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Anti-tankie resources and notes

Modern use of the term “tankie” varies widely but tends to refer to those who white-wash or fully deny the crimes of both historical authoritarian-communist regimes and current tenuously socialist regimes. This document is a selection of trusted sources with information about socialism to make denialism and historical revisionism more difficult. - Sourceful

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Please add all the resources, arguments, clapbacks, and notes!

If you can, to make denialism and historical revisionism more difficult, try to find sources in their original languages and from trusted communist sources and state media.

Info about accessibility, eg. languages, subtitles, translations, file sizes, file formats, audio / video lengths in square brackets, [ ]. Information why someone might not click on a link, political / corporate biases, content notes or content warning in parentheses, ( ).

What are “Tankies?”

* Coined as a way to describe members of the Communist Party of Great Britain who supported the crushing of the Hungarian uprising in the 1950s and followed the Moscow line.

* Support for this action destroyed the credibility of the CPGB

Modern use of the term “tankie” varies widely but tends to refer to those who white-wash or fully deny the crimes of both historical authoritarian-communist regimes and current tenuously socialist regimes. More on the history and modern use of the term can be found here.


Soviet Economy

* “The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control” The State and Counter-Revolution” by Maurice Brinton https://www.marxists.org/archive/brinton/1970/workers-control/

* “The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920--24: Soviet workers and the new communist elite” by Simon Pirani https://libcom.org/files/The%20Russian%20revolution%20in%20retreat.pdf [PDF, ]

* “The Experience of the Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution” by R.M. Jones https://libcom.org/files/factorycommitteesinrussia_0.pdf [PDF, ]

* https://libcom.org/history/labor-discipline-decline-soviet-system-don-filtzer

* Mao endorses state capitalism https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-5/mswv5_30.htm

* https://www.google.com/search?q=site:http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin+%22state+capitalism%22

* Lenin endorses state capitalism: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1918/apr/29.htm

* Bukharin identified the next stage in economic development as “state capitalism” https://www.marxists.org/archive/bukharin/works/1917/imperial/

* Lenin argues for state capitalism: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1921/apr/21.htm, https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1923/jan/06.htm, https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1922/jan/21b.htm

* Lenin says state need a monopoly on capitalism to transition to socialism: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/ichtci/11.htm

* Lenin doesn’t explain what makes Soviet state capitalism different from Canada’s state capitalism or other colonial enterprises ran by bourgeois https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1922/nov/14b.htm


* “r/leftcommunism - USSR Was A Capitalist Society” http://archive.is/i7TuJ

Climate Change Denialism


* World already produces enough food for everyone, and most places can feed themselves. Reason for global hunger is because of capitalists in North America and Europe creating artificial scarcity and half is thrown away. For some reason, a few Marxist-Leninists think we need to produce even more food under capitalism while maintaining the current wasteful bourgeois lifestyle instead of redistribution.

* Accusing other leftists of being “Left Malthusian” is ridiculous because massive amounts of land goes towards livestock production and replacing concentrated animal feeding operations and industrial agriculture with decentralized economies (eg. high-yield agroforestry, permaculture) or alternatives with lower carbon uptakes and lower water usage (eg. plant-based diets, subsistence hunting and fishing) would dramatically reduce our ecological footprint.


Plant based meats are the most efficient, considerably less resources. A recent independent life cycle analysis of the Impossible Burger found that it used considerably less resources (I assume this is true for all plant based meat) https://impossiblefoods.com/mission/lca-update-2019/

Cell based meat uses more resources than plant based meat but is still significantly better, especially in terms of land usage. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/38629617.pdf [PDF, ]

* If someone who calls themself Marxist confuses “overproduction” for “overconsumption”, it’s quite clear that they never read Karl Marx’s “Theories of Surplus Value”. He talks about how capitalism over-produces as well as discusses and outlines the issues with producing more than what a person needs. Egg on their face if the person misinterpreting intent brings up that text, and continues to make assumptions about other leftists being Malthusians.

Centralized Economic Planning is a built-in failure

* “Social-Anarchism and Parallel Economic Computation” by Emmi Bevensee https://c4ss.org/content/52963 [EN] (decentralized planning and computation)

* Chapter 6 of James C. Scott’s Seeing Like a State (Soviet Collectivization, Capitalist Dreams)

* “In Soviet Union, Optimization Problem Solves You!” by Cosma Shalizi https://crookedtimber.org/2012/05/30/in-soviet-union-optimization-problem-solves-you/

* Stafford Beer’s Cybersyn was built using cybernetic principles and rejected centralized planning so the system could be more adaptive https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/04/allende-chile-beer-medina-cybersyn/


* “Suppressed research in the Soviet Union” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppressed_research_in_the_Soviet_Union


* “The Use of Knowledge in Society (by F.A. Hayek)” uploaded by Man Against The State https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KUds6DDPb4 [40:34, EN] (WARNING!- bourgeoisie economics)


* Success of open source projects (arguably the most successful examples of working communism at scale in history) rely on free association and distributed projects

* Elinor Ostrom’s work on common pool resources show thoroughly that bottom-up approaches of consensus and agreement are what allow such approaches to work. While not explicitly socialist, her work does show people overcoming the tragedy of the commons (which is a common argument against socialism) for a long time, sometimes hundreds of years.

