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NmlNpcParam - ACNH - 🟧Sourceful

A spreadsheet that shows villager interest and style - 🟧Sourceful

animal crossing, ACNH, games, animal crossing villagers

4/21/2020 hi this is astro im the sheet owner

im changing this to comment only cause theres like 70 viewers as of writing this which is scaring me LOL

and the doc keeps getting weirdly sorted and its nooot something im a fan of

4/25/2020 i have a habit of reordering columns so make sure you know what column youre looking at if youre comparing it to another ver of nmlnpcparam

i don't like having an extra row at the top for column names so column info will be in comments

huge shoutout to stoney for figuring out what like half of these are

4/21/2020 if you want to edit you can probably request edit access thru gsheets!

or you can contact me on discord


4/21/2020 please don't comment stuff like calling villagers your husbandos

im letting yall keep comment perms so you can contribute to figuring this sheet out

5/12/2020 apparently this doc has made its way onto 4chan. Interesting

please don't resolve comment threads on the top row, they're there for a reason

UNLESS they're something peanut-gallery worthy. in that case please go ahead.

peanut gallery



NmlNpcParam - ACNH
Tags Animal crossing, ACNH, Games, Animal crossing villagers
Type Google Sheet
Published 22/06/2020, 14:46:19


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