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@CryptoCred Technical Analysis Lessons

Technical analysis indicators overview for trading stocks or crypto

finance, technical analysis, guide

@CryptoCred Technical Analysis Lessons

Neither these presentations, nor anything on my Twitter, Telegram, or any other medium/mode of communication, including private correspondence, constitute financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and hold no formal qualifications in this area. Trade entirely at your own risk. These resources are for entertainment purposes only.

Lesson 1: Candlestick Charts

Lesson 2: Risk Management

Lesson 3: Order Flow

Lesson 4: Horizontal Support/Resistance Levels

Lesson 5: Time Frames

Lesson 6: Fibonacci

Lesson 7: Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Lesson 8: Ichimoku Cloud

Lesson 9: Entry Triggers

Lesson 10: Support/Resistance Trade Setup (CDC)

Lesson 11: Trade Management

Lesson 12: First Trouble Area (FTA) [NEW]


Article: Directional Bias

Article: Trading Psychology [NEW]

Article: Using Previous Day’s High/Low for Intraday Bias

Article: Position Size & Leverage

Article: Building a Trading System

Article: Anatomy of a Trading Plan

Article: Stop Loss Placement & Management

Article: Worst Things to Do After a Losing Trade

Weekly livestreams on YouTube [NEW]

@CryptoCred Technical Analysis Lessons
Tags Finance, Technical analysis, Guide
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Published 08/10/2020, 14:01:43


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