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Fortnite BR Skin IDs & Meshes by Blithe

fortnite, games, skins, fortnite ids

Free Fortnite skin ID & meshes spreadsheet. Feel free to share

Music for Streamers - @musicforstream on Twitter

music, streaming, copyright, games, Twitch

A spreadsheet with a list of music labels with music you can use when streaming. Also includes guides around how not to get a copyright strike.

Mixer Community --- >Twitch

games, Mixer, Twitch, streaming

A lookup table of Mixer creators moving over to Twitch


games, escape room

An interactive Google doc Escape Room-style game

Game Design Resources

games, software, programming, guide, resources

A list of youTube videos, tutorials, guides and other resources to help you get better at designing and building games

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fortnite, games, skins, fortnite ids

Fortnite skins, weapons, pickaxes, gliders, items, backpacks list by King

#GameDevJobs 2020

games, jobs, programming

A huge list of great game studios looking to hire talented developers

Drowsy Boar’s Valorant Manual

Valorant, games, guide

This guide is being made to express all of my thoughts and ideas on practicing, training, agents, weapons, abilities, maps, strategies, solo and team situations, positioning, and so forth.

Fortnite Meshes - Lucas7yoshi

fortnite, games, data, fortnite ids

A spreadsheet with all skins and there respective meshes/material names

The Wizards I Know

games, Magic: The Gathering, magic, WotC, anti-racism

An account of Wizards of the Coast's racially discriminatory practices

Breaking Down The Stalk Market

animal crossing, games, ACNH, guide, stalk market

The goal of this paper is to take a deep dive into the code and really explore all of the numbers and algorithms at play in The Stalk Market

Optimized ACNH Hybrid Recipes + Layouts

animal crossing, games, ACNH, hybrid recipes, breeding

Yet another doc of hybrid recipes, with a twist: each recipe was discovered by a recipe optimizer program

Garden FAQ

animal crossing, games, flowers, guide, ACNH

Garden Science: breeding, self watering vs. friend watering, hybrid islands, flower availability, trees, bushes, layouts

ACNH Flower Layouts and Placement Guide

animal crossing, games, guide, flowers, ACNH

Flower Layouts and Placements: which to use where, when, and why?

LD - In pursuit of better levels

engineering, software, games, guide, dev

Game level design document with useful senior dev knowledge

Fifa Mobile 20 Information Spreadsheet by @GeorikFM

FIFA, FIFA Mobile, games, guide

Fifa Mobile 20 guides, predictions and other things

Shimmy's Rocket League Spreadsheet

RLCS, Rocket League, games

380+ training packs, camera settings of every RLCS player, replay analysis videos, tutorials, workshop maps and more