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Speed Workouts 2020 - 🟧Sourceful

Workouts focusing on speed - 🟧Sourceful


Speed Workouts

Record and log everything.

Keep a workout journal with performances, time of day, and energy level before and after the sessions.

“If you don’t measure it, you won’t improve it.”

Short Sprint Workouts (twice a week):

* 40yd Sprints

* 3 minimum - if time starts dropping off, end.

* Can time the fly 10m at the back half of the run.

* Record all runs. Track session average. Identify your personal best.

* 5x100-Fly

* Hand time and log. Walk back for recovery.

* Average the five times.

* Starts @ 3x30 out of the blocks

* 2-3 min recovery.

Lactate Sprint Workouts (once a week):

* 23-Second Drill (Lactate!)

* Limit these! Once per week perform two 24 second sprints.

* Measure the distance traveled.

* Goal is 200 meters / 8 minute break / 2nd run IMPORTANT! Try to get within 5 meters of first.

* Sets: 200-100 with 40 seconds rest (Lactate!)

* 8-minute break.

* 150-150 with 40 seconds rest.

* The “sets” can be of any distance but I like the 300. The 200-200 sets are perfect if you are a 4x4 runner.

* Wear spikes.

* Pace is goal-400 pace. 48-second 400 guy runs 200 in 24, 100 in 12, 150 in 18.

* Run into start and drop a hand at the start line for timing purposes.

* 4x4 Predictor (Lactate!)

* 3x200-Fly

* Times added together, multiply by .667, then add 2.0 seconds. Rest is about 3 minutes… diagonal walk across a football field.

* Do this once every three weeks. No more.


* 400 Challenge: 11x 40yd. Less than 1 minute rest (walk back). All 11 40’s done in 10 minutes. 11x5 secs = 55 seconds 440yd run

Speed Workouts 2020
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