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COVID-19 European Investor Status List

OPEN SOURCE - Fully editable and shareable by anyone. Please use sensibly. - Sourceful

VC, startup

OPEN SOURCE - Fully editable and shareable by anyone. Please use sensibly.

COVID-19 European Investor Status

Obviously in these difficult times, our thoughts to all family and friends and to all the amazing NHS staff who are working hard to combat the virus with us. The amount of community spirit being seen in this country, is uplifting and heart warming. This list has been created as there will be many founders and entrepreneurs who want to focus on creating or building their businesses yet feel worried and apprehensive about their funding situation in these uncertain times. Many investors will be adapting and supporting their existing investments, or perhaps waiting to see how things go. The really smart ones will be making even more investments in strong founding teams and it's those we want to try and highlight here.

How to use this sheet

1 Add yourself to the "Investors" sheet 2 Share this sheet with other investors and founders. Post on social using the #InvestorStatusCOVID19 and the link: bit.ly/investorCOVID19-APR20 3 Please remember to be upfront and honest with founders if you are pausing investment for now. They will appreciate this candor in the long run.


www.kanso.io has very kindly offered to sponsor this list, purely so we can invest time and resource into contacting investors and getting their details into this sheet. If you are looking for a partner to help build out your product (the team consists of experienced designers, full stack developers, and successful entrepreneurs), and won't mess you around with agency fluff - then please do take a look.



If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement on this sheet - please do leave them in the FEEDBACK tab provided. It will be checked multiple times every day.

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COVID-19 European Investor Status List
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Published 27/03/2020, 11:07:42


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