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Guide - Sourceful


remotework, guide, teamwork, communication

This is the playbook for the people side of doing remote work well.

YeahSheWrites Coding Road Map

programming, guide, learning resources, learn to code

A beginner friendly document with resources to start learning to code - created by @yeahshewrites who became a software engineer and wanted to share tips on how to get started in the tech industry

Student/Parent Tutorials

Google Classroom, Google, guide, tutorial, teaching, remote classroom

Google Classroom tutorial links for parents and students. How to create folders in Drive, change page size in Slides, create dropdowns in Sheets and many more

Learning Storyboarding on a Budget

storyboarding, art, guide

This is a guide for those wanting to learn about storyboarding without going into massive debt due to art school

Pride Guide

LGBT, pride, sex, gender, guide

Here is a simple guide to pride flags; what they mean, how they came to be and who they represent

Fifa Mobile 20 Information Spreadsheet by @GeorikFM

FIFA, FIFA Mobile, games, guide

Fifa Mobile 20 guides, predictions and other things

@CryptoCred Technical Analysis Lessons

finance, technical analysis, guide

Technical analysis indicators overview for trading stocks or crypto

Lizard Crisis Skillbook

talesrunner, skillbook, games, lizard crisis, guide

TalesRunner skillbook of Lizard Crisis map, for players of all levels who desire to improve their gameplay

Chromebook Training Guide [PUBLIC]

chromebook, guide, teaching, chrome, Google Classroom

Includes: 1. Why Chromebooks? 2. Getting to know your Chromebook 3. Add Features and Functionality with Apps & Extensions 4. Find more ideas and activities

How-To Distance Teach Tutorials

Google Classroom, guide, tutorial, teaching, remote class

Tutorials about Google Classroom, Drive, Docs, Meet and other tools. Great for running your online class!