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Space Engineers Data - 🟧Sourceful

Space Engineers calculator for blocks, assembly, refining, thrusters, ores & ingots - 🟧Sourceful

game calculator, games, game mechanics, space engineers

Created by Chicken Nugget

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Server Options Control Sheet Key Units Key

Inventory Size x 1 To use the options on the left you must create another instance of this spreadsheet. You can do so the following ways: x Does Not Apply kg kilogram (mass)

Assembler Efficiency x 1 ? Unknown m metre (distance)

Refining Speed x 1 If logged in to a Google account, go to File > Make a Copy. You will then have your own copy of the sheet with full edit access. Please note that this copy will NOT be updated as I update the spreadsheet. Please keep the original link saved and just make a copy of it each time you visit. I update this thing constantly. DoR Dependant on Rotation m/s metre per second (velocity)

Weld Speed x 1 kg of U Kilograms of Uranium m/s² metre per second squared (accel)

Grind Speed x 1 +/x Additive or Multiplicative m³ cubic metre (volume)

Select your options from the dropdown menus and the entire spreadsheet will be calculated off of them! L:O₂ Litres of Oxygen Gas kg/m³ kilogram per cubic metre (density)

Alternatively, you can go to File > Download As > Microsoft Excel. There will be compatibility issues though. L:H₂ Litres of Hydrogen Gas W watt (energy)

Wh watt-hour (energy over time)

Note: Please be patient. Assembler and Refining settings will be changing thousands of cells. It might take some time. Status kWh kilowatt-hour (energy over time)

Or simply continue using the default values! Tabs are at the bottom or top of the page depending on how you are viewing. Please post any requests, ideas, or information errors in the thread, as a cell comment, or in the steam guide. Updated to SE Version 1.186.4 MWh megawatt-hour (energy over time)

3/26/2018 L litre (volume)

Blocks B, L & S are not Synced (hidden) N newton (force)

Contents & Sheet Descriptions All other sheets are Updated & Synced g g-force (acceleration)

Main This sheet. Contains server setting controls, instructions, credits, key, contents & changelog. Steam Guide is Synced s second (time)

Blocks The main info sheet. Information on all blocks. Decimals are truncated to reduce clutter. min minute (time)

Blocks B (hidden) Same as 'Blocks A' except with right aligned text & not truncated for decimal readability. Links hr hour (time)

Blocks L (hidden) Same as 'Blocks A' except only Large blocks are shown. My Steam Profile day day (time)

Blocks S (hidden) Same as 'Blocks A' except only Small blocks are shown. My KeenSWH Thread Fe Iron

Assembly Information on all components that would be produced in an Assembler. My KeenSWH Profile Ni Nickel

Refining Information on refining ratios and times. Oxygen Generator & Oxygen Farm included. My Steam Guide Co Cobalt

Ores & Ingots Information on ores and ingots. Link to Source (for if you made a copy) Mg Magnesium

Thrust Calc Calculator for Thrust and Acceleration. Gravity Drives and Mod Support included. Si Silicon

S&S Analysis: How to Use Instructions on how to use the S&S Analysis sheet If you enjoy this, consider donating! =) Ag Silver

S&S Analysis (hidden) Ship & Station analyser. Creates charts, graphs, and summarized info from component data. Au Gold

Notes Contains planned additions & changes, other data, notes, and color palette Pt Platinum

Any amount is greatly appreciated. U Uranium

O₂ Dioxygen (Oxygen Gas)

H₂ Dihydrogen (Hydrogen Gas)

Space Engineers Data
Tags Game calculator, Games, Game mechanics, Space engineers
Type Google Sheet
Published 07/09/2020, 10:41:44