17:00)

Discussion Space Daily conversation and deliberation. Every day 18:30-20:00 EN UK Covid community action (Regen) Different each day. https://zoom.us/j/795941545 See discussion topic here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OGbIgQepaJBtGeXiISwWbyoVn9dsBpPI1PKu2SgOpo0/edit

XR Faith Bridge Vigil Prayer Session Morning guided prayer session Evening guided prayer session Every day 9:00:00 AM (morning vigil) 9:00:00 PM (evening vigil) EN XR UK Faith Different each day. https://zoom.us/j/193931101 (morning) https://zoom.us/j/626745869 (evening)

Covid Community Action Workshop Exploring community connections/ how to organise at this time of crisis Every day 18:30-20:00 EN Future Democracy Hub Different each day. https://zoom.us/j/795941545

Daily Yoga Connect with your body and breath, slow down and re-center Every day 7:00 EN XR Australia Tenielle Instagram live, @ten_ellie

Méditation Prenez le temps pour vous laissez guider à travers une méditation. Ouvert au débutant. Tout les jours 6:30 matin 16:30 soir FR XR France, Region PACA Francois https://meet.jit.si/resterenlienXR


Global Networking Space 25min talk on a subject related to deliberative participatory democracy followed by breakout groups and plenary discussion Fridays 16:00 EN Participative Democracy - Global Support Rotating https://zoom.us/j/581241029

Yin Yoga One hour of Yin yoga, a slow and juicy practice where we move our bodies through a series of long helf static poses, the perfect antidote to all the fast paced energy we need to learn to balance out. Tease out aches and pains while calming the internal dialogue of the monkey mind. Practice is open to all levels, all you need is a mat, or towel, and some cusions or a bolster, and yoga blocks if you have them. Thursdays 10:00-11:00 EN Global Support Regenerative Cultures Lauren https://zoom.us/j/95579916528

Active hope circle Resourcing, and offering, our best response to the current crisis Every wednesday 11:00-12:30 EN UK Regenerative Cultures Madeleine https://zoom.us/j/589848559

Grief and gratitude A place to allow for deep feelings of grief to be shared, and finding gratitude Every tuesday (from 7 April) Every thursday (until 14 April Every friday Every sunday (from 29 March) 19:00-21:00 (tuesdays) 16:00-18:30 (thursdays) 11:00-12:30 (fridays) 19:00-21:00 (sundays) EN Regenerative Cultures Earthlodge Jewels Azul Karen Jewels xxx (tuesdays) xxx (thursdays) https://zoom.us/j/908727059 (fridays) xxx (sundays)

5 gates of grief 5 Gates of Grief are a profound inquiry. Identify your losses in each of the gates. Every tuesday 11:00-12:00 EN UK Regenerative Cultures Kate https://zoom.us/j/711453831

Empathy circle Fridays 20:00-22:00 EN UK Regenerative Cultures Elizabeth

Empathy circle - various topics practice of listening and giving everyone space to express themselves and be heard Fridays 17:00-19:00 EN Empathy Circle WG Edwin, Marta, karO, Bill and others https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

Empathy circle faciliation support supporting facilitators and those who want to learn facilitating Empathy Circles Fridays 19:30-21:30 EN Empathy Circle WG Edwin, Bill https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

Empathy circle XR 10 Principles practice of listening and giving everyone space to express themselves and be heard - discussing basics of XR Saturdays April 4 - June 6 17:00-19:00 EN Empathy Circle WG Edwin, Marta, karO, Bill and others https://zoom.us/j/9896109339 XR Guardians and co-founders

Open Call by Regen Global Support Exploring Regen 101 Empathy Circle Mutual support: deepening our understanding of the Regen 101 modules and practice of Regenerative Culture. Complementary with Regen 101 workshop Mondays fortnightly 8am GMT /UTC EN Global Suppport Regenerative Cultures Leona with support of other facilitators https://www.facebook.com/events/214406006658165/ changing zoom-links

Open Call by Regen Global Support Empathy Circles Support weekly calls about everything that is alive for us right now Thursdays 8am GMT /UTC EN Global Suppport Regenerative Cultures karO, Marta with support of other facilitators https://zoom.us/j/707132135

Corona Support and Sharing Space Active listening / relating, checkins. Monday 23 Saturday 28 Wednesday 1 Wednesday 8 19:00-20:00 EN UK Regenerative Cultures Various https://zoom.us/j/788351531

How to hold a listening space Learn how to hold a listening circle Every friday 11:00-12:30 EN UK Regenerative Cultures Ned https://zoom.us/j/156880632

Meditation A period of respite from the busy mind. All welcome: no experience of meditation necessary. Mondays Thursdays 13:00-13:30 (mondays) 15:00-16:00 (thursdays) EN UK Regenerative Cultures XR Buddhists Natalie (mondays) Different each week (thursdays) ps://zoom.us/j/964944866

Yoga Join Natalie for a mindful, slow-flowing yoga practice to uplift and soothe your body and rebalance your emotions. All bodies welcome! Mondays 12:00-13:00 EN Regenerative Cultures Natalie https://zoom.us/j/625123068

Reclaiming autonomy coming soon

Rebel Ringers webinars Get set up as a Rebel Ringer Every Thursday evening Every Saturday morning Every Sunday evening Every Tuesday afternoon 19:30 (thursdays) 10:00 (saturdays) 18:00 (sundays) 13:00 (tuesdays) EN UK Rebel Ringers/Commnities Mags/David Thursdays https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YKvdILUPSKqanIDgs3pOOg Saturdays https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xbIS-gk4Qgq6jNZwf

#AloneTogether - Global XR Calls & Trainings
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Published 14/09/2020, 19:52:07


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