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UCLA Law Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project

covid19, data, law, prison, coronavirus, USA

An Initiative of the UCLA Prison Law and Policy Program - statistics of coronavirus infections in prison system by state

List of PS4 Games Based On Firmware

ps4, games, firmware

A list of PS4 games and their corresponding possible firmware

A Digital Bill of Rights by Scott Adams

society, social media, law, human rights

Because we need a new system of rights for the new, digital age.

The Mayor's Manual (Ver 8.0.0)

animal crossing, ACNH, games

Gameplay mechanics: - Attributes - Moves - Neutral - Advantage - Disadvantage - Combos - Kill Options - Stages - Techniques

List of COVID 19 Dashboards

coronavirus, USA, tracking, data

A list of official data sources with the infection tracking by state

COVID-19 Sex Worker Harm Reduction Resources (U.S. Based)

sex, sex work, resources

Resources for sex workers such as links related to health, covid-19, working online, financial security, mental health & disability, allies

NBA Salary & Roster Sheets

NBA, sport

Datasheet with NBA team's salaries and player list

General Resource Materials for Civic Participation 1st ed

USA, politics, GE2020, 2020, resources, society

A list of resources for civil participation during the upcoming election

Web Application Penetration Testing Course URLs.docx

security, software, web development

Course in web security for your application/website

@CryptoCred Technical Analysis Lessons

finance, technical analysis, guide

Technical analysis indicators overview for trading stocks or crypto

Teaching Digitally- A FREE Resource Guide for ANY K-12 teacher

teaching, education, resources

A free resource guide to help any K-12 educator

Learning Storyboarding on a Budget

storyboarding, art, guide

This is a guide for those wanting to learn about storyboarding without going into massive debt due to art school

Creative Industry Freelance Day-Rate (Responses)

salaries, freelance, creative

A survey of day-rates of freelancers in television, fashion, publishing, photography and other creative industries

A Letter on Justice and Open Debate

free speech, open letter, debate, society

An open letter denouncing the restriction of debate, published in Harper's Magazine. Signed by 150 writers, academics and activists - including authors JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood

Cutting through spiritual colonialism first draft.docx

society, climate change, climate, economics

An essay about how problems wind around each-other in ways which seem insoluble, and how to pry these problems apart into soluble components. It is fundamentally an essay about decomplexifying our world models by making them more accurate.

YeahSheWrites Coding Road Map

programming, guide, learning resources, learn to code

A beginner friendly document with resources to start learning to code - created by @yeahshewrites who became a software engineer and wanted to share tips on how to get started in the tech industry

Daily Kos Elections' tracker for coronavirus-related election litigation

general election, 2020, USA, president, lawsuit

A list of coronavirus-related election litigation in USA

Math Task Bank

maths, teaching, teaching resources

A selection of great interactive resources to teach maths to your kids: Youcubed, Greg Tang Math, Desmos, Numberless Word Problems, Subitizing, Esti-mysteries, Geogebra, Figure This, Problems of the Week

#GameDevJobs 2020

games, jobs, programming

A huge list of great game studios looking to hire talented developers

Epstein Flight Logs [ Public ]

epstein, investigative journalism, journalism, news

Epstein flight logs: who flew on Jeffrey Epstein's private jet

Online Teaching Thoughts

teaching, online classes

Some thoughts on creating and orchestrating online instruction

Filtration performance of common household materials for manufacturing homemade masks

coronavirus, masks, data

This spreadsheet shows the filtration performance of medical and non-medical materials. The filtration performance generally includes two aspects: filtration efficiency and pressure drop;

Tesla Delivery Estimates Survey

tesla, finance, investing

A list of of analyst's estimates for Tesla's quarterly deliveries

BIPOC-authored Psychology Papers

psychology, higher education, teaching

The BIPOC-authored Psychology Papers spreadsheet is intended for use by instructors of undergraduate/graduate-level psychology courses to help diversify their syllabi.

#StopHateForProfit Campaign

facebook, #StopHateForProfit, list, data

The list of brands who have joined the #StopHateForProfit campaign