* USSR was playing catch-up utilizing technology developed under capitalism. Growth rates tapered off as its industry matured. Failed to develop an internet because of infighting.

* Censorship of science under the USSR. Most obvious fields that were suppressed were genetics, cybernetics and physics. USSR also censored photocopier which made communication difficult because they feared uprising https://discover.cobbtechnologies.com/blog/the-soviet-union-and-the-photocopier

Improvements to quality of life nor accumulation =/= socialism

1. “Unlearning: From Degrowth to Decolonization” by Jamie Tyberg http://www.rosalux-nyc.org/wp-content/files_mf/degrowth052020update.pdf [PDF, 240kb, EN] (person has blinkers on when it comes to PRC’s refusal to deindustrialize)


* “Gapminder” https://www.gapminder.org/tools/

Is China Socialist?

* CGTN discussing the gradual roll-out of Free Trade Zones across China: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-04-28/Guangdong-Fujian-and-Tianjin-FTZs-celebrate-5th-anniversary-Q3XJfrYzjG/index.html

* “Leninists In a Chinese Factory” by Zhang Yueran https://madeinchinajournal.com/2020/06/25/leninists-in-a-chinese-factory/

* “Red Dust: the Transition to Capitalism in China” by Chuang http://chuangcn.org/journal/two/red-dust/

* “Measuring the Profitability of Chinese Industry: Data Brief” by Chuang http://chuangcn.org/2020/06/measuring-profitability/

* “Sorghum and Steel: The Socialist Developmental Regime and the Forging of China” by Chaung http://chuangcn.org/journal/one/sorghum-and-steel/

* “A Divided God” by Chaung http://chuangcn.org/2020/01/the-divided-god/

* http://archive.is/aoRiP

* http://redchinacn.net/portal.php?mod=view&aid=38010

* http://redchinacn.net/portal.php?mod=view&aid=38063

* “Class conflicts in the transformation of China” by Aufheben https://libcom.org/files/china_0.pdf [PDF, 560kb, EN]

* https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/01/28/wuhan-virus-epidemic-china-chinese-health-care-needs-more-communism/

* “Reassessing Trust in the Central Government: Evidence from Five National Surveys” by Lianjiang Li https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/china-quarterly/article/reassessing-trust-in-the-central-government-evidence-from-five-national-surveys/7C53837B4BB3AE327B338CD2A2BEBFEF

* “Constructed Hierarchical Government Trust in China: Formation Mechanism and Political Effects” by Zhenhua Su, Yanyu Ye, Jingkai He and Waibin Huang https://pacificaffairs.ubc.ca/articles/constructed-hierarchical-government-trust-in-china-formation-mechanism-and-political-effects/


* “China: The Revolution is Dead - Long Live the Revolution“ by the Ken Collective http://blackrosebooks.net/products/view/China%3A+The+Revolution+is+Dead+-+Long+Live+the+Revolution/27980 [EN]

* “Chinese Workers: A New History“ by Jackie Sheehan https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=AA915D82D6A8EB50A880A4DA45EB557F [PDF, 1MB, EN]

* “One China, Many Paths” by Chaohua Wang https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=92D093FB6FFE7B4E98C1A245C29F147A [PDF, 72MB, EN]

* “The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution” by Harold Isaacs https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=551C7433F1537BD5B137F2461DB54827 [PDF, 2MB, EN], https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=5E390A88307DDF2A19205D09321DFF3B [DJVU, 6MB, EN] https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/writers/isaacs/1938/tcr/index.htm [HTML, EN] (Trotskyist historian)


* “Is China Socialist? No, No, A Thousand Times, No!” uploaded by Black Red Guard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nTnL3JUl1E [15:49, EN] (Maoist critique)


* “Chuang” http://chuangcn.org/

* “Worker Democracy” https://workerdemo-hk.com/

* “红色中国网” http://redchinacn.net/

* “青年先锋” http://youthxianfeng.tk/

* “乌有之乡 - 有好书 有朋友 有思想 有责任” http://www.wyzxwk.com/

* “Landsea Survey on Land Rights in China” https:

Anti-tankie resources and notes
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