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COVID-19 European Investor Status List - 🟧Sourceful

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EUROPEAN INVESTORS Now is the time to double down on building your product and business. Why not chat with our sponsor www.kanso.io (who have kindly provided resource to get this list off the ground) - a partnership of designers and developers who'd love to help you get your idea and venture "from napkin to market" www.kanso.io

IMPORTANT URL CHANGE This sheet has now moved to a google sites space (to remove the 100 concurrent user limit) bit.ly/investorCOVID19-APR20 Kanso pp

29th July - Editing is back. In other news.. prepare for WINDFALL!

Name Investor Type Are you still accepting pitches? How? Are you still actively investing, even during these uncertain times? Please explain WHEN was the last investment you made (not a follow-on)? Where (region) What do you LOVE to invest in? What's your MISSION? What VALUE-ADD do you believe you offer to founders? Why is your INVESTMENT TEAM so special? Website (ideally to a specific COVID-19 landing page) Typical amount you invest (£) Stage How to apply Contact Name Contact Email Description - what else would you like to add?

7percent Ventures Venture Capitalist Yes, pitches via Zoom/Hngout/other video https://www.motec.vc/ UK http://7pc.co/ £200 - £400k first check Seed Via website http://7pc.co/contact-us/ Ivailo Jordanov [email protected] Deep/frontier technology, transformative technology - ambitious founders

0 AA Venture Lab Angel Group Yes, Zoom/Skype/Hangout/Coffee Cautious to market changes but actively scouting for opportunities UK, Europe, US, India www.aaventurelab.com £25K-£250K PreSeed-Seed Website + Warm Intros Shashank Kansal

ACE & Company Venture Capitalist Yes Yes Europe and Beyond Up tp $30M Early and Growth Website + Warm Intros Ivan Ong Focus on Software, Fintech, Internet companies generating meaningful commercial revenue

Actus Partners Strategic Investor Yes - via email, zoom and other tools Rrevenue generating and cash flow positive companies Sectors of focus: -Education -Healthcare -F&B -Technology December 2019 UK, US and MENA http://www.act-us.uk $10M - $30M Pre-IPO Linked / email / website Murat Tasci http://www.keybase.io/actus TW: @partnersactus [email protected] Applications should include a well-worked investment thesis as well as a viable business plan

Ada Ventures Venture Capitalist Email/Zoom Yes - we've just closed a £27m fund. We're adapting to changing circumstances each day but still actively looking for companies to invest in. UK www.adaventures.com £250k-£1m Pre-seed & Seed Website form & email Check Warner [email protected] We are actively looking to invest in overlooked founders and markets. Please see details in our thesis blog post (https://medium.com/@checkwarner/ada-ventures-thesis-2beec5cc32ca)

Adara Ventures Venture Capitalist Yes, we prefer warm intros. Use LoopUp for Video Pitches Yes, we just launched our third fund (€75m) Spain, UK&I, Portugal www.adaravp.com 200k - 3m EUR Early-stage We prefer warm intros. Otherwise - [email protected] Ross Strachan [email protected] We focus on deeptech, sector agnostic, enterprise focused.

ADG Prefcap Venture Capitalist Zoom We want to continue to support great businesses 31/3/20 UK Marc Young @pmarcrefcap.io Founder friendly, passive and quick to deploy funding - always open for a conversation

Adjuvo Angel Group Yes, email then zoom Yes we are still active with a preference for revenue making companies Closing now 04/2020 UK https://adjuvo.com/ £500K-£2M Early stage, Seed, Series A Email Thomas Fitzmaurice [email protected] Adjuvo is a syndicate of HNW who lednd their expertise as welll as invetsing their capital to strong teams and great ideas. Sector Agnostic but with a preference for revenue making companies at an ealry stage

Albion VC Venture Capitalist Yes, via emai/zoom/teams/hangout Yes. We closed our annual fundraise earlier this year and have capital to deploy. We're 25years old. April 2020 UK www.albion.vc £2-5m Late Seed / Series A and B Emails, warm intros, Linkedin Paul Lehair / Ed Lascelles [email protected] AlbionVC was founded in 1995 and invests in UK startups focused on B2B software and marketplaces

Alven Capital Venture Capitalist Yes, Zoom EU, UK, US www.alven.co 500K-10M EUR Seed + Series A Warm intros /mutual connections preferred Any member of the team www.alven.co We focus on SaaS, Fintech and Frontier Tech, Gaming, Developer Tools

Ananda Ventures Venture Capitalist Yes, via Zoom / Email Yes March 2020 UK and EU www.ananda.vc 500k-3M Seed + Series A Email member of the team. Mutual connections / warm intros are always helpful Aline Vedder [email protected] Ananda Impact Ventures is one of the leading impact investors in the UK and Europe. Our investees address social challenges in vital areas such as education, health, consumption, and ageing population. We're also looking for environmental, future of work and impact cyber security companies.

