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This sheet is for EXISTING companies, if you have an idea switch to the "Pitch Your Idea" sheet


Plusvitech https://plusvitech.com We can help people preventing the complications caused by COVID-19 in humans and therefore and decrease the morbidity associated with this infection, which will result in lower mortality and optimization of healthcare resources. We have developed a combination of two repositioned drugs (patented) and that therefore, whose pharmacokinetic profiles are known, that have demonstrated a high safety profile for use in humans and that have been shown to be synergistically effective in preventing complications from severe lung injury. One of our drug (patented) can be an effective, safe and cheap treatment option for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection, in addition to being sustainable by health systems. [email protected] See YCombinator Application Summer 2020

Ejenta http://ejenta.com AI driven remote care: Applying intelligent agent technology from NASA for remotely monitoring astronauts in space to remote monitoring and care for patients with infectious and chronic diseases. Ejenta is a HIPAA compliant AI platform working with leading healthcare providers across the US. Intelligent agents (autonomous software programs) automate patient care by continuously monitoring data from wireless devices and the medical record, detect patient detioration, notify providers and offer personalize guidance to patients, allowing health providers to focus their attention where it is needed most. We are seeking investors to expand intelligent agent capabiliites for autonomous monitoring and support for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and asymptomatic patients exposed to COVID-19. We are hiring full stack software engineers, machine learning engineers. [email protected] http://ejenta.com

MILA mila.quebec (affinity.mit.edu) The number of synthesizable drug-like molecules is comparable to the number of atoms in the universe or 10^80. Finding a new drug takes a decade and costs over a billion on average. LambdaZero is a first algorithm that makes search in the molecule space (almost) as easy as search in the WWW. On 40GPUs, LambdaZero brute-forces over 1.6B molecules/day shortening the time required to find a candidate molecule from years to weeks. LamdaZero idea appeared at MIT and was further developed at MILA under the supervision of prof. Yoshua Bengio. Funding for: 1. Molecule synthesis (50 molecules, ~1k/molecule ) 2. Molecule binding evaluation energy measurement (~0.2k/molecule) 3. Cell toxicity tests 4. Collaborators in Model-based RL from OpenAI 5. BSL4 lab collaborators to evaluate on live cultures [email protected] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SSrDaWNiAdgGtpEqEQZByETFCyBEj7rcYzkskEVIU1k/edit?usp=sharing

Elucd https://elucd.com/covid19

CoronaMap https://ocustel.com/projects/corona-map/

Stayhome Reminder for every hour (it's important, you can do that), also possibility to see if your friends, kids.. Still staying at home), geo trafficking and the little alarm for self. Also to possibility to write the list for grocery (for example for older people), that everyone can see it

https://www.radish.health/ Radish Health (www.radish.health). We are a tech-enable primary care company, but we're piloting a virtual visit with the capacity to do at home testing starting tomorrow. Would love help from anyone that has time. [email protected] or 317-525-1020

#EndCoronavirus Www.EndCornavirus.net This a non-profit initiative started by @montymetzger and @LCX (LCX.com) - leveraging blockchain technology to bring a new level of transparency and traceability to fight #Coronavirus #COVID19. Use hashtag #EndCoronavirus and help us grow the community. [email protected] https://twitter.com/endcoronavirus

Mediterranean Tech https://mediterranean.tech The first online technology community in the middle eastern region, that can prove critical for connecting talented technologists and problem solvers to assist this part of the world.

Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC) www.michealthcare.com MIC is creating a new standard of care by unlocking and processing ALL patient data that is currently thrown away; specifically the 800,000 samples an hour of waveform monitoring data coming off of critical care beds. Our FDA cleared Sickbay clinical surveillance and analytics platform allows hospitals and healthcare systems to move to software-based monitoring to expedite intervention, recover lost revenue, improve care, decrease length of stay, and reduce patient risk. For COVID-19 Sickbay enables clinical distancing without sacrificing quality of care by creating flexible, scalable remote monitoring workflows so you can quickly increase ICU bed capacity, reduce risk to provider staff, manage staff shortages, and further reduce patient risk by enabling patient-centered analytics at scale. Follow MIC on LinkedIn for up-to-date information and share relevant COVID-19 content to help encourage additional followers: https://www.linkedin.com/company/medical-informatics-corp [email protected] https://michealthcare.com/covid-solution-to-solve-the-bed-provider-shortage/

PatchAI www.patchai.io We are adapting our Clinical Trials platform to assist in the fight agains COVID-19. We provide a Virtual Assistant that communicates with patients and performs a Flu Triage. The triage assess the patient risk state and channels them onto the correct NHS resources. A map with the patient position and risk group are shown to the Agencies in charge in order for them to follow and monitor the disease spread. We are working currently with the Italian Gouvernment and EY.


Rheapply Rheapply.com

Hypercare www.hypercare.com

DIY Ventilators diyventilators.com B

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