Andreas Mihalovits Angel Email, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts I constantly invest in startups. 80+ startups in my portfolio as of April 2020. Already made 12 investments incl. follow-ons in Q1/2020. 3/27/2020 Europe, UK, US www.globalsuperangels.club 100k-500k EUR Late Seed / Series A Andreas Mihalovits [email protected] I prefer subscription services and would like to see at least EUR 20k monthly gross profits.

Angel Investor Angel Email Because there are still many interesting/profitable investment opportunities. 1/12/2020 England Alexis A Armando [email protected] I am a smart investor with an extensive network

AngelHub Angel Group Yes - email - Zoom - website submission Yes - happy to support and overcome challenge together UK, EU, APAC https://angelhub.io/ USD 500K - 2M Seed - Series A Startup: https://angelhub.io/auth/signup-startup Investor relation: https://angelhub.io/auth/signup-investor AngelHub provides Professional Investors the opportunity to invest in vetted startups, fueling inspiring entrepreneurs and game changers that are revolutionizing the way we live.

Ascension Ventures Venture Capitalist Yes, email deck, then zoom call Yes last week UK only www.ascensionventures.com £100k-£250k Pre-seed / Seed / Seed+ website or [email protected] Jean de Fougerolles [email protected] at the moment, we are investing from 3 funds: a) SEIS Fund; b) https://fairbydesign.com/fair-by-design-fund; c) and our newest fund tackling childhood obesity (https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/fundraising/mission-ventures-seeks-challenger-brands-to-fight-childhood-obesity/603372.article)

0 AUFI Angel Group Email AUFI wants to play its part in keeping the creative industry, businesses and economy moving forward. 3/2/20 USA, UK www.aufi.com by email / warm referral Alex Lenzan [email protected]

Begin Capital Venture Capitalist Via Email When bad news comes, we are here to help together. The interests of the company are more important than short-term profit. 16/03/20 European fund but invest anywhere $100k to £3m Pre-seed, seed, series A via email Alex Menn [email protected] Our goal is to help great founders build amazing, strong, fast-growing and profitable companies. We want to build a reputation of a strong, helpful investor who is ready to support even during the crisis. We specialize in B2B and B2C SaaS, Marketplaces and Consumer Services, gaining an expertise in AI projects.

Beringea Venture Capitalist Yes, email / Zoom / LinkedIn etc Yes, we are a VCT and raised significant amounts this and last year and thus we are actively looking at opportunities to invest in. Europe and Israel (need UK presence) www.beringea.co.uk £3m-£10m Min £1m revenue. Can be any stage [email protected] Eyal Malinger [email protected] When looking at businesses, we primarily look for a good business with a good busienss model. We aren't in the unicorn hunting business, but rather look for sound investments that will generate sound returns. We back both B2B and B2C businesses, with the main criteria of min £1m last-twelve-months revenues.

BITKRAFT Venture Capitalist More than ever. Happy to take a zoom call. Reach us via our website, bitkraft.net Yes. Digital worlds and esports are seeing great growth, and we will continue making bets if great opportunities present themselves March Global (mostly NA, EU) bitkraft.net EUR 1 - 3m Seed, Series A bitkraft.net/contact-us Leonard Langenscheidt [email protected] The leading global investment platform for gaming, esports, and interactive media. 🎮

C4 Ventures Venture Capitalist Yes Application via website form https://c4v.com/contact/ UK, EU, US https://c4v.com/ EUR 1m-4m A>D Revenue >1M Application via website form https://c4v.com/contact/

Cambridge Capital Group Angel Group through website investors still need to find returns 4/5/2020 United Kingdom S.McDougall [email protected] Dedicated tech investment network active for 20 years with 8 exits in the last three

Cambridge Innovation Capital Venture Capitalist Yes Application via website Yes UK https://www.cic.vc/ £1-10m Series A https://www.cic.vc/ Carol Cheung [email protected] CIC is focused on investment in the Cambridge, UK ecosystem. All our investments have a physical presence in Cambridge and/or a relationship with the University of Cambridge

CapitalT Venture Capitalist Yes - via email / Zoom Yes, we invest in seed stage and continue to invest. Reviewing a few companies now. UK, Nordics, NL, DE https://capitaltvc.com 250k-3 mln Seed Email [email protected] Janneke Niessen [email protected]

Cavalry Ventures Venture Capitalist Yes, via Zoom or Hangouts Yes, we are actively investing. We have a new 80m EUR fund that went live a few months ago so we are

COVID-19 European Investor Status List
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